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    Post by Poem on Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:21 am

    Previously there was mentioned the new modern theologians, they have integrated, the Agnostic thinking in many a fashion, along with other heresies, these are mixed in.

    The list is actually quite long of the things, they deny as truth to true Bible believing Christians. Bible believing means believing Gods words of Wisdom, the Bible is 'the' Book. In it contains all the knowledge necessary to elevate man to understanding God.

    The rationalistic man, want's physical undeniable proof of the events, written in the Bible such as, Noah's ark. They conclude that, since this ark is not evident, as in physically obtainable, that it was a story only. And not the history. But, they conclude that other events, are true such as traditions handed down. They believe Abraham to be a true character. And Adam and Eve as mythical characters. This is being taught in Santa Clara, California.

    These are heresies. The Book is not mythical nor tells of made up characters. They are all complete and true. Not one episode in the Bible is false. For this reason, you see many new changes in the recent Bibles, because these so called scholars and theologians, have had these changes made, according to their expertise.

    Here's a quick rundown of the authenticity of the Bible as per Pope of the past centuries:

    IMPRIMATUR (for the Bible):
    James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore, September 1, 1899.

    Pope Damasus assembled the first list of books of the Bible at the Roman Council in 382 A.D. He commissioned St. Jerome to translate the original Greek and Hebrew texts into Latin, which became known as the Latin Vulgate Bible and was declared by the Church to be the only authentic and official version, in 1546.

    St. Jerome considered the seven Deutero-Canonical books to be not inspired by God, but he was commissioned by Pope Damasus to translate all 73 books into Latin. Pope Damasus considered the 7 DC books to be inspired by God. Later in 1946, after the finding of the dead-sea scrolls, it was discovered that these 7 DC books were used by the Jews in Alexandria, even in their services. This verifies that Pope Damasus was correct.

    It is interesting to note that the Palestinian Jews did not accept the 7 DC books for their version of Holy scriptures and neither did they accept any of the New Testament. Unfortunately, the Protestants base their Bible on this version which comes from a people who did not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.


    Now, following the history of Jews and Christians, we know that like the Old St. Paul who was Saul, went after Christians to persecute and kill them, but Saul, did not personally kill them, he had them dragged out so others would carry them off to do the killing.

    These, scholars and theologians do not comprehend, the invisible workings of God. They read the history as if they were machines and lack the spirit to inspire them. Otherwise without Divine Counsel, you end up separated from Wisdom. Jesus says, truth is in the Bible, the entire Bible. Not portions or bits which men cannot comprehend, but the whole. This part they attest to: Who can comprehend God? Thus, how did God inspire men? How is this possible? They lack the spiritual, who connects and, makes known His Thoughts. To know God means to believe God. If you do not believe in God, you get these heresies. Why invisible working? Our spirits are invisible, and God is invisible, God deals with spirits. The material aspect is for our edification without perversion.

    Jesus said: you must have faith like a little child. Children are simple and they believe anything you tell them. Try it yourself. If you teach them errors, they believe errors as truth. They will say, well, my parents said so, and I believe them. So, you're still scratching your head? Obviously. Faith is a virtue. If you're full of vice, faith has no place in your soil to seat and sprout. You must remove the vice and make room for virtues.

    The Bible is all spiritual regardless of the history in it depicting men as beasts slaughtering each other and God as the administrator punishing, bad children. This is one of the other things they deny: punishment.

    If they say, Adam and Eve were mythical, then, sin is mythical, the Serpent is mythical, and Satan who was Lucifer, is mythical. Thus man has a choice between good and evil. They recognize evil is present but, where does it come from? It certainly doesn't come from God! God is all Good. So they have a nice hole to fill.

    They even go so far as to saying that the Prophets were not commanded by God to write what they had envisioned. But were given a choice to write or not write by saying 'they were inspired.' Because they base it on their experience and not what God has revealed.

    Which this denies that each Prophet was Chosen by God to be His Mouthpiece. Now, how this--is intricate. But tests your knowledge. Just as Mary the Mother of God, was given the choice, but God already had foreknowledge of Her, and was created to birth the Incarnate Jesus into the world of man, by Her saying, 'be it done as you have said,' to the archangel Gabriel, they go as far as saying, that She was also, inspired. Their definition of inspired is different from God's, clearly so.

    Inspired means, given to God. In union with God. There’s God version of inspired and then, there’s man’s lower answer. God’s definition is the ‘highest’ and therefore must be the correct one. They love God so they respond in the manner they did and for those still on earth who are the ‘inspired.’ These belong to God. They solely belong to God. The Prophets belonged to God. They still had free will. But, since when does an instrument say no? Only Lucifer and those who follow him. They always reject and go against God. Love, love is free and gives the appropriate answer to God. From the Heart of Man, whereas those who have 'reserve' have other thoughts and answers. So, the Prophets did not have 'reserve', but a full and entire devotion to God. They 'obeyed God'. In order to obey, one must be 'commanded.' Inspired by God. So it is God who draws them, and God who speaks to them. This means, God is in them for has Put the Words in them. Also, a Vision is like watching a Movie, with real sound. It may even be more closely related to a 'Holosuite' like in Star Trek in the material way, but from a spiritual way, God has an angel descend to them, and give them special gifts. God had/has souls that freely gave and give themselves to Him. Thus, did God with all. They were a 'Chosen' Peoples, which God performed 'great' miracles and favors for. Obligations as well. God drew the children of Israel from Egypt. The Bible says, ‘with a mighty hand.’ God had said: ‘For this reason, did I raise up Pharaoh that I might show forth My power.’ The whole of creation is God’s. God created it all. Thus we, mankind are His creation. God had taken possession of Israel. They belonged to Him solely and He could do with them as He pleased. But God is not an evil, but a Good God. Those who rebelled, were punished. A soul comes from God. Thus there was dread fright, to hopefully put fear into them that they might not sin. These are God’s words.

