For the Less Informed These Were the Plagues Of Egypt


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    For the Less Informed These Were the Plagues Of Egypt

    Post by Poem on Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:20 am

    First Plague turned all the waters into blood
    Second Plague loosed frogs
    Third Plague sciniphs
    Forth Plague Flies
    Fifth Plague Murrain among cattles
    Sixth Plague boils on men
    Seventh Plague Hail
    Eighth Plague Locusts
    Nineth Plague Darkness

    Apocalyptic -- More Than Egypt!
    Seven Last Plagues
    Seven seals
    Seven vials

    The 7 Thunders reference 7 vile sins; These are God's Wrathful words.

    So each thunder is like a peal. And the corresponding punishment, drills down to the Seven Vials. In descending order. God does not punish good behavior, He punishes sin.

    Are the sins of men referencing the 7 Deadly Sin's or Capital Sins. The Lord said as knowledge increases so does the sins of men. So they evolve.

    So, all these Seven Lasts are to punish sin. And you can read them in Apocalypse, and see how men are reacting. They are so into sin, that, they cannot see anything else, and even God's punishments don't seem to serve any purpose for evolved sinners. Which Jesus calls 'spiritually wicked'.

    Peace be with you always

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