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    An Entreaty Addressed to Our Lady of Sorrows


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    An Entreaty Addressed to Our Lady of Sorrows

    Post by Poem on Tue Sep 14, 2010 5:20 am

    Mary, who have taken us as your children at the foot of the Cross; Mary, who have our Mother and the Mother of our God and Brother Jesus, listen to the voice of your children.
    It is this: we drag ourselves to the foot of the Cross, where your Son is agonizing and where You, too, are agonizing, with your Heart torn apart--O Mother seeing your Child die. Look at us, Mary. We are all sprinkled with the Blood of your Son. He died for us, to give us Life and Peace in this world and the other. And we turn to You--who were the foundation stone of our redemption--to receive life, salvation and peace which we have forfeited through our way of living opposed and rebellious to the doctrine of your Son.
    Yes, we know we have deserved the scourge which is now striking us. We humbly acknowledge it so as to resemble You, who were the Most Humble One, as well as the Purest One. But, O Mother, in addition to being pure, You are merciful. So have mercy on us, Mary, who brought into the world Mercy itself!
    Save us, save us, O Mary, from the enemy's rage!
    Save our churches and our homes, the churches and the homes of this city, which recognizes You as its Queen and Patroness.
    Save our men those men whom You, Star of the Sea, so often saved from mishaps at sea.
    Save all of us, bowing at your feet; save those whom infirmity keeps from being here with us, but who are present with their souls and their suffering.
    Also save those who are absent by their obstinate will, the wayward children, the greatest unfortunates, for they have lost the Light, the Way, and the Life in losing your Son, authentic Truth.
    And in order to penetrate with our prayer into your merciful Heart, O Mary, here we are, stripping ourselves of rancor, of the spirit of revenge, of the thirst to be cruel as others are with us. In this hour we remember that we are all created by the Father, that we are all burden of the Son, that we are all loved by the Spirit. In this hour we remember the prayer of your Jesus, a Martyr for our sake--"Father, forgive them"--and we repeat it for all, over all, so as to be forgiven, in turn, by God and saved by You.
    Hail Mary! From your pierced Heart send down upon us the grace of salvation for this city, for our country, for the whole world, which is dying amidst the ruins after having lost sight of Heaven.
    Holy Mary, pray for us. And if the will of God should have to be fulfilled in us by the shedding of blood, be at our side at the hour of death to take us with You, Mary, to see You and thank You, in the midst of the eternal splendors of God. Amen.

    Peace be with you always

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