    When one is so far from God, and you do not recognize this fact, then, you have heresies. And for the most part, we all go through the 'like.' For we do not learn everything in one sitting. Not possible. But, if you remain in them, and teach them, this is what Jesus calls to fight. For what reason? That they might elevate beyond the stagnation, and overcome these areas which they draw their conclusions from a lack of information or lack of faith. Thus they conjure up. Yet, they are trying to understand? Thus, they are not completely without, hope. Just have to ask God for a heart to believe. ‘Lord I believe, but help my unbelief.’ I see them as one who teaches and to some of their beliefs of certain verses, they are able to believe somethings, but they do not fully believe. To fully believe God means to workout the unbelievable parts. It is like tending a garden. You have many beautiful flowers, and often times, the soil has disturbances, such as weeds, these weeds are also in man. These weeds are called, darnel by Jesus, the Parable of the Sower. Unbelief, spreads the darnel, while believing, kills the darnel. I see some weeds starting to sprout and if I let them grow they will overwhelm the beautiful flowers thus, I must, remove them. It is also, like one starting out, you receive the first steps--instructions, and then they need more, but if you do not go to the 'Teacher,' you learn the wrong things. Remember, the Holy Spirit is our Teacher on earth, the Grace, He reveals all Truth. For He received from the Word of God and then transmits to us. Even if it is man standing in front of you revealing the Truth. As long as the person teaches the Truth, without error, then, it is a good thing. To be simple is best when dealing with Faith and Morals, Religion. Then as your spirit evolves in God, you learn to be more precise. No one is perfect. If we were, we would be in Heaven. I learn as I go along in life and what I learn is most important. If it is not Wisdom it is not important. It is waste, ash, pebbles.

    God does not violate the freedom He has given to you.

    So, if God is in them, it is no longer they who speak but God. Thus it is God speaking, this is inspired. Read the Notebooks. This is called 'Union with Grace.' The Prophets had God. They were inspired by God. They were special chosen instruments of God. Now study Grace. They did not have Grace as we do and as Adam had. But they were chosen people of God. It is a mystery to some, but, how I say it which is not the correct definition is they did have a Grace, because Grace is God. That's what I've come to understand Grace. Now Grace comes in small portions? We have to become pure in heart to have Grace. Jesus purified the Apostles, before giving them the Eucharist. He washed their feet. So should you. Jesus purified men. So they can become divinized spirits in flesh. Return to Grace. Making the flesh, 'spirit' as Jesus said and mentioned quite often in different fashion as well as point blank. Which does take time to comprehend.

    There is, for a lack of a word, a level of Grace, measures. First instance, Mary Full of Grace, from the Gospel of Luke. She was Full of Grace. Jesus full of Grace and Truth. As per the Gospel of St. John. The kind of of Grace we receive is called 'Sanctifying' Grace. Which the Prophets were 'sanctified' the old way. An Angel took an ember and placed in upon the lips of a Prophet to purify them. John the Baptist, filled with the Holy Spirit in the 'womb.' Pre-sanctification. How? Mary the Blessed Virgin with the Infant Jesus in Her womb. The Word of God breathed on John. Just as Jesus breathed on the Apostles.

    Now, let's look at Breath. The Word of God breathed into Adam's body and he became a living 'soul.'
    What was this breath? The Holy Spirit. And Adam was created in Grace. He was not created 'out of Grace.' This comes from, Wisdom. Wisdom teaches. Wisdom elevates. How? We learn the first steps. Then as we mature and are better acquainted with God's Word, the Word reveals, the Truth. For God only reveals the Truth. I did not know that the Word of God Breathed into Adam's nostrils till today. But, let's look at the God working in the Beginning, God said: Let light be made. Jesus reveals that He was the One Who spoke those words, because He is the Word of God. And in Genesis God spoke saying: "Let Us make man in Our Image." Man was completely immersed in Grace, by Grace.

    The Thought of God said to the Word of God, "Let Us make man in Our Image". What Image is God talking about? It certainly isn't corporeal, for God isn't speaking about Matter, but about Himself Who is Spirit. And Infinite Spirit, and Everlasting Spirit. A Perfect Spirit. A 'Holy' Spirit. When God created man according to His Image, He created a 'son.' Lower case.

    The Holy Spirit Descends upon Jesus at the Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan. The Holy Spirit has to descend, because He ascended after Adam's sin. The Holy Spirit went back to Heaven, rejected.

    Grace, 'full of Grace.' Mary Full of Grace, but we read that Mary in the Descent of the Holy Spirit was also kissed by the Grace and what was revealed was a wreath on Her forehead. The Holy Spirit was given back to Man, to whomever wants. Not to a select few. The Lord said in Noah's time, "My spirit shall not always dwell with man."

    Full of Grace what does this imply and mean?

    Adam and Eve, were created. Mary was Immaculately Conceived. Jesus' Flesh, comes from Mary. Jesus' Soul of Man and the Divinity of God, comes from Above, or God. Thus, Jesus is the Pinnacle of Divine Grace. Whereas Mary is Second. Adam and Eve were directly created in Grace, not born. All souls come from God. Thus, the Soul of Jesus as Man, came from God. Jesus' Divinity as God is God. There you go. Yet, Jesus explains, the Man side. He had to fully be Man. He was already, 'God.' So, Jesus had to progress as Man from infant to Adult, all the while, the Divinity of God was in Him. Now update: Jesus explains the whole thing in the Notebook of 1945-50 in the Last Chapter: "The Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle." It is tough to explain just on the first pass. Must read. And the more I read the more I refine. Yet, my definition is not perfect. So, that is why You should read the Notebooks.

