Christ as the Liberator from Sin


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    Christ as the Liberator from Sin Empty Christ as the Liberator from Sin

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 156
    Chp: Christ as the Liberator from Sin

    July 9

    Jesus says:

    "The Lord, when speaking to Moses, said, 'Do not pollute your souls with any reptile that crawls over the earth. I am the Lord, who brought you out of Egypt in order to be your God; and you shall be holy, for I am holy.'

    "These words impressed you. Shall we meditate on them together? Your Master is speaking. The Lord could not give the perfection of the Law to the Hebrew people at that time as I later gave it to a more advanced world on the way to ever greater civilization. Civilization does not mean perfection. 'It means only complication.' You have become increasingly complicated in habits, customs, and prohibitions.

    "At that time the mass lived by following instinct more than anything else, and even if they committed acts which appear repugnant to your current mentality, they were not responsible in the way you are for many others. They committed them without malice, led to do so by necessities and by their own mentality. You commit them with malice, and here lies the sin. You note, however, that, no matter how many circumstances mitigated their way of acting given their limited civilization, they were punished when they went too far in the evil committed by their childish mentality.

    "The Lord gave them minute laws, and at the same time more external than internal ones. The Creator thus had to continue his creation of you, as moral persons, polishing, smoothing, and cleansing your outward sheath. Hence the material nit-picking of the Law. But a soul lost in Christ the Light should not see material things. It should see what is hidden under nature--that is, the spirit and what is attributed to the spirit.

    "'Do not pollute your souls with any reptile that crawls over the earth.' You should read it as with any spiritual reptile laying snares for your soul.

    "The passions are the Satanic reptiles rising from the miry depth to envelop your heart and pollute it. I said, 'It is not the things that enter the mouth and go out by the natural channels that contaminate man, but what emerges from the heart corrupts man, when the wicked passions emerge which have entered to make their nest there like snakes in a rocky hollow.' I perfected the Law and showed you what the reptiles are that contaminate man, the future citizen of the eternal Jerusalem.

    "Rise up, creatures to whom I have given the life of life. Do not crawl. Have no contact with what crawls. I have given a spur to your spirit to ascend. My grace is a wing.

    "I am the Lord, who brought you out of Egypt.'

    "The people of Moses had a great obligation to the Lord, who had brought it out of slavery. But, O Maria, consider the nature and the magnitude of the gratitude you owe Me as the Redeemer. The slavery of Egypt oppressed the Hebrews upon the earth, during the day of mortals. Original Sin and other sins oppress men for the eternal day. And I have freed you from them.

    "I am the Liberator of the human race, and I tell you in truth that among the leaders and liberators of the whole earth, from the first to the last days, there neither has been nor will be anyone else like Me. What an obligation you have, then, to love Me! Yes. To love Me. In exchange for what I have given you, I ask for nothing but love!"

    "I have brought you out of sin in order to be your God. But not the God appearing amidst storms and lightning bolts, burning you to ashes and striking you. I am Jesus, God of goodness, who appears as a snow-white flower from a snow-white tuft and passes among you, healing you and blessing you, and dies blessing you and giving you forgiveness and Life.

    "But I want you to try and imitate Me. The Christian should be like Christ, O children whom I have immersed in my Blood, an eternal Pool of righteousness where the infirmities of the spirit heal. The Lord says, 'You shall be holy, for I am holy.' I tell you, 'Be perfect as my Father is perfect.'

    "Oh, I give you no limitation on holiness. I give you guidance to lead you: repudiation of what is Evil. I give you that weapon to win: my Cross. I give you the medicine which reinforces and heals: my Blood. I give you the measure of the perfection to be reached: that of God. Reach it and you will make my Heaven rejoice.

    "That's it, little disciple of my Heart; the Father's word has now been seen through the pupil of the Son of God; it has now been explained and understood in the light of the Spirit. For the Triune God is in every word of ours, and every word should be understood with the help of the Triune God."

    Peace be with you always

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