For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is


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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is

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    Our Lord Jesus Christ, appeared to Maria Valtorta. Appeared for many years. Not just a few times. From about 1943 to about 1953, was the time frame when she dictated what Jesus showed her. Visions and speech, verbally. Jesus taught Maria. She was no scholar. She was a good soul. She became a doctor of the Church during those times. But, the clergy have put a door block on this. Perhaps, someday in the future? Not sure, since the Antichrist will come and it will be a serious mess, so it is possible that all these we have today are lost after the holocaust of so many citizens worldwide.

    Many miracles were granted her from Jesus. She prayed for souls and Jesus performed the miracles. Unfortunately, we do not have all her prayer requests documented in English. You can contact CEV in Italy for more information. There are a few other notebooks of hers that were not translated into any other language, but remains in her native Italian language, and if you can read Italian, contact CEV.

    First thing, people either start out with the best or greatest of intentions, or for selfish gain. The world, tutors people for ambition which is selfish gain, ambition is like a veil painted over 'success' and corrupts, success. The true success. Ambition is a 'vice.' Ambitious people have a sinister aura. Proud.

    Then there are those with the grandeur to save the world! Yes, the world. The world cannot be 'saved as a whole.' But individuals can be saved. The world is Satan's invisible organism, Satan cannot be saved. But individuals can be 'snatched' away from Satan's organism. This is what Christ came to accomplish, to destroy the works of the Devil. To remove Satan from hearts, and put the Kingdom of God in hearts. (The Kingdom of God is within. Your soul must be regenerated, your hearts must be converted) And the world is Satan's Child. To deplete the world's citizens to the Body of Christ, transfer from Darkness to Light, remove from Hell to gain Heaven.

    Let's list the things many seek to know:

    1) Adam and Eve's Creation and Fall. 'The whole truth'
    2) The Sojourners - Abraham, Issac, Jacob, their children in Egypt
    3) Moses and the Law
    4) Jewish up and downness in following the Lord their God.
    5) The Prophets
    6) Jesus as Promised by God through the Mouths of Prophets from Adam to Malachi.
    7) The Life of Jesus Christ and Mary
    8) The Beginning of the Church
    9) Apostles and Disciples of Christ -- Bishops and Priests and Layman
    10) The Churches history after Christ's Ascension
    11) The Predictions of Christ
    12) The Immaculate Mother
    13) Saints
    14) The Future of the Church after the Apocalypse
    15) Heaven and Hell.

    Now this is a very definitive list that many people seek to understand.

    Poem of the Man-God is the life of Jesus Christ, which entails and encompasses, Mary, Joseph, the relatives, the apostles, the disciples, the Church, the Sacraments, the Law, and future predictions. Who was He? God in Man. Both Natures reside in Jesus. Fully God and Fully Man. The Most Perfect Man. How can this be? God's Will. What is God? All Powerful, All Knowing, All Present, All Seeing. These are the words used in abundance. What is God? Father of all Mankind. Father of Creation. He created the First Man and Woman to procreate generation after generation until Heaven is filled up with His most Favorite Creature, called Man. There will be a perfect number of man in Heaven, as in a perfect count. Whom God foresaw. What Jesus calls the Elect. This is tough to understand and accept. But, as things work out, Evil exists. Whichever wins out in a soul, good or evil is the destiny of that soul, good or evil. Which force has a hold of you?

    Read the definitive Gospel, the most complete Gospel to 'date.' Jesus does things you knew nothing about. He gives the answers: the reasons for the Church, the Sacraments, the Law, and Heaven. He tells us to live for Heaven and not the earth.

    The true life of Jesus Christ. His days on the earth. Be blessed. The less that is said is better, I think because people have misconceptions of Jesus and the Church. Your jaw will drop to the ground, you may have many tears, you will most definitely be repenting not knowing the truth. And God does forgive everything. So be at peace and rest assured that God has blessed the work. Amen.

    Finally to gain, greater Knowledge of God, Christ and become true Christians, the secret of true Christian sainthood lies in Maria Valtorta's Visions from Christ.

    Peace be with you always

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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty Re: For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is

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    The words of Pope Pius the XII, "Anyone who reads will understand" goes without saying.

    For those who believe, "no explanation is necessary." "For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible."

    God's Religion is much like Him, Unexplainable in many attributes. To be able to say God is this and this and write every detail of what He is, and further. Yea, God is Infinite Mystery. He reveals to us what we are capable of receiving. We do come to know God in stages and levels, as our spiritual self grows in Wisdom --the only way to know God. Faith Hope and Charity, are like steps to climb to know God. As we step up, God gives us Wisdom to know little by little. Too much and we're overwhelmed. What's this like in our limited human thought?

    From a distance, I can see a figure of a man. As I approach the man, because the Man is standing not moving, the figure becomes larger, due to the fact that I'm getting closer; each time I approach the man, I see more details I could not see, previously from the distance I have now covered; finally when I have walked all the distance, I see the man's features. This is the physical side.

    This exactly how it is. First we see Jesus. Then we see the Father, because we need to first be taught by Wisdom to understand the Father. But, we need the Love, who is the Holy Spirit-Grace to amplify these words and bring Life to them. We have the Book of Books to give us Wisdom. Wisdom takes these words and amplifies them through the Spirit-Grace. He sort of drops them into Grace and Grace amplifies them. Then, from these seeds, they sprout bringing more meaning to the first words. They then grow like a tree bearing fruit.

    The Infinite Power, the Infinite Mind, the Infinite Intelligence, cannot be explained away by a finite being. Not possible instead our spirits can 'know' God through Love. The flesh is flesh, created from the Earth. The spirit is spirit, created by Him Who is Above and dwells in Heaven. For God is a Spirit.

    Thus, Faith is the delimiting factor. Without Faith it is absolutely impossible not only to 'please' God, but, believe anything about God or what He says. Faith is for souls. You must believe that God Is. If not, forget Heaven. You must believe. And the Trust that Life of Jesus Christ, is a true demonstration of how a Man is to live. He lived as True Man. A Man so devoted to God that nothing else had room in His thought. He came to do the Will of the Father. Nothing else. The Will of the Father is written in the Word.

    The Words of Christ are for spirits and the spirits must have faith in order for It to work effectively. Thus many draw, hypothesis and conjectures, no 'faith.'

    Even Christians make errors regarding, Faith and Religion. Because it must be spoken in faith by spirits. And we do spout about humanly and thus the words fall on death ears.

    The world is 'human' and not spiritual. There's the problem.

    The Book? It's the Words that 'are' contained in the books.

    John 10:26
    But you do not believe, because you are not of my sheep.

    John 10:4
    And when he hath let out his own sheep, he goeth before them: and the sheep follow him, because they know his voice.

    John 14:8-9
    [8] Philip saith to him: Lord, shew us the Father, and it is enough for us. [9] Jesus saith to him: Have I been so long a time with you; and have you not known me? Philip, he that seeth me seeth the Father also. How sayest thou, shew us the Father?

    Peace be with you always

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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty Re: For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is

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    For those that are fearful and feel they will be struck by God for reading Poem of the Man-God: Oh, God forbid....; God does no such thing, neither will the clergy.