    To have Grace as they did and Adam and Eve, means to be clothed with It. To have it seated in your soul. 'Just' men, faithful men, had a portion of Grace. Whereas after Jesus Ascended we receive the Fullness of Grace. We receive the fullness of Grace from She who is the Mediatrix of All Graces. The Chosen People of God, that is Israel, up until they were destroyed, had God's blessings and all these graces we cannot see with human eyes, nor comprehend with the carnal mind. Not possible. You must have the Sanctifying Grace upon you to see it. I can tell you that there are times, when God just comes and shows my spirit, and then afterwards, I cannot remember. Because I return to my 'struggle' overcoming the flesh. When your spirit has been regenerated, God is able to come and talk to it. You may not remember later because we are also 'flesh.' The flesh gets in the way. It is slag, a weight. But, what the Lord has revealed to your spirit, remains. The flesh is the same as a 'garment' and thus cannot retain, spiritual food.

    Now let’s look at where Grace comes from. It comes from God. The Godhead shares the same qualities, and attributes, If Grace is in one of Them it is in all of Them. They are in short, Sanctified Grace, Who are continuously Sanctified, a Perpetual ongoing Attribute, which God gives to man to become like God, as sons. The Gift of Grace to man, which after man has been created by God, is the Holy Spirit. Who, has in Him the Thought and the Word of God, and His own Breath. The Sanctifier, the Love of God to Man. The Counselor. The Paraclete. This is the Grace with which the Catholic Church refers to always. The Breath of God is the Sanctifying Grace. For God Himself is Sanctity. Thus, God gives to Man, this Sanctity. For God cannot have a foreign entity that is unlike His own. It would be rejected, ejected like a projectile into space. Since, God is not man, and the conclusion of man would say, no way! But, this thought comes from Evil. Man is an abyss of good and evil. Mortify the good and evil flourishes. Mortify the evil and good flourishes. God is the Sanctifying Flame, that consumes foreign objects. The Evil concupiscence in man. God comes as 'medicine' to cure man from Evil concupiscence.

    UPDATE: The Father and the Son, converge in the Holy Spirit. The Two Powers, Converge in the Holy Spirit, Their Thoughts and Words. Since God is Wholly Love, these Thoughts and Words are then Love. The Holy Spirit is this Great Love which God from the Two Persons sent to Man; to create Man and his dwelling, the Universe which contains the Earth.

    Are we confused yet? God speaks of Grace, grace in several manifestations.

    Grace is the gift of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is to possess God in the Trinity; each Person, gives Himself to us in what God calls 'grace.' The life of the soul. Without grace we're advanced animals, able to reason. Without grace, we cannot understand God. That's it in a nutshell. With Grace, we receive from all Three persons the life giving qualities and attributes and 'vitality' to raise our souls in intelligence, wisdom and power to become the sons of God. To become 'like' God as deified 'gods.' Children. An honor. We do not merit this. God Created us to have the life of grace always and forever more. It is then grace to have grace. Grace then pours into our souls, Their life. We become filled with Their life.

    A sweet Grandeur called the Universe.

    A person who has been infected, with a virus takes time to recover. The soul that has been infected by a virus also takes time to cure. The poison's have to be ejected from the body. The medicine is taken, induced, then, we wait for it to find the virus and neutralize them one by one, while removing the 'poison.'

    Jesus also states in PoMG Book 2 in the Sermon on the Mount, in part 3 or 4, that God is Grace. I had to find it to show the proof, of the statement. The whole Sermon is posted on the Portal Page.

    Grace then gives Itself to man. To men wanting it, desiring it. Thus God has rules. These are The Commandments, Laws, and the main one is Love. Grace is God and God is Grace. We just have to 'accept' it and God does the rest.

    On the earth it is evident that man has made a simple thing, complicated, so complicated, that, he rationalizes everything that is so, very simple. And because man had not accepted, Them, God has to do things that we, man, scrutinize and create more errors. Thus, ending up becoming more and more separated from God. And God calls us, heretics, hypocrites, so forth. That's not how we are supposed to live. We just need the seeds of faith, hope and charity and thus we just simply give ourselves to Love. Love does the rest. Love, teaches. If we love, we learn how to love. We start out as seeds. Then we continue and become a tree. Similar to.

    Adam and Eve were created by God Himself. Cain was born in sin. Have to look at apples to apples, and grapes to grapes. Adam and Eve were, Apples, unstained in being created. Cain was born in sin. The first Parents, lost Grace, by accepting the fruit offered by the Serpent. They also died. Their flesh returned to dust. This was not the original Thought for man. Man's body was to rest in a tomb or in a bed covered, but not to return to dust. Think of Cryogenics where a human body is frozen. In the case with man, who had no Sin which equates to Death and Decay, no need for Cryo-chambers. Just a nice resting place away from others in a sanctioned area. This is also, a tough one to comprehend, for fallen man who see's death, and goes to the grave. Thus bones are left after the flesh decays and returns to dust. The Thought of God is so sublime and pure, that it is hard, but not really, for us to comprehend this pureness while upon the earth as man overcoming his fallen state. To climb back up to where Adam once was before he plunged men into mud and mire, death and decay.

    Goodness. Jesus says that good people already know the basics to love and even more. Good is like a fire that never dies. Sin is a fire that scourges. Good is a fire that, purifies.

    Mary was born, Immaculate. Jesus was born from this Immaculate Womb. Because in order to have sin removed or canceled, a sinless person has to obtain mercy for us. Sinless in thought, morals, acts, inner motions. Man has been compromised by sin, his flesh has become, weakened, his soul does not have strength to maintain a weak flesh. Thus Grace comes to restore strength to the soul, and Baptism helps the flesh to die to the incentives to sin.

