Commentary on Colossians: The Truth of the Gospel and the Falsity of Human Doctrines


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    Commentary on Colossians: The Truth of the Gospel and the Falsity of Human Doctrines Empty Commentary on Colossians: The Truth of the Gospel and the Falsity of Human Doctrines

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    January 17

    Colossians, Chapters 2 and 3

    Jesus says:

    "Take into consideration--more than for yourself and for many like you--that this dictation falls within a group of the 'seven dictations.' When one has begun to undermine a system, it is good to continue with blows of a battering ram. And this form of thought is a steel-hard system. One must persist to overcome.

    "There is only one Faith which is true. Mine. Just as I have given it to all of you--a divine gem whose light is life. It is not enough to remain in that faith nominally, just as a piece of marble placed in a room by chance remains. But it is necessary to fuse oneself with it and make it part of yourselves.

    "Is the clothing you wear life for you? Does it perhaps become your flesh and blood? No. It is attire which is useful for you, but if you take it off to don other apparel, you remove nothing from your interior. Whereas food you eat becomes your blood and your flesh, and you can no longer remove it from yourselves. It is a part--and an essential one--of yourselves, for without blood and flesh you could not live, and without food you would not have flesh and blood.

    "The same occurs with Faith. It must not be something resting upon you at certain hours, like a veil for the purpose of appearing more attractive and seducing one's brothers, but it must be an intrinsic part of you, inseparable from you, vital in you. Faith is not just hope for things believed in; faith is a life reality. A life beginning here, in this chimera of human life, and fulfilled in the hereafter, in that eternal life which awaits you.

    "Today a great heresy is taking place, a supremely sacrilegious heresy. The son of Satan, one of the sons, whom I could call one of the greatest, not the greatest one in the past, who is Judas, not the greatest one to come, who will be the Antichrist, but one of those living now for the punishment of man, who has worshipped man and not God, dealing out death to himself by way of man, whereas I, God, gave man Life by way of my death--meditate on this difference--the son of Satan proclaims a new faith which is tragic, sacrilegious, accursed parody of my Faith. A new gospel is proclaimed; a new church is founded; a new altar is raised up; a new cross is set on high; a new sacrifice is celebrated. Man's gospel, church, altar, cross, and sacrifice. Not God's.

    "There is one Gospel: Mine.
    "There is one Church: Mine, Roman Catholic.
    "There is one Altar: the one consecrated by oil, water, and wine, the one founded upon the bones of a martyr and saint of God.

    "There is one Cross: Mine. The one from which the Body of the Son of God--Jesus Christ--is hanging, the one reproducing the figure of wood I bore with infinite love and such great fatigue up to the summit of Calvary. There are no other crosses. There may be other signs, hieroglyphics like the ones sculpted upon the 'Pharaohs' hypogea or upon the Aztecs' stems--signs nothing more than signs, of man or Satan, but not crosses, not a symbol of a whole poem of love, redemption, and victory over all the forces of Evil, of whatever kind.

    "From the time of Moses until now, and from now until the moment of Judgment, there will be one cross: the one like mine, the one which first bore 'the serpent,' a symbol of eternal life, the one which bore Me, the one I shall bear with Me when I appear to you as the Judge and King to judge everyone: you, O my blessed ones who believe in my Sign and my Name; and you, accursed ones, parodists, and sacrilegious, who have forcefully removed my Sign and my Name from churches, states, and consciences, replacing them with your Satanic symbol and your name as Satanic ones.

    "There is one Sacrifice: the one mystically repeating my own, and in the bread and wine it gives you my Body and my Blood immolated for you. There is no other body or blood which can replace the Great Victim. And the blood and the bodies that you immolate, O ferocious sacrificers of those who are subject to you and at your disposal--for you have turned them into the bodies of galley slaves condemned to row, marked with your sign as if they were beasts to be slaughtered, rendered unable even to think, for you have robbed, suppressed, and stricken this sovereignty of man over the brutes, and you crack the whip over them and threaten them with 'death' if they so much as dare even inwardly alone, to judge you--and this blood and these bodies do not celebrate, do not substitute, and are not of use, no, for sacrifice.

    "Mine obtains graces and blessings for you. This one obtains condemnation and eternal curse for you. I hear and see the moans the tortures of the oppressed whom you slaughter in soul and mind even more than in body. Not one of your subjects is safe from your knife, which empties them of freedom, peace, serenity, and faith and makes them moral dimwits, frightened, desperate, and rebellious. I hear and see the death rattle of the slain and the blood bathing 'your' altar. Poor blood, for which I have a mercy surpassing all measure and whose error, too, I forgive, for man has already punished himself thereby, and God does not rage where there has already been expiation.

    "But I swear to you that I will make that blood and those moans your eternal torment. You shall eat, regurgitate, and vomit blood; you shall choke in it; your souls shall be deafened by those death rattles and those moans to the point of madness, and you shall be obsessed by millions of ghostly faces that will shout at you the millions of crimes you have committed and curse you. You shall find this in the place where your father, the king of deceit and cruelty, is awaiting you. ---Hell---

    "And where among you is the Pontiff, the Priest for the celebration of the rite? You are executioners and not priests. That is not an altar--it is a scaffold. That is not a sacrifice--it is a blasphemy. That is not a faith--it is a sacrilege.

    "Come down, O accursed ones, before I fulminate you with horrendous death. At least die the death of beasts, that withdraw into their burrows to die, sated with prey. Do not wait on that pedestal of yours as hellish gods for Me to hand you over to expiation--not of the spirit, but of your beastly bodies--and have you die in the midst of the mockery of the throng and the cruelty of those who are now being tortured. There is a limit. I remind you. And there is no mercy of those aping God and becoming like Lucifer.