    [36] Master, which is the greatest commandment in the law? [37] Jesus said to him: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind. [38] This is the greatest and the first commandment. [39] And the second is like to this: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. [40] On these two commandments dependeth the whole law and the prophets.

    The CDF has 'not' forbidden any Catholic from reading Poem of the Man-God. They just don't want you to know the Truth.

    In Europe alone there are over 3million readers.

    In Australia there are over 50,000 readers

    In India, there are over 10,000 readers.

    In Asia, there are unknown numbers due to 'Communism'

    Here in the U.S. there are over 300,000 readers.

    Among the clergy there are unspecified numbers in Italy and world wide.

    Do not be broadsided by the 'naysayer's who have plastered their opinions based on their --'no morals of faith.' or the limited doctrine.

    Again, 'no morals of faith.' All their retorts are based on human recognition and not a spiritual recognition.

    Unfortunately there are Catholics who live according to the human dictates, human ideas, and take what is spiritual and lower them in their minds to human standards and interpretations using them for their own ideas; hypocritical, heresy. Humanize everything.

    Pray for the naysayers that their hardness subsides because they are missing a great deal.

    Peace be with you always

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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty A Naysayer Point of Misinterpretation of Jesus in Poem of the Man-God

    Post by Poem on Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:55 am

    One of the disturbing sentences cast on a so called website deals with Jesus' affection to certain Disciples.

    God is Love. Now for the modern day, person who probably kisses his children good night wherever he may plant his two lips, is considered a kiss to his beloved one.

    Jesus is God, we are God's Children, Jesus is the Word of God, The Word of God kisses His Children, this is called Affection of A God to His Beloved. Beloved! To certain folks who are probably not too far along in love, because of the distortion of the flesh, carnally adept people, this is taken as a illicit act. Tells you how far along society has drifted from True Affection and Love. God kisses all His Children that deserve to be kissed.

    Let me add the pages of Scripture what the Apostles have passed on in 'tradition' which was started and passed on by God.

    2 Corinthians 13

    [12] Salute one another with a holy kiss. All the saints salute you.

    All the Saints salute you with an Holy Kiss.

    Another one:

    Romans 16:16 Salute one another with an holy kiss. All the churches of Christ salute you.

    Few more:

    1 Corinthians 16:20 All the brethren salute you. Salute one another with a holy kiss.

    2 Corinthians 13:12 Salute one another with a holy kiss. All the saints salute you.

    1 Thessalonians 5:26 Salute all the brethren with a holy kiss.

    1 Peter 5:14 Salute one another with a holy kiss. Grace be to all you, who are in Christ Jesus. Amen.

    Old Testament

    Genesis 27:26 He said to him: Come near me, and give me a kiss, my son.

    Genesis 31:28 Thou hast not suffered me to kiss my sons and daughters: thou hast done foolishly: and now, indeed,

    Do you see why the world of Christians are so famished without Love? Because they allowed the world to pollute the Holy Thing.

    When you compare Holiness to worldliness you get, mixed up and miss the holy thing. Your minds are impure.

    Purity of mind and heart, keeps one from mixing things up.

    Without purity and charity: One sees with the carnal mind and thoughts, while the other sees God.

    People are so fearful, that they mistake the Holy for the worldly lusts and abominations. This is called putting mud on Holy Things.

    These folks have cut a 'bad figure' of God in Christ.

    God because Man could not understand, a Being that was not him, Sent the Word of God to become Man. Incarnation of God. So Man, could better understand. How's this? Man said, how can I follow something I do not see? How can I listen to someone that is not Visible and can relate to what I'm having to endure in the present day? God answered: I will send My Son, the Word, to become Man. And He it is that will 'clarify' My Laws to you. He will explain the Prophets at 'large' He will show you a new and perfect way, for you to be once again My sons and daughters.

    Perfect from God, but too perfect for man. Man has lost the idea of perfection. He only thinks about, perfect in a small way. Thus, the Perfection of God is still too large for man to grasp even after God became Flesh. Thus, to understand what God is revealing, Man needs a Close Companion a tutor, a Person that can be with man every step of the way to bring him and his mind up to a higher plain of understanding. What is this Person? Grace, the Holy Spirit. The Unseen Person of the Godhead. That comes to man once man has done the prescribed method to receive this Companion. He comes to live in your souls. To part the ways of God into him through graces and lights.

    Imagine, a Light Bulb without covering. See it clear. Pretend this Bulb is God. It is Light. God is Light. This Light comes into your soul. You cannot see it with your physical material eyes. Your soul however, is now very glad, overjoyed and this explains why all of sudden you have a great energy and puts a great smile on your face. It is the Joy of Grace coming into a soul who understands. Grace parts His gifts into the soul and it is expressed in many ways, outwardly in words, in attitude.

    This is God's True Nature. To embellish His Nature into a soul. Giving it 'Life.' A soul without Grace, is dead to Life.

    Jesus Christ's work was to remove the veil that caused man from not experiencing and having 'Life' in their being. His Blood, His Passion. His gifts. The Word of God instituted for any man willing and desiring Life, the Way to receive and maintain this Life. The Church has been given these Gifts called Sacraments. They are Gifts. God gives Gifts. Life is a Gift. Therefore everything God does is a gratuitous action. All to have man, understand the Nature of God and become God's sons and daughters.

    Why is there so much opposition then? Why are men so bent on opposing a gift? Which gives any man Life. Because man has been too estranged from the Light. He fell into Darkness. How to explain this in real terms? This has been probably the hardest part to imagine and then give explanation.

    The Parable of the Prodigal Son, is one. The Parable of the King, is another, but this does not grip certain souls even after they have experienced being Prodigal or hearing the King.

    The Deposit of Faith, Jesus deposited His Words into 12 Apostles, who then dispersed this Faith, by Word of Mouth to those who had 'ears' to hear. Jesus knows those who have 'ears' to hear. Thus, He the Good Shepherd calls the soul to Himself. The Father draws souls to hear His Word. The Holy Spirit is also at work here because He the Holy Spirit is the Voice of God.

    If you hear His Voice, today, do not harden your hearts. You hear the Holy Spirit calling you, One God Three Persons.

    Peace be with you always

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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty Re: For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is

    Post by Poem on Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:45 am

    Douay Rheims

    2 Peter 1

    [20] Understanding this first, that no prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation.

    [20] "No prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation"... This shews plainly that the scriptures are not to be expounded by any one's private judgment or private spirit, because every part of the holy scriptures were written by men inspired by the Holy Ghost, and declared as such by the Church; therefore they are not to be interpreted but by the Spirit of God, which he hath left, and promised to remain with his Church to guide her in all truth to the end of the world. Some may tell us, that many of our divines interpret the scriptures: they may do so, but they do it always with a submission to the judgment of the Church, and not otherwise.

    [21] For prophecy came not by the will of man at any time: but the holy men of God spoke, inspired by the Holy Ghost.

    This is perhaps the most controversial subject within the church.

    It literally is.