    Sin offends God, Since God is not a corporeal, and Is Spirit, which is also hard to comprehend, He 'remembers' perfectly every thing. Sin is an adverse action to Love. Imagine God as a Great Huge Infinite Memory Bank non-matter.
    Sin is an offense. It offends God's Thought. Therefore any sin has to be Wiped from God's Thought. You see this?
    Errors offend God. Because God wants us to not be in errors. Your soul and mine, are from God. A son that soul makes you a son by default. God is in constant communicado with the soul, He watches its every thought and action. Thus, when a foreign born thought invades it, God is alerted. For He is actually seeing this foreign thought coming from and going to your soul. This thought is an error it causes the soul to err. And if followed, sin. Then God is offended. Thus, the error stays as your thought in your intellect. It has to be ejected. Think of your soul as redundant with God.
    Pairing. To be in union with God means to agree with God's thoughts and keep only His thoughts in you. Thus, the Word of God. The Word of God is living and effectual says Hebrews author through the Holy Spirit. The Word of God infuses into souls the Thoughts of God. And then when we reach Heaven, God infuses His Thoughts to complete the Lesson, final christening to souls to complete the thought perfectly. Then we will know completely and perfectly.

    The Book of Hebrews tells the whole thing. Jesus comments and explains this in many fashion, but the first bits, are important to retain in order to hear and comprehend the other parts which are scattered in the Notebooks, and Poem of the Man-God. To build upon the knowledge to gain the fullest understanding possible for fallen man. It's all there, plainly explained. One has to 'hear' God and not, analyze and second guess God. You have to remove the human knowledge to comprehend all the dross, tinsel, christmas ornaments off the tree. You have to unlearn all the human ways. Be reconstructed. Man on his own, cannot comprehend God without special help from God. What happened? Poison. Poison that kills and erodes and corrodes. Now the effect of rust. We know what rust is. Over time, the rust takes on form eating up all the metal. Rust is also on other material but it is called rot. The same. Now, man's intellect received poison which works just like rust and rot. It eats up the area where one can be called 'fresh'. Or clean. Makes one dull. To reinvigorate, one has to be 'recreated' in the likeness of one that is pure and clean. Pure from the damage that the rust caused, and clean of all its incentives that creates an atmosphere for rust to take form. Thus Jesus is this pure and clean form. We are spiritual as well as material beings. The rust corrupted the flesh working its way into the spirit of man. Now from God's perspective a dirty garment placed on a pure essence, eventually corrupts the pure essence. This is how you must look at it. Our flesh is the same as a garment placed over a pure essence. It works its way in. Because of the unique fusion of the two.

    For being in Grace as with the First Man, they were 'naked' and did not feel any shame. This means that they were, purely spiritual beings, with the flesh as an outer garment, that could experience and enjoy the material world, and thus God created a Paradise of Eden for them. The outer garment gives the spirit the perceptibility in a material world. Now creation is different from procreation. Creation, the first, or one time episode, we see God, create the flesh and then God infused His breath into the flesh. Then after wards, man procreates. Each person is then born into existence with a new soul that is created by God in Heaven.

    What a tremendous gift God gave to man. Imagine being an angel with flesh, that's what man is or Was until the sin entered, thus also bringing with it death, rust, moth, corruption. And the face of the earth also changed, because Paradise no longer existed. Thus, you cannot find Eden today. Man's choice in the Garden removed, the Paradise by bringing in death and corruption. Thus we have rust. This death. Death to animals, death to metals so forth. It was not so in the beginning. Today we have a hard time grasping this. I certainly did. I was one who wanted to understand. But God had to prepare me in order for me to understand and comprehend. Time. As one grows in age, one also grows in understanding. Though some people don't. It is a gift therefore to know the secrets of Creation to an extent. But not to the fullest extent. Wisdom has to be in you to teach you. And you must yield all human ego and pride in order to have Her. Best to be a hermit actually or a cloistered without all the worldly knowledge and experiences. Purity is truth. To have purity is needed to see what is not pure. No other way. God does plunge us into the mire to comprehend impurity. Because some of us are not nurtured in purity and chastity. But came up the other way.

    What do I mean by God does plunge us in the mire? Well, if your parents are not believers and they have no law at home, and you run in the laws of the flesh, you got plunged into the mire. One, your parents are not Christians, and two, the world is not Christian. The Lord creates each and every soul. Whether the parents are sinners or saints. Now for the latter, sometimes God does plunge saints into the mire after having become clean. To teach the difference between pure and impure. And God is able to keep you from sinning. First of all God already knows your life start to finish. And God does not plunge a saint who is not capable of understanding. Neither does God, force one to ways of sin. What I'm referring to, is that God has to show us that the world is not pure. To gain a contrast. To compare and discern so, you can teach others who are in the mire who need to know how to become pure. For first you are pure, if you are a saint. So, to get a view to helping them, God does this so you can help others. Just as God allowed Peter to deny Jesus so, that this would become a means to teach Peter not to reject those who deny God. Is Evil then, a good to serve Good? Yes. The Lord uses Satan to give mankind the contrast of Good and Evil. But, today, many serve the idol, and do not comprehend God. How can they? They like the toys.

    For God wants the whole world to come to Him. And most of them reject or deny God. So how does one convert, those who deny God? By example. A true life devoted so far to God as per every Law God has given to man. Charity, generosity, compassion, good works, mercy, thankfulness, Kindness, all these being a true inner motion. And not an external expression to gain some applause.

