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    We All have to endure No one will escape the future


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    We All have to endure No one will escape the future

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    People are gearing up for the Apocalypse, in many a fashion. There are plenty of people 'predicting' the end. But, they are only people. If they are not true 'seers' or prophets of Jesus, then don't waste your time listening to them.

    Now, how will you know if one is a true seer? This is a good question. Are you following Jesus? If not, you won't know. No matter how much I can point to one today, you still have to follow Jesus. Because this Apocalypse will separate the lambs from the billy-goats. Many will die, make no mistake about it. If you want to live an earthly life, then there's no need for you to know. Because you don't care about your spiritual self.

    Goodness. Live in goodness, avoiding at all costs, harm to God, and neighbor. The government here doesn't do good to God and neighbor, in fact most governments do not follow God and do only themselves a favor. A favor, for if they wanted what is truly good, they would be following God.

    Man is in a strait between living for the earth, by being paraded with fear bombs by these beasts, and the way of Heaven. The first choice leaves you no Heaven. The second choice you earn Heaven by conquering it. It is there to be conquered by a good, chaste, holy life, even if you don't have the means of the Gospel. The lesson of Jesus on 'Good Will Leads to God.' God is judge, and He will not grant eternal punishment to those not deserving of it. These people are either being oppressed by the beasts, or they are living good lives devoid of evil.

    Lets take a break and add this what Jesus says is under the 'roof of the Father'. Jesus explains a few Gospel passages. But, to make this short, Jesus says to those called and accepted to become Catholic Christians, that is to live the life of the Gospel, these are granted, the immediate benefits of the City of Saints, New Jerusalem. Now, to make this point clear it is written that St. John saw a New Heavens and a New Earth. Also, a New Jerusalem, the City of God. The City of the Saints. The rest live outside. Those from the Great Persecution, that, rejected the beasts, those who lived good willed lives, those, who gained Heaven on others merits. Read Poem book of those who gained Heaven on others merits. God is God and created only good, but gave free will for those to choose to live good. Those who rejected good, live in other states. But only one destiny for those who reject good. Thus the good, live with God. They inherit, the New Earth. Only God knows those good willed persons that were not under His Roof, Catholic Church, but lived comparable lives as if they did. In many cases, around the world, there are those without the means. This is wonderful to know. Because they did not merit eternal damnation.

    To, the Chosen, that is those chosen to be Saints, should relish this invitation and accept it with the right mindset and be it known that this is the highest granted gift to live in the City of God, New Jerusalem. A special City. These will be over the whole earth, but not like it is here on this corrupted earth. Charity and good will. That's the message of God. Live good lives, honor one another, love one another, go the extra mile for others. Not to get a pat on your back, but for the sake of doing good to a person, regardless of the feedback you receive good or bad. But because it was 'good' to do. To assist in good things, to be charitable to helping poor souls, even if they deceive you, because they received a good work from you. I learned this over time. In the world, the routine is pay back for what you have been given. This means, to return evil for evil. If someone wronged you to return, a favor by wronging them. This is called paybacks. This not what God teaches. For look at Jesus Passion. He forgave even His enemies despite the judgment they had drawn from God the Father. Because Jesus forgave them, God did not destroy them then and there. For this atrocity of brutality given to the Son of God who came to save and redeem and not to punish. To save man from Hell and a endless torment. From bad circumstances man cannot get of out without God's help. God sees clearly all that is taking place. When I say all, the injustices, the bad language, the vices, the sins of mortality, all the wicked things, plus every good thing a person does, each and all peoples. Now for us finite persons, we cannot comprehend the vastness of all that is taking place every moment of everyday. For we are bogged down, with the temporary and cannot see everything clearly in detail and then remember them and then continue on to new things and thoughts while maintaining everything already passed. Events and actions. God does, and the Guardian Angels are witnesses to every action and word spoken. This is a need to know for all mankind. In the dark places, in secret, but your guardian angel takes note of every word spoken, good and bad. So, we do need to keep our thoughts, pure.

    How? In this age and time, there are all kinds of unwholesome idols, events, so forth in the world. The world is full of these corrupt things that are not pure. If even one molecule gets inside, it disrupts and corrupts. How does one remain actively pure? In Grace. That's the only way. What about those who do not have the means of the Sacraments but are good willed? They have a strong constitution against such things. And they are convinced. The problem with today's, world is that people do not have this strong constitution where there is all this modernism. Businesses, money, materialism, these all lure and cause people to think about self and earthly living only. There are those who have successfully cut off all that is not necessarily good. Which 99% of today's modern things are not good. There are good ways to use a thing. That is to use it to advance the good and just. For instance this website, it does not have any pornography, any lewd and illicit activities, so forth. It is here to help those who want to achieve the Heavenly Kingdom. Though some words may be a bit tough and to the point, the point being it is not here to gain for itself.