    But let us read a few more pieces of scripture:

    1 John 1
    [15] Love not the world, nor the things which are in the world. If any man love the world, the charity of the Father is not in him.

    [16] For all that is in the world, is the concupiscence of the flesh, and the concupiscence of the eyes, and the pride of life, which is not of the Father, but is of the world.

    The above says, how to gauge who is of God and who isn't.

    Notice, "the love of the Father is not in him."

    Though is it not bolden or italicized, "love of the Father" is the Holy Spirit.

    The Love of Father and Son for sons and daughters.

    The Holy Spirit, God and Living is the Living Letter.

    Our Father and Son wrote to us giving us Love in a Letter.

    Without the Holy Spirit, you cannot know the Truth. A Teacher must Instruct. Fill with Knowledge, God's Knowledge, 'Wisdom.'

    Now, if everyone of us were in the Spirit, we would all agree because the Spirit brings us into One Mind.

    This Mind is God. To bring man, his soul, to unionize, fuse with God.

    Imagine everyone plugged into this Great Mind that repeats the same words.

    But this is not our case, we are on different levels, planes, thoughts in our hearts. More flesh than spirit and thus having to ask others, because we are not in union with the Spirit. Thus, the world of man is topsy twervy. Lopsided, twisted. And if men were all in the Spirit, there would be no divisions. But since men do not know when the Spirit is upon them and in unity with the Spirit, we have a mess. And everything is a guessing game.

    The Vatican makes a declaration, but, later they realize a mistake, a few of the members, instead of being Humble and saying it was a mistake, they use the Proud method to overturn a mistake, and never clearly admit they made a mistake. Men are not infallible, they are not 'glorified.' Thus the Spirit confirms in each heart that is in unity with the Spirit what is of God and what is not. This is perhaps the most difficult to explain to hardheaded Catholics, who insist that the Magisterium is made of men, when it is not. The problem with men governing is the inerrancy of errors. No man is above God, nor equal with God, except Jesus Christ, who is glorified. This is precisely why the Man Jesus Christ, is the High Priest, because He is without Error. See this? God placed Jesus Christ above all. He has perfect faculties. Perfect and thus can make Perfect Judgment, persistently and consistently. This is perhaps the most overlooked or under viewed aspect of Jesus Christ as Man. Remember this, Jesus Christ is Man and God combined. One. He is in Heaven not only as God, but as Man glorified. Amen

    Jesus is God and Man. This is tough for many to comprehend. Tough. On one hand, when the see Christ Above, they say He's only God. But, what constitutes being a Man? Having flesh. So what is man then? Never really had a good lesson on this have you? No. Certainly not.

    In fact the likeness is so relevant, that you miss it due to your incomplete examination, a deep and thorough examination.

    Here it is in ink: God made man according to His Image and Likeness and then infused 'this' likeness' called the soul, into flesh. Thus, the result is 'Man.' A living soul. A unique creation.

    God Who is Infinite, did the impossible to Man. Shrunk Himself, His Spirit to come into a tiny flesh body. How else could something that has no limits in size and thinking and power, could have installed Himself into a tiny body? Miniaturization of sorts, this is the best word I have, I'm finite the Lord has a much more precise word. "For nothing is impossible to and for God."

    This "statement" needs to be closely examined. "For nothing is impossible to God"

    Jesus Christ is Infallible and He guides the Magistrium through the Holy Spirit. So, worldly doers, your task of trying to destroy the Magisterium is foolish and futile, you will only be crushed.

    1 John 1

    [20] But you have the unction from the Holy One, and know all things.

    How did St. Paul learn? This perhaps the most unanswered question among the many Catholics today. How did he learn the Gospel? He who was part of the Sanhedrin. By the Holy Spirit. Read Galatians.

    Galatians 1

    [11] For I give you to understand, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not according to man. [12] For neither did I receive it of man, nor did I learn it; but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

    [16] To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the Gentiles, immediately I condescended not to flesh and blood. [17] Neither went I to Jerusalem, to the apostles who were before me: but I went into Arabia, and again I returned to Damascus. [18] Then, after three years, I went to Jerusalem, to see Peter, and I tarried with him fifteen days. [19] But other of the apostles I saw none, saving James the brother of the Lord. [20] Now the things which I write to you, behold, before God, I lie not.

    [21] Afterwards I came into the regions of Syria and Cilicia. [22] And I was unknown by face to the churches of Judea, which were in Christ: [23] But they had heard only: He, who persecuted us in times past, doth now preach the faith which once he impugned: [24] And they glorified God in me.

    This is perhaps the most unbelievable aspect in Galatians. Many readers glance over this but do not comprehend the Power of St. Paul's conversion and ministry. The Power of the Holy Spirit, and that God makes one capable of understanding. Jesus says; Man is a capacity to be filled. Who and what fills man? Satan or God.

    Faith then separates. If your faith is weak, you do not have the capacity to rise up any higher, until you build up your faith, faith means to believe and trust. I believe therefore I trust.


    Faith in Christ's Words.

    Can you imagine those days where there was no Religion? Such as Abraham? How did he believe in God? First God had created--a word to describe how God knew Abram would be born predestined by God; in other words 'chosen' from before Time Existed-- Abram. He then, gave to Abraham faith, a deposit, a seed. God watered it, Abraham nurtured it, and in Abraham was found great Faith. Thus, he received the Promise. Abraham was greatly beloved of God. Else, God would have not done so. God is Love, every movement of, is Love, which means every thought which produces an action.

    When you grow to adulthood in spirit, you see the differences and make wiser choices. You see that Everything of Faith comes from God and nothing that is not of God remains in you. You love God. And thus, you hear God. This is Abraham. This is in the Bible to help increase your faith. And other such, truths which are contained in the Bible.

    Poem of the Man-God is the Gospels, incredibly amplified.

    I read a few more online google threads about the poor delusional souls that have not read and pass on the poorly picked sentences, that are on such websites that really deride the Work. They all conclude based on, using a human method. And not what the Spirit tells them. I know they are not in union with the Spirit. Thus the Magesterium does not speak to them. They only understand from a human perspective.

    This is the overall problem with men. Inerrancy in erroring. They are not in union with the Spirit, which is residing in the Church.

    Imagine if all the members had tongues of fire on their foreheads! Imagine. Then would all be of one voice and of one mind as depicted in the Acts of the Apostles.

    Jesus says, no matter how much a person becomes more spirit than flesh, there will always be some part of man left in him. Man is not glorified yet. Thus errors. And the different levels of spirit verses man or flesh in every soul differs.

    What's in your soul? Humanity or Spirituality? The ego, does it consider more the humanity over the spirituality? What's in your ego? Spiritual things or fleshly things?

    For instance, a man has been a Bishop by title for years, but, is he more spirit than flesh? Does he exude, the spirit of a Bishop over the spirit of man?

    1 Corinthians

    [4] And my speech and my preaching was not in the persuasive words of human wisdom, but in shewing of the Spirit and power; [5] That your faith might not stand on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God.

    Now St. Paul spoke in union with the Spirit. Thus, the Spirit spoke through St. Paul to men who were in error.