    But not the Grace we are given today. The Holy Spirit is Grace. God is also Grace. The Son and the Father. But, since man was created in Grace-Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Jesus confirms by saying that man was created by All Three but the final touches from the Holy Spirit, through His counsel, that is the Word of God, Jesus, which the Father's Thought generated; that God is One God, but They are Three distinct Persons, of the Godhead. Each have Their Works and each have Their own Person and Character and Attributes, and Yet Each has similar Attributes, Person and Character, thus they are of the Same Mind. They are in Union, agreement. Yet They are One God. The Word of God worked in the Prophets, yet they did not have the Holy Spirit as did the Apostles. As in replete with Him. But, the Holy Spirit did inspire them to write. It's truly a mystery. So, this part they do not comprehend, because, they did not take into consideration 1 Corinthians 13(:12 We see now through a glass in a dark manner; but then face to face. Now I know in part; but then I shall know even as I am known).

    However much we may know here below it will never be complete. Because we are lesser than Adam. Lesser in terms of sin. Adam had no sin when he was created. He was created 'perfect' with no impediments, no scourge of sin. No 'damage' by sin. We on the other hand over the millennia have been procreating the wound which spreads further and further each procession. Resistance has been building up, in the flesh, and the soul is suffocated by corruption, and it becomes inert. I'm no scientist, so I do not have the fancy terminology. But, you get the problem that has been propagating. It's similar to the problem with cloning. The first is much like the original but lesser. Then the original dies. The donor's tissue sample, may be stored in a freezer, but eventually that tissue sample deteriorates due to sin and death's grip on all flesh. So, what is left is that new clone comes from the previous clone, which is now some degrees' lesser than the Original and some degree lesser than the clone it received from. Each one in the procession down the line, receives from the previous which is a lesser copy and it cannot remember the Original. I cannot think of the word at the moment. This happens to man as sin kept the flesh, from being pure for a holy and pure soul to be infused to it. The corruption acts like screen, a veil of sorts. Man's memory is affected. Over the long haul, he degrades. His flesh simply cannot remain healthy. This is called death. The flesh of man, actually from the first day it is born into the world is already dying. That's what death is. If death was not in man, then man would not death, but remain healthy throughout his entirely life span on earth, until God called him to Heaven. That was the original design by the Creator. The first man was created, completely 'immortal'. Most people do not believe even after the words hit them between the eyes. In Genesis, God states, "If you eat of the tree, --meaning its fruit-- you shall surely die". God meant it, and this tests how much Man knows and believes in God's words. Do you believe? The facts are there. These are hard cold facts. And yet, these men who say they are theologians, say Genesis, is mostly a myth. Adam and Eve are a myth. Thus, the decay of sin has even eroded their ability to recall faith. Recall! God when He generates the souls of men, instills like a homing beacon, Faith, Hope, and Religion. That is why we have the natural yearning deep inside to find something to 'believe' in, that is why deep inside, many people say, have 'hope' when they themselves do not believe in God, but it comes from inside the soul. That is why people create 'religions' or copycats religions. An organization to meet and share their beliefs whatever it maybe.

    The Father is the Thought of God, the Son is the Word and Wisdom of the Father, and the Holy Spirit is the Breath of God. So, we have Thought, Word and Breath of God to create and give life to Man. The Grace the Church refers to is the Holy Spirit, yet, in the Holy Spirit resides the Thoughts and Words of God. The Holy Spirit is full with Them, These are In Him. So when God the Holy Spirit speaks, just as Jesus said I do not speak of my own accord but of Him who sent me, the Holy Spirit speaks quietly to men, inspiring them to ways of God. Yet, each Person in the Godhead is a Person. Each has His own, Gifts, I would say to give to man.

    Now we can go further into this but, it would be complicated in speaking it out at this point. To know God is to understand God. Thus the beginning for those able to read is the Bible it is complete. Yet in our times devoid of true spiritual inner prodigies, we need extra help to understand the Bible. So, Jesus gave us 'means.' Through special chosen vessels to help us understand the Bible. Saints. Though many disagree until a ruling is given by the Vatican on who is a saint, the Lord tells us otherwise, even in Apocalypse it is stated. Saints are those who love and obey God. Obedience is a factor they leave out, that is why they can say, they were not commanded by God. The plot thickens. How can this be? Simple remove the truths from the Bible, and men become in charge. Simple trick the Pharisees did, in Jesus' time on earth. Which God condemned, by the way. So, those who imitate the Pharisees, are condemned. Jesus said to His disciples, about them, "observe what they do, but do not do as they do." Which means, do not imitate them.

    These modern theologians who have this 'doctrine' imitate the Pharisees, probably more like the Scribes, and these scholars of the Bible. They spend so much time in it, that they humanize everything. Rationalism. Which Jesus condemns also. Notice the word 'modern'. Jesus by way of Pope Pius X condemned 'Modernism.' People don't believe this at all! Read the encyclical Pope Pius X produced. You have to dig through the archives in the Vatican. Not all of Pope Pius X's encyclicals can be found today.

    These men are tottering on, total rejection and create an atmosphere for others to make their choices based on their words, which they call research. This is a true heresy spewing lies all over. How do they then, cause souls to turn from God? It is done by not allowing them to have True Knowledge of God. They are deprived. Even though they read it and believe what these are saying? They keep souls from seeing the True God in the True Bible. They place a mask over the words. And say, listen to me, I know what I'm saying, for I have all these credentials and documents, plus all this other material to back my findings as 'truth.' When you deny one part of the Bible that is crucial you deny God's words and no truth resides in you. In fact if you deny, the first verse, you deny It already. Because this causes you to not walk on the straight line.

