Battle Between Demons and Angels


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    Battle Between Demons and Angels

    Post by Poem on Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:48 am

    Jesus says:

    "Some days ago Fr., wrote that he was perplexed about the true sources of the spiritual scourge, 'for a kingdom divided within itself is no longer a kingdom.' I will show Fr., that this can be, for the division is purely apparent.

    "Lucifer, in his manifestations, has always sought to imitate God. Just as God has given every nation its protecting angel, Lucifer has given it its demon. But as the different angels of the Nations obey a single God, so the different demons of the nations obey a single Lucifer.

    "The order given by Lucifer in the present episode to the different demons is not different according to the country. It is a single order for all. By which one understands that the kingdom of Satan is not divided and thus endures.

    "This order may be enunciated as follows: 'Sow horror, despair, and errors so that the peoples will separate themselves from God, cursing Him.

    "The demons obey and sow horror and despair, extinguish faith, strangle hope, and destroy charity. Over the ruins they sow hatred, lust, and atheism. They sow hell. And they succeed, for they find the ground already favorable.

    "My angels also fight to defend the country I have assigned to them. But my angels do not find favorable ground. Hence they are left in a losing position with respect to the enemies of hell. To win, my angels should be helped by souls living in and for Good. Living in Me. They find some. But there are too few in comparison to those that do not believe, do not love, do not forgive, and are unable to suffer.

    "It is appropriate to repeat, 'Satan has asked to sift you.' And from the sifting it turns out that corruption is as in the times of the flood, aggravated by the fact that you have had the Christ and his Church, whereas in the times of Noah that was not the case.

    "I previously stated and repeat, 'This is a struggle between Heaven and hell.' You are nothing but a deceitful screen. Behind your ranks angels and demons battle. Behind your pretexts lies the true reason: Satan's battle against Christ.

    "This is one of the first selections of humanity, which is approaching its final hour, to separate the harvest of the elect from the harvest of the reprobate. But, unfortunately, the harvest of the elect is small in comparison to the other.

    "When Christ comes to defeat the perpetual adversary in his Prophet, He will find few marked, in their spirits, by the Cross."

    Peace be with you always

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