    Ok, here's a human example:

    I'm on the phone, and my friend here is coaching me what to say to the person on the other end. You see this? This is what it means to be Inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    Replace my friend coaching me with the Holy Spirit.

    So it is like this:

    I'm writing a letter to the Corinthians and the Holy Spirit tells me what to write about, because the Holy Spirit knows what they are doing. Thus, St. Paul wrote.

    Now also, Peter, James, John, Matthew, Luke, Mark, Moses and the Prophets. Thus anyone can do it who has left the world behind and has joined the Lord, through union with the Catholic Church. Notice what I have said.

    You must be reborn in Spirit, which means to be reunited with the Holy Spirit, Grace. And you must study the Word, you must pray and partake of the Sacrifice more than three or four times a week. Especially today when there is way too much in the world, vice has spread many times over than in the past centuries. Too many idols in the world.

    Jesus died so that we can have the unity of the Holy Spirit once again and many do not do this. They are still their own gods. Making their own decisions at any place in the Church, whether, priest, bishop, pope, or lay. There is no discrimination across church members. Thus, you are responsible for what you believe.

    Peace be with you always

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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty Re: For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is

    Post by Poem on Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:51 pm

    In Poem of the Man-God, Jesus teaches the meaning of His metaphoric usage.

    He teaches, picking a topic with things man is familiar with. What man has in front of him, it could be an apple, a business, a house, a relationship. These are 'starting' points because man spends his day learning about the earthly things. So, Jesus teaches from what is in front of man. What man is used to. Metaphors.

    Allegories. This then is the next level He uses to break you out of carnal thinking. This at first makes you see black and white, wait, you're saying this but now you're saying that? Correct.

    TO come out of the carnal thinking, another level is needed to allow man to consider, another possibility besides, what he's used to. Matter.

    From here, once you have allegories and metaphors under your belt, He can than, actually teach, show you about 'spiritual' laws and life.

    The Majority are stuck on the metaphors and allegories. Stuck. Don't know if He's being literal or just messing around. Thus many, say His teachings are not Truth. But, a philosophy, or just rantings of a madman, who didn't know what He was talking about. This is the category of the majority.

    Being learned teachers, the clergy should be well versed in metaphors and allegories, but they are not. It is sad, but true.

    They do not have the comprehensive teachings down pat.

    Thus, I got to parishes, that deny many of Christ's words. I've heard them all. They sound like agnostics and gnostics. No different.

    Some even say that, you cannot trust today's Bibles because, someone may have inserted other words. For instance Apocalypse. No one understands, Apocalypse so they write it off!

    The Lord explained the whole Apocalypse to Maria Valtorta. Unfortunately men rather stick to there own rational thinking and thus, so much false teaching has spread like the wind.

    Many ideas on who the Antichrist might be. None of them correct.

    The only place I found someone wise, is found over in Catholic Apolegetics site, Modernism a Catholic Refutation. In it the Fathers of the Church state that the Antichrist will most likely be someone from within the Church. A priest, up high in the ranks, Bishop class.

    Oh, this can' be! Christ said the gates of Hell will not prevail!

    Well, here's a fine example of Christ's teaching which we do not know entirely. True.

    What does He mean?

    The gates of Hell will not prevail?

    He means, the Church cannot be destroyed by Hell, swallowed up and never to be seen again. That's what He means.

    As long as Christ is the Head, the Church will never enter into Hell. The whole Body which is made up of True Believers. Those who worship Christ. Not the so called come once a year Catholics, they are not true believers. True Believers are those who rely on God everyday. They pray non-stop. They think only about God and His Way, His Heaven. These are true believers and it is spelled out for in ink in the Acts of the Apostles, which everyone can't believe, and in the Gospels, and in the Letters of the Saints. Then we have a whole Early Church believers who were martyred, lived heroic lives, all manner of holy living, they did not disbelieve and live partial to Christ, they were wholly devoted.

    Today, the majority have run after the Beast.

    The Apocalypse states that any one who receives the Mark of the Beast, is automatically disconnected from Life.

    The world makes such a big deal to numb people about who the Beast is, what mark is, that people are just plain fed up. That's the world doing this, not the Church.

    See you are running after the Beast and don't even know it.

    First sign, does your work place, allow you to practice your Religion at work? Is there a Crucifix erected? Do they take Sundays Off? Do, they praise and thank the Lord? Do they live according to God's Laws and Christ's Doctrine? No.

    See, you work for the 'Beast.' The Beast is Mammon.

    The Beast is unseen to the naked eye. To an untrained eye, you think everything is ok. Oh, it looks harmless...

    Really? Yes it does, doesn't it? It sure looks that way, All carnal, no spiritual, But if you had spiritual eyes, being trained with 'meat' you would see clearly. But the majority are still babes embryonic spirits. Not trained. Majority of the Catholics today, run through the motions. They do not think deep in the core of the souls. They are surface dwellers, which shows their age as spirits.

    Jesus said, I am King of Spirits, which means, your spirits not your body which you care for more than your soul. The Kingdom of Heaven is for spirits. A spiritual Kingdom. Not a carnal kingdom just like the Earth. The Earth is a Carnal Kingdom, ruled by Satan. The King of the Flesh is Satan. When you follow the dictates of the flesh, which is carnal living, you follow the King of this Kingdom. Satan. He seduced Eve. She said, oh, that was not here before it looks marvelous! Translated: Looks Harmless. Maybe God was not telling the truth? Doubted God.

    God speaks only Truth. Never a lie. The Devil speaks lies. He tells you, "You Shall Not Die" He talks to your intellect as he did with Eve. But what did God say to Eve? "You Shall Surely Die the Death"

    People mistake this commandment for a threat today. No, it was an absolute truth. Satan brings Death. He is the murderer from the beginning. God told them, he will kill you. They did not believe, which means they did not love God enough to believe.

    Therefore, without true devotion to God which means to believe in all His Words, you do not accept Him wholly and do not love Him fully, which is the reason for your behavior towards your Religion.

    And, this is called lukewarm, quietism, many other words.

    Jesus said the Apostles when teaching parables to the public, He said to them, it is not given to know, but to you, My Chosen it is given to know. Therefore those in the 'not' knowing category, it is not too late to be in the Chosen side of things. To be Chosen is the greatest gift and honor. This means you will be in Heaven. The rest who are still in the 'not' knowing, will not, unless someone does a great deal of penance and sufferages for them. Self-sacrifice.

    This is what Christ did, He self-sacrificed and says, this is how you win souls for My Kingdom.

    The Earth living is self-sacrificing to gain a morsel of more matter. You sacrifice in school, you sacrifice at work, you sacrifice at home. But in the end, you get nothing in return.

    When you sacrifice for others, as what Christ teaches, you gain everlasting rewards. You bring others to Christ who gives them eternal life. Another words, you notice that some people just have no spiritual ability and they need have you doing there share as well.

    The same way your parents, sacrificed for you, in giving you a roof, a home, food, clothing and financial aid to get you to college, you have to do the similar as regards, this kind of sacrificing to get those whom the Lord places in your mind to save.