    "And you, O peoples, manage to be strong in Truth and Justice. Human philosophies and human doctrines are all contaminated with dross. The current ones are filled with venom. One should not play with poisonous snakes. The time comes when the snake emerges from the charm and administers a fatal bite. Do not let yourselves be poisoned.

    "Remain united to Me. In Me there is justice, peace, and love. Do not seek other doctrines. Live out the Gospel. You will be happy. Live by Me, in Me. You will not experience the great bodily joys. I do not confer them--I confer the true joys which are not just the enjoyment of the flesh, but also of the spirit, the honest, blessed, holy joys which I have granted and sanctioned, the ones in which I did not refuse to take part.

    "The family, children, an honest well-being, a prosperous and peaceful homeland, real harmony with one's brothers and sisters and with nations. This is what I call holy and what I bless. Therein you possess health, for family life, when honestly lived out, gives health to the body; therein you possess serenity for a business or a profession, when honestly engaged in, provide tranquility of conscience; therein you have the peace and prosperity of your homeland and town, for, when living in real harmony with your countrymen and with neighboring peoples you avoid resentments and wars.

    "In your blood Satan's venom ferments, I know, my poor children. But I have given you Myself as an antidote. I have taught you to engrave my Sign, which overcomes Satan, upon yourselves, in yourselves.

    "Circumcise your spirits with Me. A much higher and more perfect circumcision! It removes from your flesh those cells in which the germs of death settle and implants in you the Life that I am. It strips you of animality and robes you in Christ. It buries you as children of blameworthy Adam--and you are also blameworty yourselves because of original sin and your own sins--in Baptism and the Confession of Christ and makes you rise again as children of the Most High.

    "Do not separate from Me. Oh, I shall certainly take you into the Heavens if you remain part of Me, and, in addition--since not all of you are 'heaven' but a little of the Earth's mire always remains in you--look, I promise you that the Father's blessing will not be lacking even upon your mire, for the Father can only bless the Son, and my Power shall overshadow you to such a degree--if you remain in Me, if you pray with Me, saying 'Our Father' just as I taught you--that the Father will give you both the Kingdom of Heaven, as is requested in the first part, and your daily bread and the forgiveness of sins, as is requested in the second.

    "If you remain in Me, like children in their mother's womb, our Father will be able to see only the robe which you: Me, your Redeemer, the one generating you for Heaven and his Son; and upon his Son, the object of all his pleasure, for whom He has made, in addition to all things, forgiveness and glory, too, for the joy of his Son, who wants you to be forgiven and glorious, He will make his graces rain down.

    "I destroyed your death with mine. I annulled your sins with my Blood. I redeemed them beforehand for your sake. I have made everything powerless to harm you in the future life by nailing your sin--from Adam on to every one of you--to my cross. I can say I consumed all the world's poison by tasting of the sponge soaked in gall and vinegar on Golgotha and turned that Evil into Good for you, since, in dying thereby, I distilled it, and made the deathly mixture of water of Life flowing from my torn chest.

    "Remain in Me with purity and fortitude. Do not be hypocrites, but sincere in Faith. It is not external practices that constitute faith and love. Even the sacrilegious have these and make use of them to deceive you and obtain human glories for themselves. You must not be like this.

    "Remember that, as I have regenerated you to the Life of Grace, to which you were dead, so I have raised you up with Me to eternal Life. Look, then, at that place of Life. Seek all the things which are currency for you to enter therein. All the things of the spirit: Faith, Hope, Charity, and the other virtues which make a man a child of God.

    "Seek the unerring Science: the one contained in my doctrine. This is the one which makes you capable of orienting yourselves in such a way that Heaven will be yours.

    "Seek Glory. Not the ludicrous and often blameworthy glory of the earth, which I frequently condemn and never deem to be true glory, but only a mission which God gives you so that you will turn it into a means to reach heavenly Glory. True Glory is obtained by overturning the world's values. The world says, 'Enjoy, stockpile, be proud, overbearing, heartless, hate in order to overcome, lie in order to be successful, commit cruelties in order to domineer.' I say to you, 'Be moderate, continent, without thirst for flesh, gold, or power; be sincere, honest, humble, loving, patient, meek, and merciful. Forgive those who offend you, love those who hate you, help those who are less fortunate than you. Love, love, love.'

    "In truth, I tell you that not a single act of love, though minimal, such as a sigh of compassion for someone suffering, shall go unrewarded. A boundless reward in Heaven. And now a great reward, not comprehensible except for the one experiencing it, even on earth. The reward of the peace of Christ for all my good ones, of the luminousness of the Word for the 'very good ones' into whom I come to find my comfort.

    "My dear children, whom I love with a love much greater than all the hatred circulating like a hellish liquid over the Earth, love Me, in turn; whatever you do or say, do it in the name of your Jesus, thus giving thanks, by means of Him, to God your Father, and the grace of the Lord will remain over you like a shield on earth and a secure halo for Heaven.

    Maria writes:

    "That "address" was delivered about eight days ago--around the 10th or 11th of this month, then. The following declaration was made therein, after other, varied statements: that priests are not necessary for either God or souls because they are money-grubbers and so on and so forth and that, when the war is over--with Germany, of course--a new, true worship will be established and new, true temples will be opened, and there the faithful of the new religion will go to witness the consummation of the sacrifice in which the bread given to the Germanic people and its blood will be brought. Hitler's words and promises for his subjects.

    Peace be with you always

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