    We are God's workmanship. God created man. He has totality when man gives himself to God. Then, we can go further, since God created all that is, everything belongs to God. Your will be done, not mine.

    Many a verses they deny. Overlook and say, no, that's not free will choice. They understand free will but to a backward decision. Free will is God's to give. He gave it to all His angels, and all His creatures called man. But it was God who gave it and for God is Free Himself, and certainly not man's. Thus they failed to understand this very crucial point and gift. It is a gift. How would you think and act if you had no free will? You wouldn't be able to undermine any truths. In the same token you wouldn't be free and you would be a slave, a drone. It so happens that by not believing God you become a slave to other things and other entities in thought and knowledge. Only in God are you truly free. He gives. And we are to imitate God. So you should also give. God loves a cheerful giver, because it imitates Him exactly.

    When I asked about the Prophets and was given the answer that they were 'not commanded,' I said what about Moses? Was he not a Prophet? They quickly changed the topic to 'Abraham.' They recognize only Abraham. This is the exact same thing the Pharisees used in Jesus' time. So, there you go, similar to Pharisees and Sadducee’s and Scribes of Jesus' time as the Man on earth, with God hidden in Him. Man-God, then after His resurrection, God-Man.

    Then they went to say, you cannot take the Bible literally. They must be Jews in disguise of the Old Temple. The Pharisees of Jesus' time added 613 abominations to the Law of God. They used the Law of God to usurp their authority making themselves kings and princes and then, quickly moving to the additional 613 precepts for human constitution. Because the people honored God by honoring the system God had erected in previous times, namely Moses.

    So, we have here a bunch of heretics parading as 'scholars' and theologians of the written word of God. So, you have to say, what does their Bible look like inside? I wonder! It's a version unlike the canonized Bible of the Catholic Church, but similar.

    For instance, when you read other religions bibles that use the name Christian or Christ in their titles, their bible is different and reads different from the canonized Bible of the Catholic Church, of course you still have to be observant of which Bible you are reading in the Catholic side of things. Because of this thinking that has sprouted from these scholars and theologians, that have polluted even, Catholic Bible publishers.

    When you head on over to the USCCB site they have written something to this attestment. That they have a wider more advanced version based on a collaboration of all the scholars and theologians.

    This is not good. Folks. So, if you still have the versions from yester years, keep them and don't turn them in for the new versions. They are heretical versions. Stay away from modern theologians and scholars who promote these heresies. Pray for them. We are to keep them out of the Church, because they pollute souls and intellects.

    Don't get into a pitching contest with them, because their aim is to promote their findings and views, which are not truths, but abominations of. When the time comes, and the prophecies are happening as in, going through them,(which have started and they are part of these false ones) they will have to recant or die believing their falsehoods. When one dies, your soul immediately is before God. A prejudgment that decides your Final Judgment, pre-sentencing in human terms.

    Death, Heaven, Hell, Judgment, these are the final things which the Church holds to. Don't forget them.

    Practice the virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity, Temperance, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude. Be replete with the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom, Intelligence, Counsel, Science, Fortitude, Piety, Fear of God.

    Add to yourselves always humility. Charity but with humility, hope, but with humility, faith, but with humility, so in all virtues, the soil, must be humility. The opposite is pride. In pride sprouts the seven capital sins and other vices. If your soil is pride, humility has no place.

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty Re: Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God

    Post by Poem on Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:03 am

    Some other truths they deny, that, God is 'genderless'. They say that God has no gender. What a heresy. Father. Lets read St. Johns Gospel chapter 17 open the Bible to that. Read the whole thing. They have never seen God, but they can claim this based on their wild idea of God. Jesus is God. He has no gender? Three Persons, One God. Jesus is God. Sorry folks, you have to learn about God first before you can make such claims.

    Now lets read Luke the chapter concerning, Mary being chosen to be the Mother of God.

    The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I think they failed to comprehend Father and Mother. Probably spent too much time reading and watching science fiction as per the world. So they certainly have outside the Holy Spirit, influences guiding them which says, 'Satan'. Without the Holy Spirit one errs. Without Wisdom one cannot certainly comprehend the Bible. You read it and cannot understand, because the Author of the Bible is truly God. Who guides man's thoughts and hands to write it.

    Now why does the Bible exist in the first place? Because man fell from Grace who taught him everything to begin with and once man fell, he lost the ability to maintain in God to hear God's voice over time as the poison worked greater and greater in man rotting his intellect the ability to hear and reason what God is speaking. His Voice, and to see the Light of God with his soul. Man became incoherent. He became just 'man'. No longer an earthly Angel as was the First Parents. What do I mean? The first parents saw and heard God, wherever they were whatever they were doing. They had the beatific vision of God. They were in 'Paradise' which God created for them.

    When man chose the way of death, it meant true death. To all of his faculties, which means loss of the ability to see and comprehend God, and thus man cannot see the beatific vision of God upon the earth; the Paradise which was created by a Pure and Holy God became corrupted and thus God had closed the Gate to Heaven, where, we read about Jacobs Ladder. Angels descending and Ascending into Heaven and earth. This gives us a view of what Eden was like. Angels were there too. For in Heaven, in God's Paradise, because man gave up his, angels and saints are in orbit around God. In stationary fashion. Pulsating as stars. All around God. God is Infinite and cannot be measured.

    So, I would conclude to say these men are not true Christians and true believers of God. Pray instead for them to awake. To remove their heresy so they can see the true God.

    I would say to them to read Poem of the Man-God, all the Notebooks, and even the Book of Azariah.