    How long did your parents sacrifice for you to get you to college? How many years? They had to put up with your rebel attitude, because everyone rebels small or big, noticeable or not, they watch and observe you grow. They give little or no advice, or a lot to help you reason, give you good.

    This same sacrificing is what Christ used to teach in His time. He used this example often. Because life regardless of who, a soul exists in each body. Every human body, is a soul created by God. If we can see that, God setup Good Laws to teach mankind how to help one another, how to be patient to one another, then the Law of God had its effectual active work in you performed.

    The world is chaotic and there are some good teachers the pass along some good advice, but, they can only see so much. Whereas God sees everything. Therefore He can teach Everything. He infuses this in us in stages and levels to mature our spiritual age.

    Meditate on the Laws of God, His Commandments, let the Spirit speak to your mind.

    Peace be with you always

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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty Re: For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is

    Post by Poem on Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:42 pm

    What all Men and Women should recognize.

    God is a Perfect Spirit.

    John 6:64
    It is the spirit that quickeneth: the flesh profiteth nothing. The words that I have spoken to you, are spirit and life.

    God created Man in His Image and Likeness. This should immediately say this to anyone with love and good will: If God were able and He is, He would be "Man" which He did in Jesus Christ.

    God loves His Creation. God is Love. God is able to erase from His Memory those reprobate. Erasure. God is All Powerful. Can do anything. He simply removes you from His Mind. Poof! Done. Thus, Lucifer and all the rebellious angels were, "Removed" from His Memory. So, if God has no problems removing Lucifer and the Rebels, then He has no problems with you. But, this is not God's will to remove. Your will causes you to be removed, a rebellious, obstinate, indifferent, sacrilegious will.

    God the Father, God the Word, God the Holy Spirit, chose Man to be His Dwelling, created a being, whole and entire with individual expression and thought, to be an individual according to God's Thought and have God as Father, Companion and Love. This is the rudimentary design. For man to be like God, to reflect the Father in his soul. A simple thought. But tough to do with sin and pride, the devil's wrench.

    Therefore, meditate on what God has thought of for man. And be filled with Him, in Grace, the Holy Spirit, the Fire, the Love.

    Peace be with you always


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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty Re: For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is

    Post by Poem on Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:45 pm

    Lastly "No One Should be discouraged from reading. Jesus says: Be not afraid.

    Too many are precisely 'afraid.' Adam and Eve were afraid and hid themselves after their sin.

    Peace be with you always


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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty Re: For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is

    Post by Poem on Sun May 08, 2011 2:46 pm

    What Poem of the Man-God and the Notebooks were to be used for:

    The Gospel pages in the Bible is rather short in comparison to Poem of the Man-God, by some 600+ chapters, but full of truths. For these latter times Jesus gave to Maria, His Life, so the Priests could use them for teaching. Increase of Jesus Lessons and Life, a bigger library. more fuel, more everything.

    Here's the Big one!

    Now when we meditate on what St. John has said, we can then, visualize, "Poem of the Man-God".

    St. John's Gospel Chapter 21:[25] But there are also many other things which Jesus did; which, if they were written every one, the world itself, I think, would not be able to contain the books that should be written.

    So what does the Lord do? He gives More! Thousands of Gospel Truths! More! The Church and the world is starving for more, but, since the Vatican had pride problems, which they need to repent of everyday, by expiating with love, we are on the losing end sort of speaking, for these Pages of the Gospel would have fed the multitudes with proper prospective and probably many thousands, upon ten thousands of 'conversions.' See what pride does? Kills. Kills the 'spirit.'

    u]They 'rejected' them![/u] said, these are the words of a mad woman, who makes things up! Delusional, so forth and so on. Yet, no other Intelligence except God can give a full and true account of something that occurred on Earth, 2000+ years ago. Amen. Only God can speak the Truth and those who have given themselves to the Truth fully.

    There are lots of reasons why.

    Here's what Jesus says Himself from Book 5 Poem of the Man-God, Chapter 631:

    Finally, consider that the world, age, diseases, time, persecutions conspire against you. Therefore do not be avaricious with what you have received and do not be imprudent. For this reason transmit the Priesthood in My Name to the best disciples, so that the Earth may not be left without priests. And ensure that the sacred character is granted after a severe examination, not verbal, but of the deeds of him who asks to be a priest, or of him whom you judge suitable to be one.

    Consider what is a Priest. The good he can do. The evil he can do. You have had the example of what can be done by a priest who has lapsed from his sacred character. I truly tell you that this country will be dispersed because of the sins of the Temple. But I also truly tell you that also the Earth will be destroyed when the abomination of desolation will affect the new Priesthood, by leading men to apostasy in order to embrace the doctrines of hell. Then the son of Satan will arise and peoples will moan in dreadful fright, as only few will remain faithful to the Lord, and also then, after horrible convulsions, the end will come after the victory of God and of His few Chosen ones, and the wrath of God on all the cursed ones. Woe, three times woe if for those few there will still be no saints, the last pavilions of the Temple of Christ! Woe, three times woe, if to comfort the last Christians, there will be no true Priests, as there will be for the first ones. Really the last persecution will be horrible, as it will not be the persecution of men but of the son of Satan and of his followers. Priests? Those of the last hour will have to be more than priests, so wild will be the persecution of the hordes of the Antichrist. Like the man dressed in linen, who is so holy as to be beside the Lord, in the vision of Ezekiel, they will have to be untiring in marking a Tau with their perfection on the spirits of the few faithful ones, so that the flames of may do not cancel that sign. Priests? Angels. Angels swinging the thurible of the incences of their virtues to purify the air of the miasmata of Satan. Angels? More than angels: other Christs, others Myself, so that the believers of the last times may be able to persevere until the end. That is what they will have to be.

    But future good and evil have roots in the present. Avalanches begin with a snowflake. A priest who is unworthy, impure, heretic, unfaithful, incredulous, tepid or cold, dull, insipid, lustful, does ten times as much harm as a believer guilty of the same sins, and he drags many more to commit sin. Laxity in the Priesthood, the reception of impure doctrines, selfishness, greed, concupiscence in the Priesthood, you are aware of the result of all that: deicide. Now, in future ages, the Son of God can no longer be killed, but the faith in God, the idea of God, can. So a deicide will be accomplished, which is even more irreparable, because it is without resurrection. Oh! it can be accomplished, yes. I see… It will be possible to accomplish it, because of the too many Judases of Kerioth of future ages. How horrible!

    My Church demolished by its own ministers! While I support it with the help of victims. And they, the Priests, who will have only the garment and not the soul of a Priest, who help the ebullition of the waves agitated by the infernal Snake against your boat, Peter. Stand up! Rise! Transmit this order to your successors: "Hands on the rudder, the lash on the shipwrecked people who wanted to be shipwrecked, and try to founder the boat of God". Strike, but save and proceed. Be severe, because just is the punishment for marauders. Defend the treasure of the faith, Hold the lamp aloft, like a lighthouse above the rough sea, so that those who follow your boat may see and not perish. Shepherd and pilot for the dreadful times, gather, guide, hold My Gospel high, because safety is found in it and in no other science.

