The Children of God as Christ's Stars


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    The Children of God as Christ's Stars

    Post by Poem on Mon May 10, 2010 3:25 am

    October 19

    Jesus says:

    "And now I shall speak to you.

    "I have shown you only one angel, a simple angel. Not a seraph or cherub or an archangel. An angel--the smallest one, I would say, to have you understand that he is an ordinary one in the midst of the exulting ranks in Heaven. And you saw that his light, which gives an incorporeal body to his essence, which is entirely spirit, darkened the light of all the stars placed together.

    "With the desire of My Thought I called an angel, and he came from the furthest Empyrean, and between my calling him and his being at my feet not even that fraction of time which you call a second passed.

    "I wanted this to show you that those who think they are learned because they know the not always exact and never complete dogmas of human science and think they are the possessors of oceans of light and truth and beauty have only a little particle, and it is joined to a lot of dross.

    "You said, 'How many mysteries up there!'

    "Yes, little star of your Master. Life does not stop in this creation. It does not stop in any part of it. It will not stop until I say, 'Enough.' And, in keeping with my Thought, I shall change the appearances and laws which for thousands of centuries I have given to Life.

    "Life is the life of the ether, which, with its light solidity, facilitates and sustains the race and the weight of the stars and, with its composition and iciness, permits their ever-greater perfection, on the way to that maximum which I have established for every life. Here my will is obeyed. Life is the life of the stars and planets, which, starting as nebulae--let us call them star fetuses being formed in the great womb of the ethereal air--slowly solidify and nourish themselves like the voracious mouths of infants, carrying off gases and metals from the lives already formed, as an infant carries off food and drink from the breast of a wet nurse. The unsleeping race of all these starry lives itself permits this flow of their molecules, gases, and metals, which ignite the nebulae, and in the fire they fuse into the first core and concentrate more and more, and then the flame becomse a fire, and the fire, a star. Marriages and births, births and marriages, and the deaths of long-lived stars, which, on disintegrating in the final convulsion of life, create a nucleus for other lives, latent in the great river of Galathea. Nor is there a single one which does not have a loving misison for you as well. who are far off. Billions of kilometers away. But even further, for you are no longer able to 'see' with the eyes of the children of God.

    "I have shown you this star dust. Dust in comparison to the blazing of my angel. But, little daughter, for whom I lift up veils of mystery to make you forget the earth and fall more and more deeply in love with my Country, what are we to call the dust of those who are great only in pride and beat the name 'man'? No, they would not see. They would not believe even if, by a miracle of power, I made them see. They have chewed on the bread and fruit of pride and human science. It drives them mad. I have given and am giving pages of truth and holiness. But for too many they fall to the ground, like crumbs of base straw. 'Men'--let us give them the title or rank according to their conception--do not take care of these words.

    "'Man' ought to mean 'a child of God, made in the image and likeness of the Father in thoughts, affections, acts, impulses, and desires.' That is what children are. However, at present 'man' means 'the animal that is proudest, emptiest, cruelest, most thoughtless, and most contrary to God.' He thinks he is everything. He is nothing--nothing because he is just 'man,' and no longer a 'child of God.' Where is man's spirit? Who still possesses one?

    "Daughter, let us leave these unfortunates to their sad fate, seeking, with love, to tear them away from it. There is nothing but love that can do what nothing else can. But, although it is the 'powerful' one, it is often rendered powerless it clashes against a pride which is resistant to every assualt by Good. They think they are 'gods' because the corrosive of the fruit of human knowledge on their lips. Adam was lost because he wanted to know, and know to become a 'god.'

    "Come. To the children of the Light, the children of God, let there be given the bread and fruit of Truth and Wisdom, which are not only for what is inherent in God alone, but also, since everything has come from God, for what is in the universe.

    "Long for Heaven. Here there will be no more dissonance between you and those at your side. Here there will be no more contrast between your desiring and your possessing. Here you will rest blissfully and festively. Here you will have Me... If possessing Me amidst the constrictions of your condition as one living one earth gives the joy which exalts you, consider what having Me with no more limits will be like.

    "Life passes. Heaven comes. Pain dies. Blessedness remains. Those who have loved Me and served Me will be the eternal stars when every star is dead at the end of creation. My stars..."

    Peace be with you always

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