    From the heart, because I received from God forgiveness and mercy and compassion, I have to do the same and not because I'm forced into it, but because charity inspires me to do it. I desire it. That is to give back, what I have received giving to other spirits that need to hear about hope. Hope. God is all hope. He instills it. I received this hope, and, love to add to it, then I had the same desire inspire me that is in God, to save. To redeem man, bring man back to God and off the path of destruction. To discipline myself, and to understand what it takes to discipline others if they want to, themselves, because that's what it takes, discipline. And Jesus explains the nature of the flesh compromised and corrupted by sin, it naturally rebels. It is naturally obstinate, it is naturally stubborn, this is all towards God. These actions and implants into the heart and soul of man that if left to grow wild, sprouts choking the soul. Keeping it from seeing and rising to God. To use every means, that is good to subverting hearers to God. By reproaches, by goodness, by kindness, by charity, by also presenting the nasty things, that people don't want to hear, that is selfishness and self regarding ways. That is the flesh. That becomes a character and personality, it has to be rooted out in order to succeed along the ways of Heaven. The 10 Monuments. Jesus explains that uphill ascent it isn't easy, and yes the demons come at you. They do. God gave them free will too and confined them to Hell but they slipped out, and seduced man and now they have a right upon the earth because man, let him in. And today, if man was bold, and understood this, he would gather all under the Name of Jesus and ask God to seal up the cave forever. But, as long as man remains seduced to the devil, which, he doesn't know he is, he thinks he is doing himself a good, but in reality just being used, this won't happen and thus, the Lord comes to punish those who yielded their free will to the Devil.

    It's your freedom to do as you do, God gives us advice about the devil, but no one listened, or listens. Thus, I sit and write hoping someone folks wake up from their delusion, all the while getting pounded by demons. But, God is my strength. I cannot ever think to do this alone, while Satan, attacks. I would not be able to overcome the legions upon legions of demons running at me a full steam with vengence because I bring the Truth to a world run dry and dry as in bones. Dry bones, Prophecy's of Ezekiel.

    Break over.

    Lets recall Abraham, God called to Abraham, Abraham did not have the Law, but, faith and God commended him and called him friend. So Abraham had God as a friend. Now in this, God, was not yet, Incarnate as Jesus. But there still was the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as was from the Beginning. I Am He Who Is.

    Abraham is the best example of some not religious and someone not a Christian or the Chosen People called the Jews. He was a 'just' man. Which God then chose Abram to be called Abraham to be the Father of a Nation.

    The modern day theologian says, God does not punish. They call it, natural phenomenon of the earth, such as it rains, it snows, thunders, so forth. What are earthquakes? Ask a scientist. What is a tornado? Ask a scientist. What is a hurricane? Ask a scientist. These are called phenomenon's according to their scientific discovery because they do not truly know where these come from. One day it is sunny and the next a hailstorm. For them it is natural occurrence, a given. Like a math equation.

    The Lord explains to us in the Book, why these other weather phenomenons take place. These are called punishments. Also, war is a punishment. Punishments. Your government punishes you for stealing from them. If you have good parents they teach you not to do bad things, else you get 'punished'. So, these theologians say that God who is all Good, does not punish, they need to read Genesis closely. They need to read the seven first books of the Bible closely and all the prophets where God is raining down punishment upon Israel and other nations for their crimes. You do a crime and a punishment fits the crime.

    So, now that we have this cleared up, what is the Apocalypse? Punishment from God. Instead of the Water coming down from the heavens, the earth and other parts as described, this time, since man is desiring to be with Satan, God gives to man, Satan. Pretty straight forward. That's what the Antichrist is. All these peoples desires to be cruel, and evil. Now you say uh? That's what it is. The new theologians go as far as saying that the Great Flood 'never' took place.

    Now with people like these telling falsehood, the rest just think it's ok to be out doing contrary to God's Law. And thus they perish for being fed lies.

    No one will escape the future of the Apocalypse who is destined to be in it. Don't ask yourselves, am I? If you are not following the Lord, forget it. You don't need to know. Why? Because it won't most likely help anyway, even if the evidence is overwhelmingly so to convince even dead people. Because you are too busy with your earthly life. You want to avoid all trouble and be in some safe place. No place on earth will be safe. Not one spot. For the Gospel says, 'the whole world.' Don't rationalize, and say it's not so, or it's not coming, nor I can find a safe spot. The only safe place is in the Lord. Read the Notebooks about martyr's there are many, chapters, that Jesus gave to Maria, episodes of their ascension into Heaven after a faithful life to God. Faithful life.

    Now, granted there are many people who have never been approached about Christianity one on one. And have never set foot in a church or even read a Bible. Among these types of people are those who are truly good people. And of course those who reject it outright live according to their own laws.

    What is the government really? It is human constitution. Not Godly constitution. All the laws in the government are based on man's ideas and ways. Not long ago in America they got rid of the 10 Commandments from all Law buildings. And they have accepted other religious ways into the government to kill Christianity from it. To kill it. That's the statement they made with this move. So, this government no longer acknowledges God period, they just use the words to get your votes. Make no mistake these are 'politicians' not Christians. Billy-goats.

    Jesus condemns political parties. Read the 1945-1950 Notebook the last chapter in the seven churches. He explains the Apocalypse in 4 chapters. So, for those who do not read these books but come here hoping to find an answer, I already told you to buy them for yourselves and have them. If you are not a wise virgin among the ten, the five forgot to bring oil, then don't blame me for your failure to understand why I'm doing this. To help others, by evangelizing, I do not water things down. I am not a coward. If I was a coward I would not be going against the beasts.

    Think about what I'm saying.

    Have you had enough of the life on earth? Probably not, still want to continue to thrive as just man with no real commitment or devotion to Heaven. That's what it takes to become one today. These times are not like the past where, it was easy to be left alone in a quiet atmosphere. As you can see the beast took over the land by swooning it through their false pretense called 'government' A government that does not follow God's Laws is no government but a kingdom. Read your history lessons.

    There is man's idea, which is Babylon, instigate by Satan and then there is the true way, instituted by God. A Civilization.

    Peace be with you always
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