    The days will come when, as it happened to us in Israel, but even more deeply, the Priesthood will think it is a chosen class, because it knows the superfluous and does not know the indispensable any longer, or is aware of it in the deaf form in which the Priests now know the Law: in its garment, exaggeratedly overburdened with fringes, but not in its spirit. The days will come when all the books will replace the Book, and this will be used only as one, who must use an object by force, handles it mechanically, as a peasant ploughs, sows, harvests, without meditating on the wonderful providence which is that multiplication of seeds that is renewed each year: a seed is thrown into turned soil and it becomes stalk, ear of corn, then flour and then bread through God's paternal love. Who, putting a mouthful of bread in his mouth, raises his spirit to Him Who created the first seed and for ages has made it spring up again and grow, giving the right quantity of rain and heat, so that it may open and grow and ripen without rotting or getting burnt? Likewise the time will come when the Gospel will be taught scientifically well, spiritually badly.

    Now, what is science if it lacks wisdom? It is straw. Straw that swells and does not nourish. And I truly tell you that the time will come in which too many among the Priests will be like swollen straw-stacks, proud straw-stacks, that will stand up straight in the pride of being so swollen, as if they had given themselves all those ears of wheat that crowned the straw, as if the ears were still on the summits of the straw, and will think that they are everything because, instead of the handful of wheat, the true nourishment that is the spirit of the Gospel, they will have all that straw: a heap! A heap! But can straw be enough? It is not even sufficient for the stomach of a beast of burden, and if its master does not strengthen the animal with fodder and fresh herbs, the beast of burden nourished only with straw wastes away and may even die. And yet I tell you that the time will come when the Priests, forgetting that with few ears of wheat I taught spirits the Truth, and forgetting also what it cost their Lord that true bread of the spirit, drawn completely and only from the Divine Wisdom, spoken by the Divine Word, dignified in its doctrinal form, indefatigable in its repetitions, so that the truth spoken should not get lost, humble in its form, without the false glitter of human sciences, without historical or geographical completions, will not take care of its soul, but of the garment to be thrown on it, to show the crowds how many things they know, and the spirit of the Gospel will get lost in them, under avalanches of human science. And if they do not possess it, how can they transmit it? What will these swollen straw-stacks give the believers? Straw. What nourishment will the spirits of the believers get from it? Enough to lead a wretched languishing life. Which fruit will ripen from such teaching and from this imperfect knowledge of the Gospel? The coolness of hearts, the replacement of the only true doctrine with heretical doctrines, with doctrines and ideas that are more than heretical, the preparation of the ground in favour of the Beast for his transient icy dark horrible kingdom.

    I truly tell you that, as the Father and Creator multiplies the stars so that the sky may not become depopulated because of those that perish, when their lives end, likewise I shall have to evangelize thousands of times the disciples that I will scatter among men in future ages. And I also truly tell you that the destiny of these disciples will be the same as Mine: the synagogue and proud people will persecute them as they persecuted Me. But both they and I have our reward: that of doing the Will of God and serving Him even to death on a cross, so that His glory may shine and the knowledge of Him may not perish.

    Peace be with you always


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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty Re: For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is

    Post by Poem on Sun May 08, 2011 3:44 pm

    One of the obstacles I encountered with people is that, they compare the Bible's Gospel pages intellectually and think that Poem of the Man-God will be the same.

    Another is that people in America are homophobic and misconstrued, love for lust. Fear.

    Now let's read what St. John says in his epistle:

    1 John chapter 4:

    [18] Fear is not in charity: but perfect charity casteth out fear, because fear hath pain. And he that feareth, is not perfected in charity. [19] Let us therefore love God, because God first hath loved us.

    Fear is of the devil, their are two kinds of fear, holy fear which is love and, the earthly fear, which is fear in many facets. Fear of dying, fear of being wrong, fear of being hurt, and fear of being found out.

    The holy fear God speaks of is piety, prudence, loyalty, that you would not sin against the All Loving One. "Father, I do not want to offend you, therefore assist me in becoming holy."

    Embryonic souls, have not reached proper discernment and are easily persuaded by 'fear' of the human kind.

    Jesus says, above the flesh is the spirit. Jesus says, true strength is the spirit. For the flesh perishes, but the soul is immortal, for, the spirit is generated by God and God is the Immortal Spirit.

    But Jesus died! True, God is One God, Three Persons, did the Other Two Die? No. Only the Man-God died, the Word lives forever more. Now Jesus is the God-Man. Believe that God is able and you will see the spirit becomes stronger each day. Faith is a gift, which must be nourished and protected like your home.

    Peace be with you always


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    For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is Empty Re: For Those Who Have No Idea What Poem of the Man-God Is

    Post by Poem on Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:10 pm

    The real life, is not this Earth and this Universe, this life and this universe was a gift to man to show God's love for man, and that man would be inspired by the grandeur of God's love in this gift, to love God back. To mature in love, to become adult loving spirits who love God and adore God and are grateful to God. To be possessed fully by God some day in Heaven. The yearning to be with God in His Bosom. That's what this life was given to man for, is.

    Now to those without God's love, they analyze, dissect, speculate, dictate, write all kinds of theorems, books, science magazines, on and on, but they don't, See God in His work and therefore are empty dried up river beds, that have no life in them. They are empty. The Living Water does not flow in them. They are dryer than a dryer, they are dryer than the desert, arid and dry.

    They cannot know God in their present condition, as proud men, rejecting God's Creation. Neither do they receive lights from God to perceive Him in His work. How to convince you?

    God doesn't care if you know, all the matter that is created, studied them, wrote books on them, go on talks about them, earn a living from them, in the end one does not connect the dots but only sees the evidence of what was Created and cannot explain how it was created. Never in a millions years. Many theories, and speculations, based on models which are now in computers. Endless. These recirculate with a new idea branching from them into another perverse or far-out intellectual massage.

    Reverse engineering.

    Reverse engineering does not give you how it was created. It was simply 'created.' This Creation remains a mystery because God so ordered it after Adam Sinned. Evil made its way in. To lock up the secrets of Creation, so Evil would not use it against man. Tear it to pieces and the end being man having given in to Satan to destroy the earth completely.

    What happens is Satan prods man to investigate Creation to acquire weapons of Mass Destruction. To take bits and pieces of it. To Destroy man. To destroy man with foolish ideas of securing more resources, what they don't have to get what they crave. Don't believe do you? Certainly, let's recall the Atom Bomb. Is it the work of God or of Satan? Don't blame God for this nasty destructive device to have become a reality. And other weapons. Because Man did not believe in God and did not follow His Laws, these came to being. Read the Old Testament. Materialized from nothing into something. The idea, where did the idea come from? Satan. The Negation, the destroyer of man. Jealousy, Envy! He cannot be redeemed. Only Man living in Time can be redeemed. Satan, or rather Lucifer was living in the Presence of God, an eternal instance of past, present and future in a single time frame. One moment, one movement. This is perhaps difficult to comprehend. Time moves forward not backwards. So the earth progresses forwards in time, and man, since he is on the earth and in this universe, moves forward in time to acquire good works that is the reason for man to move forward in time.