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty Re: Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God

    Post by Poem on Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:17 am

    From Acts of the Apostles

    Chapter 12
    21 And upon a day appointed, Herod being arrayed in kingly apparel, sat in the judgment seat, and made an oration to them. 22 And the people made acclamation, saying: It is the voice of a god, and not of a man. 23 And forthwith an angel of the Lord struck him, because he had not given the honor to God: and being eaten up by worms, he gave up the ghost

    Now what they say is that an angel struck Herod and not God. Who do the angels in Heaven worship? Themselves? No they worship God and God sends them, with a flash of light to do certain tasks. They all obey God in Heaven. For God makes them free and they could if they wanted to not to follow God. But they love being with God. That's the point here, folks Love. God gives life. Hell is the anti-life, you don't want to live, and adamantly seek this even at death, you get that choice. Because you refused just like Lucifer did. He refused to follow God. That's what these theologians are saying, they don't believe the Bible. They certainly don't from where I see them. They deny the main branches of truth. Which without these main branches you have no truth. You have no fruit without branches. Now the fruits of the Spirit are:

    Galatians 5
    22 But the fruit of the Spirit is, charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, longanimity, 23 Mildness, faith, modesty, continency, chastity. Against such there is no law.

    Galatians 5
    6 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision: but faith that worketh by charity. 7 You did run well, who hath hindered you, that you should not obey the truth? 8 This persuasion is not from him that calleth you. 9 A little leaven corrupteth the whole lump. 10 I have confidence in you in the Lord: that you will not be of another mind: but he that troubleth you, shall bear the judgment, whosoever he be.

    This also applies to Christians, as in myself. I have made many errors myself, and found that after going over some letters, guided by Him, that I made an error. and 'repented' and ask always that God guides me. Sometimes, this is too hard. Sometimes it's simple. But every time God is watching me. He knows my heart and what I desire. So, the Lord is quick to making sure, I remain within the boundaries.
    We must bear in mind that God will strike us if we are adamant about erring, as in saying, "I Am" ..this is Lucifer's pride. When you come to this point, you're in grave danger. And God does give space and brings counsel in some fashion, His kindness and Love so you do not become another Lucifer.

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty Page 598 Chapter on

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    Page 598, last sentence leading to the paragraph, paragraph only
    Chapter on "The Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle"

    Jesus says:

    "When many members become more "rational man" than "divinized man," then the Church experiences a period of descent from which it later rises again, for the Church itself understands that it is necessary to rise up to confront external and internal enemies. The open enemies already at the service of the Adversary and the Antichrist and the crafty enemies who corrode the edifice of faith and consequently cause charity to grow chill by wanting to offer a new version of the mysteries and miracles of God by means of those "depths of Satan and of the spirit of the world: of which mention has already been made."

    "Those who are prone to pride should not say, "The Church cannot experience this because it will always be holy."

    "It has been said--both by the divine word speaking to the Prophets and by the Divine Incarnate Word of the Father speaking to his chosen ones--that "great abominations, such as jealousy, and horrible abominations, such as worship of human idols (and knowledge devoid of wisdom is one of them), and perversion, with the worship of what should not be venerated," will come into the Temple (Ezekiel 8:1-17) and that "after Christ is killed and when the people denying Him is no longer his people, the city and the sanctuary will be destroyed by a people that will come, whose purpose will be devastation, and when it is over, the desolation decreed will come.... And there will no longer be hosts and sacrifices, and in the temple will be the abomination of desolation, which will last until then end (Daniel 9:26-27); and further, as direct confirmation by the Word of the words of his announcers, the Prophets: "When you see the abomination of desolation in the holy place...., then the tribulation will be great, as never before since the beginning of the ages.... And after the tribulation.... they will see the Son of Man (Matthew 24:15,21,29-30). And the charity which will grow cold in too many hearts will be one of the precursory signs of the end (Matthew 24:12).

    "It has been said. And it will come. Open your spiritual eyes to read the predictions of Heaven! If you open them, you will read the truth and see what the true signs of the end are and the fact that it is already occurring."

    "For Him that is eternal, a century is less than a minute. It has not been stated, then, that it will be tomorrow. But if the path is still long in order for everything to be fulfilled, the things are already happening tell you that the final process has now begun.

    "The great abominations: jealousy where there should be only fraternal charity, excessive love for human knowledge where there should be only faithful love for Wisdom, the source of Revelation, compromises between what offers earthly gain and what offers supernatural gain in order to receive immediate gain, Christ slain 'in' 'too' 'many' souls, too many from his people who have come to deny their Savior. These are the preparatory things.

    "Then "the people will come" for the purpose of devastation. Another prophet said, "When the people from the North.... A great tumult from the lands of the North.... Behold, coming from the the North..." (Jeremiah 6:22; 10:22; 50:41)

    "The two predictions are so clear that is suffices to raise one's gaze and be able to see, and want to see, in order to understand.

    "And what will it devaste? Oh, not just buildings and towns! But, above all, faith, morality, and souls. And not all the souls devasted will be common souls. And the sacrifices and hosts will be lacking, for freedom of worship will no longer be allowed and many will fear being seized for this reason. Already, though the devastation and persecution are not yet taking place, many deny the way previously chosen, for the abomination is spreading like evil wild fire, and charity is growing cold as the false prophets arise about whom Christ speaks in Matthew 24 and Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2.

    "For the time being only these. But afterwards the one they precede will come: the Antichrist, for whom they will have prepared the way by weakening charity, just as the Baptist prepared the ways for Christ by teaching charity, of which he was full in being "filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother's womb" (Luke 1:15), as the indispensible means to be able to unite to Christ and lead the life of God. (For the Baptist's teachings on charity see Luke 3:10-14)

    [ From Gospel of Luke Chapter 3
    11 And he answering, said to them: He that hath two coats, let him give to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do in like manner. 12 And the publicans also came to be baptized, and said to him: Master, what shall we do? 13 But he said to them: Do nothing more than that which is appointed you. 14 And the soldiers also asked him, saying: And what shall we do? And he said to them: Do violence to no man; neither calumniate any man; and be content with your pay.

