Two Witnesses


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    Two Witnesses

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    August 21, 1943
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    Jesus says:

    "In My two witnesses are concealed all the masters in faith: pontiffs, bishops, the inspired, doctors of the Church, and souls pervaded by the Light and by the Voice. [ Rev. 11:3 ] With their voices purified of every human timbre, they have proclaimed Me and the truth of My Doctrine and have set a seal of holiness, pain, and even blood as confirmation of their voices."

    "Hated, like Me, the Master of masters, the Holy of Holies, they have always been tormented, more or less, by the world and by power, which find in them the ones who by their very conduct say to the world and to the great world, 'What you do is not licit'. But when the hour of the son of Satan comes, Hell, rising from the abyss opened by the Antichrist, will ruthlessly wage war on them, and to human sight, will overcome and kill them."[Rev. 11:7 ]

    "But it will not be true death. It will instead be the Life of lives, true and glorious Life."

    "For if those who follow My Law in the commandments will have Life, what an infinite fullness of Life will be possessed by those following My Gospel counsels of perfection as well and spurring their being along with Me to the point of complete sacrifice out of love for their Jesus, the eternal Immolated One, whose imitators they become to the point of sacrificing their lives?

    "Called to a brilliant resurrection, they will be the ones who strip themselves of what is dearest to man--life--just for the sake of following Me out of love for Me and for their brothers and sisters. I will never tire of repeating this: there is nothing greater than love in Heaven and on earth, and there is no greater love than that of those who give their lives for the sake of their brothers and sisters."

    Jesus further says:

    "I told you one day, that in this present tragedy the forces of Satan are already in motion; he has sent his black angels to mobilize the kingdoms of the earth against each other. The supernatural Battle has already begun. 'It exists.' It is behind the scenes of the little human battle."

    "Small, not in terms of the extent of its volume, but in terms of the cause. The little human cause is not at all the origin of it. It is not. The true cause which makes brothers into so many murderous beasts biting and killing each other is another."

    "You fight each other with your bodies. But in reality it is souls that engage in mutual combat. You fight at the command of four or five powerful men. You think it's the way. No. Only one is the executor of this ruin. One who is on the earth because you want him there, but he is not of this earth. It is Satan that pulls the strings of this slaughter, in which more souls than bodies die."

    "This is one of the initial battles. The kingdom of the Antichrist needs a cement made of blood and hatred to become consolidated.

    "And you, that are no longer able to love, serve him in proper fashion and butcher each other and curse the one who is not to blame for this misfortune of yours: God, who fights with His angels to protect what is His: Faith in the hearts of Christians and Goodness in the hearts of the good."

    "It is not I who make the selection, for the time being. It is you that select yourselves, spontaneously. Those who, in spite of the horror, are able to grasp that God remains God--that is, Goodness and Justice--and that salvation lies in following the Law of God separate themselves from those who deny these truths. The former rise up to meet the Light; the others plummet down towards the Darkness."

    "Satan, with his demons, really aims to make a second ascent to Heaven. But, rebuffed by My Archangel, he plunges to the earth to defeat God by way of the hearts of His Children. For every soul that is lost is a defeat for God. And Satan easily succeeds because the hearts of men no longer have a spiritual flame. They no longer have the life of the spirit. They are a knot of sin in which the threefold lust which kills the spirit prospers."

    "Blessed are those who have overcome by the virtue of the Blood of the Lamb and have remained and will always remain faithful. Blessed will be those who have rebuffed Satan and his enticements and have not worried about his apparent triumphs, about the efforts he launches in this hour, which he knows is brief for his kingdom of accursedness, and who remain faithful to Christ and to his Church, dismembered by anti-Christian persecution, an unvanquished martyr--like the Great Martyr, her Spouse, Christ Crucified--but rising again more lovely, after apparent death, to enter, glorified, into Heaven, where the True Pontiff awaits her to celebrate the wedding."

    Peace be with you always

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