    To be confirmed in Grace or to be disgraced before God the Judge of all Life.

    To come to know and serve God on the Earth so, man can possess God in Heaven for eternity.

    We have examples on the earth of civil justice, to help us understand true Justice, the model of, some structure. To understand the model of Justice. If there is no justice, in a world of evil verses good, who's going to defend the good and the innocent? Thus, we concluded that there are innocence in the world of man. And we concluded that there is good on the earth. And lastly we have direly understood evil is in man and stands on the earth. With the latter as most predominant in man's thinking, as in man today in the civil justice system, thinks everyone is evil. A Satanic influence to corrupt a once true civil justice system. Satan corrupts anything good on the earth, because man does not listen to God. This is seen in Genesis when Adam and Eve failed to obey God when confronted with Evil. They were seduced by the lies of Evil. This happens quite often.

    God has set up watch to govern man to goodness, but man driven by his own will, wants to redeem himself, teach himself, and do everything by himself. But poor man does not know that he cannot even save himself at death. He cannot save himself from true calamities, misfortunes, unless God had favor for him.

    Also, Satan protects his servants and uses the civil laws now corrupted to the hilt, to pronounce them guiltless and sets them free, because, Satan still has a use for them. But once, their usage is up, he tosses them into the garbage bin, or if you have a computer into the Trash bin, and there with, if they do not repent, end up as the pasturage of Satan's Cave. When sinners and evil wicked workers of iniquity are no longer needed by Satan, they are scraped. If you find yourself in this position is a good time to turn to God to redeem your life.

    God only wants you to love Him. Heaven is Love only. If you don't love, you do not enter. No sin can enter Heaven. None, not even a spec. Thus, Purgatory exists for many reasons. Many reasons. If you have a spec in you at death, you enter Purgatory, because that spec will contaminate Heaven's Atmosphere. It will erupt under the Power of God. A spec of pride. Pride as we know, was born from Lucifer's ill will to reign as 'God.' Thus, there will be no repeats of this in Heaven. Heaven is a pure, peaceful, joyful place for souls to love and enjoy God for eternity. Souls with the other ideas, don't go there. They do not want it, they do not seek it, and they will in no wise inherit It.

    The Holy Spirit instructed St. Paul about not receiving communion under sin. But to come worthily, that is in Grace. If we receive communion in the state of sin, we harm ourselves, because of the Power of God in the Eucharist. The Power God gives Life. Life to whatever is in you. If you have pride in you, the Power of Life generating in God gives life to the pride and thus you will be expelled. Here's where we do not understand it.

    In the current scheme of things, there are Four Realms of Hell, just for that reason. To expel the rejected ones to one of the Two of Four realms. Expel is a strong word don't you think? But it is a reality. Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise. Cain was expelled from the Family by God. God cursed Cain and threw him out to live and die. Cain was, a murderer who could not be converted. For he had the full dose of Satan's poison. God even counseled Cain, [Genesis]. God knew Cain would not repent. His heart was seen by God, the movements of his thoughts. There was no recourse for Cain. It is difficult for many to see this. It was for me, but after many lessons from Jesus, I finally understood that Cain was just like Lucifer in his thinking and no change would come in future times. This is a great lesson, that teaches that Cain was the offspring of Satan. His seed, his doing, luring Adam and Eve to produce murderers. Thus, after Cain killed Abel, Adam and Eve 'repented' and God gave to Adam and Eve a new son that sought God, because now Adam and Eve turned back to God and followed God instead of Satan. A re-conversion took place. But, they did not receive the Grace, they had lost, yet they had grace, pity, mercy. Because of whatever other reasons God had in his thought. That reason is clear today, Jesus Christ the New Adam and Mary Immaculate the New Eve.

    Completed work means, no further perfection is required. Thus in the final stage, those damned are separated from those Blessed. Final Two Realms is when all Judgment is Finished. Heaven for the perfect, the Blessed, and Hell for the perfect sinners damned for eternity. The citizens burning like marshmallows in Hell, will no longer be able to see Heaven where God is. For Heaven will exist separated from Hell. These two are not entirely separated is what God is stating, thus, Satan launches an all out attack, Apocalypse states this. Lucifer with his servants, and Michael with his army. Then we read further in Apocalypse where, the different realms are read.

    The current Hell, as God calls it, has four realms. Hell is suffering in different stages and for different reasons. And the earth can be called a certain hell too. Because it no longer has Paradise and God Resting over the Entire Planet, and we suffer.

    The true meaning of Heaven is, No Pain and Suffering, Peace and Joy generating greater amounts of Peace and Joy, a constant sustained pace of each, generating, no Lucifers. No pain and suffering. Thus there is no evidence of this 'externally' on the earth, because Heaven is External and Internal Peace and Joy. The Atmosphere--the air, is Peace and Joy, means you breathe it in as well as having it exuding out of you like the light shining outwards. This is what was on the Earth, when God did rest on it, called Eden. A smaller Heaven upon the earth. There is God in Heaven, and the New Heavens--this one is coming shortly after all is finished.

    Jesus explains everything and it is my conclusion through the Work, that God only wants, us to Love Him dearly and deeply and nothing else, --First Commandment of His Law--, to have and possess God fully in Heaven, --Apocalypse Final Chapters--, to enjoy God forever, who is Life Generating Being, known to me as "God." The Perfect Model. And the closer we come to Love, the more we are able to know and define. Able to describe.

    Jesus Christ, the Redeemer and Savior for mankind.

    Read the Poem of the Man-God, about Judas Iscariot. He was near the Eucharist-Jesus for three years, and his idea was the Earthly Kingdom, he did not understand that God came to restore man back to His Kingdom to live forever in Paradise, to begin our exodus for the New Heavens and the New Earth. This is God's plan for us. To have Him Fully, in the New Heavens and the New Earth. Where God will no longer be separated from His Children. And His Children will have possessed God in His Entirety. God doesn't care that you know the science of this universe, because it is temporary, it will all be burnt to ash! Succeeded by the New Heavens and the New Earth.

    What is possession of God? To have Love fully, bathed in it, filled in it, flowing in it. God is Everything for man. It is a shame that people do not know God and what He really desires. Love from Man. Not the creation to examine it, dissect it, analyze it, write theorems and live on this only, devoid of true Knowledge, Wisdom, Love, God-Charity. Separated from the Source. In fact they never end seeking to find knowledge from Creation, hoping to define Creation in some other form, giving it a new name and a new theory, but always their theory, no proofs. Rather than admit God created it. Proud.

    The other problem with man, is that he craves more knowledge, to suit his ego. To fill it, and be a 'celebrity' among the throngs, repeating Adam's fault--The craving for more knowledge, to no end. Just don't give up do they!

    Here's the instance in the Bible:

    God planted all the trees in Paradise called 'Eden.' In the midst were two trees: The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. God had already revealed to Adam the Creation everything except the creation of man, how man really was made. Not the one in Genesis, the absolute science of how man was made. The internal and the external, how, the flesh was formed from mud and so forth. I built a plastic model plane, it has many parts. Like this. This is what man today wants to know. How God was able to make the internal organs, the bones, the flesh, veins, lungs, so forth. But, God did explain how in three steps. He formed the flesh from mud, and breathed into the nostrils of the formed flesh, that is now, not just mud, but formed mud, clay, and breathed into it. For one cannot actually breathe into a mud pie, you get air bubbles.

    A clay potter, takes a lump of clay that has been cured, hardened, or pliable, to where it is then able to be shaped. All the parts internally are the same, mud from the earth. Choice mud, just as there is choice clay. But called it 'slime.' Genesis. For it was not yet, perfect to be fired in the burner.

    In the midst of Eden there was the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge. So, to say, let's combine the life and the knowledge and get a better idea of life? No.

    The Tree of Life was there to sustain the life of Grace, for man was outside of the Immediate Heaven, but, connected to it by Grace. A gate was present or a door way, this explains that God was on the Earth--> "The tree of life in the midst of Eden." The Word of God was in the midst of Eden. Wisdom of God, to us know days, the Son of God, the Word and Wisdom of the Father, Our Father for those who 'love' Him.

    Satan snuck in, thus God depicts him as Serpent. God allowed this to take place to test Adam, to confirm him in Grace. Because, in Adam, God found an imperfect thought, that Adam was not satisfied with the knowledge God had granted him. He craved more knowledge.

    It's like this, you are at home I bring a new toy to your house, your child doesn't have one, so he asks you to get one. This is knowledge at work your mind is active, it reasons intelligently, where you are intelligent in exercising it for the good of yourself is different altogether. This example is what God tested Adam for, to test the metal for imperfections in it's ability to reason towards Good only. Thus, this fault which was not hammered out on the anvil was left to be passed on to us.

    So after the test, Adam failed. If he had passed, he would have moved forward to better things. Thus, many are still being tested, because many have failed. Only Jesus passed without having to be 'retested.' Devil comes to Tempt Jesus in the Gospel. Jesus passed, with flying colors! But, He did not proudly announce He did. He was humble and moved forward to the Redemption of man.

    If he had passed, Adam would have been 'confirmed' in Grace and the Serpent would have been sealed in His cave made silent and never disturbed the race of God's children, notice the race of God's Children, verses what Genesis chapter 5 says we are, children of the race of Adam. So, it is right that God says, for us to become adoptive sons and daughters from the race of Adam. Read the Epistles of St. Paul. Adoptive.

    When Adam and Eve sinned, they made themselves, separated from the Father, their action stated they wanted another 'father.' Thus, God promised Adam and Eve, He would save them from perdition. But who is God talking about?

    Here's the incluse.

    From the mistake of Adam and Eve, we see the evidence of Satan's tampering with the gene pool. A newborn can be, good or evil, with the final day being evil, last breathe victory by Satan. Or the final day, last breathe, victory being God's. Since God leaves us to our own wills, that's what it means to be called 'free,' any one could choose, and this means, that the influence of evil or good is able to advise. Who's advice you listen to is who you follow. It so happens, that, One) God's planet and God makes the rules, and governs the earth, and man had made his choice in the Garden at the 'test' that defined what comes afterwards for all men and women born, that if we do not take God's advice, we listen to Satan's advice, whether in men or directly from his own lips. Thus, we are left to our own will to choose. God does advise us through, men and from His own Word, of what is good for us, but not many listen, because of the allurements evident to us today, and in previous times were different but still allurements.

    What this above says, more initiates for Hell then Heaven, because man does not know what is absolutely good for him. He does not truly know God. If man did know, truly know God, as in a deep intimate relation as 'friend', there would be more initiates for Heaven then Hell. The infliction to the intellect of man. When the soul is infused into man, it fills the flesh, animating the flesh, thus, man has a brain, an heart, legs, arms, so forth to move and think, feel and respond to touch, a sensitivity. But once the soul departs, there is no more movement. The unwise say, the flesh is it's own generator of life, thus the many theories. They don't recognize the soul. Thus, these are dried riverbeds, empty and void of the Living Water. Their souls have no life, to generate and regenerate the soul in life. Death entered the flesh and infiltrated into the soul making the soul inert, but living, not alive. Grace vivifies life in the soul, creating an outburst to fill the flesh. Rather than the flesh or humanity infiltrating into the soul, the soul here would be bursting into the flesh, and our humanity would be converted to spirit. Thus, God created a living soul of Adam. But Adam gave birth to flesh, and a dead soul, living, not alive to Grace. Thus, without Grace, many initiates for Hell. The balance is outweighed here by evil desires than the good one.

    Adam wanted to learn more from somewhere else. He left the clay potter, and yelled I want more! Give me more! Silently in his heart. God heard his heart. God hears yours too.

    The active will to seek out more knowledge beyond our capability to know. That is to know what is truly harmful to us and would absolutely destroy us, kill us, "Die the Death."

    From this fault grew other faults, but connected to this first fault.Domino effect.

    Thus, when the clay potter, seeks to purify the work, he works hard to remove every blemish, every air bubble, every imperfection, a long arduous work. And the clay will scream and yell, Anathema!

    The Clay potter, works like no other. He is a perfectionist at work.

    So, Purgatory is where, the clay potter puts souls that refused to become perfect while on Earth.

    So, Hell, is where, the clay ends up because they direly hate the clay potter.

    Thus, the fault of Adam was passed on to us. This fault and the Sin must be hammered out on the anvil before the final Firing Process to purify, a crystallized finish of our souls. With the granting, in our case we receive the glorified body to enter Heaven. The work is our souls. The intellect, reasoning, will. These have to be perfect from all faults. So, when our souls, are perfected from this fault, and other subsequent ones, plus the the Sin, we can enter Heaven and then to cover our souls, God gives to us perfected bodies, that has been glorified, to signify to us, that we have undergone the work of perfection.

    Jesus had perfected himself and received the Glorified Body. As with Mary Immaculate. They Two replace Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve did not sin and continued on the road to perfection without incident, they would be in Glorified Bodies in Heaven calling to us, encouraging us, and we would actually see them. But since evil entered, and it wants to thrash Heaven and corrupt it, not possible for us to See Jesus and Mary on Earth without God's Special grace.

    Evil is hate. It will do anything to discredit and destroy, using any means possible, dirty, underhanded, rotten tricks. Anything. To ruin Good for man. It cannot ruin God. So Evil seeks to paint a bad picture of Good. Making Good look Evil and Evil look Good.
    This is Evils' way. The way of Evil. To destroy by any means, what is Good.

    God is only Good, All Good. Those who have a bad figure cut of God, have been seduced by Evil. Your minds are tainted with stain, your eyes are stained, you do not know what is truly Good.

    No love for the Source, no Love in the hereafter.

    1 Corinthians 13, Without Love, that is God, in you, you write another book that has no substance.

    The Living Water, it nourishes our spirits, wets the appetite, gives life, and we are inspired to love God.

    Poor souls that know not God how wonderful He is! How He fills us with Living Water that beautiful song.

    I understand what it means to be 'dried' up in my soul, No Living Water, the Fountain of Life flowing in my soul.

    Remember 1 Cor 13. Put it into your spirit.

    Peace be with you always

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