    15 And as the people were of opinion, and all were thinking in their hearts of John, that perhaps he might be the Christ; ]

    "In reality, charity is the bond which keeps the Catholic community united to God and to brothers and sisters. In and through charity there appear union and the nourishment of souls and their sanctification and that of ever-new souls. If charity come to be lacking, it is replaced by self-love. And the difference between the two loves is as follows.

    "True, holy love, as commanded and counseled by God, is a search for God; it is recognition of his omnipotence, visible in all things; it is elevation to God. And everything contributes to this elevation for those possessing charity in themselves, which is active mercy as regards all the needs of one's neighbor, for in all neighbors charity brings us to see brothers and sisters, and we perceive Jesus in them, Jesus suffering with the sufferings because a son of the Father is becoming a prodigal son leaving the Father's house in search of a false well-being, or suffering because someone doubts he has a Father, and it is necessary to persuade him that there is an extremely good Father so that he will not fall into desolation and sin.

    "Self-love, on the other hand, is the search for ourselves; it is successive love for oneself; it is action performed to glorify oneself in the eyes of the world. It is, then, concupiscence of the flesh, concupiscence of the eyes, the pride of life, and from this plant with three branches there later come vainglory, hardness of heart, haughtiness, longing for human praise, hypocrisy, a spirit of domination, and the conviction that one can judge oneself on one's own, shrugging aside every command or counsel of Love and of those speaking in the name of Love.

    "They believe they are free and kings because, according to them, no one is better than they, for, in their own opinion as well, they are already established on the summits of knowledge and power. But they are worse slaves than everyone else--to themselves and to God's enemy and to the servants of the enemy of God. Slaves, servants, naked, and blind. Slaves to themselves and servants or slaves to the enemy of God. Naked as regards the beautiful robes, the robes of the marriage to Wisdom, the white robes for the heavenly banquet and to go on celebrating the Lamb. Blind, or at least near-sighted, because they have ruined their spiritual vision with useless human investigations.

    "They become like this because they have renounced their primogeniture--that is, the highest filiation, the one coming from God--for a poor plate of lentils, earthly food. A plate of lentils is the replacement of sapiential, supernatural works, especially the Great Revelation, which should be accepted and believed in without half measures. A plate of lentils is to replace this with scientific books, which, no matter how perfect, are always books written by a man. They may thus seem clearer and certainly more comprehensible for those able to read the letter alone, remain on the surface of something, for those who cannot penetrate further because of their own heaviness. But they do not transform man. They do no lead him upwards. Inspired books, on the other hand, those books whose Author is God, for those able to read them, are a means of transformation and union in God and with God and of elevation.

    "All that comes from God is a means of elevation, transformation, and more intimate union with God. Miracles themselves, of different kinds--and especially the miracles of healing of bodies and spirits--are a means of transformation and union with God. How many incredulous and sinful were able to be turned into believers and redeemed persons through the wonder of a miracle!

    "Miracles should not be denied out of deference to rationalism--neither the miracle of Creation nor that of a healing of a soul or the flesh. Matter was brought out of nothing and ordered towards its sole purpose by God. A dead soul or one ill with an incurable spiritual disease was healed by God, through one means or another, but still by God. And body condemned to die can be healed by God. Always by God, even if He makes us of an apparition or a just person to convert and heal a spirit or of special trust in a saint to heal the flesh.

    "Let the rationalists manage to believe. Reason is a great thing. It is a great thing to be a rational creature. But the spirit is a greater thing. And to be a spiritual creature is greater--that is, those who know they have a spirit and set it in the first place as the king of their selfhood and as the most select thing of all. For if reason helps man to be a man and not a beast, the spirit, when it is king of the self, makes man the adoptive son of God, gives him a likeness to God, and enables him to share in his Divinity and eternal goods. Let the spirit, then, reign over reason and the flesh or humanity. And let a rationalism not reign which denies or seeks to explain what should be believed by faith, which on being explained--indeed, in the attempt at explanation--is damaged, and faith is damaged, if not slain.

    "Let the rationalists manage to see. Let them put down the opaque lens of rationalism, which will be of no use to them, but, on the contrary, lead them to see altered truths. Just as a lens not suitable for a weakened eye leads one to see even worse. Those who lean towards rationalism are already weakened in spiritual sight. When they choose it, moreover, they place unsuitable lenses before their weakened vision and see poorly in all respects. Let them manage to see. And see clearly, and see Goodness clearly. See God in his continuous perfect action in maintaining Creation, which received life through His will, and restoring health and life where death is already certain.

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty Re: Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God

    Post by Poem on Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:59 am

    How much reserve one has limits the amount or capacity given to God. The amount God can fill.

    Free will choice. The Prophets had a choice to follow and allow God to, or not. They 'chose' to follow and allow God. But, they still lacked, the much needed growth to fully fuse with God, that is the Grace 'of' Adam and Eve received. Fusion. What is fusion from God's perspective? Fusion means to take two objects, and combine them creating one new object with both objects having their properties in this combination. Fusion with God who is greater and stronger means to fully impress His attributes and nature upon us, thus creating a supercreation of a new spirit. Taking what is and making what will be. God is most powerful. Yet finite man with his proud thinking thinks God lives in a box, if any. Fusion with God means you still have your identity but now you have become a new creation a superior creation to what was originally. Evolution of the spirit. Not the flesh. Now let’s take this part the flesh. The flesh has to become supernaturalized in order to abide in God's Perfect Heaven. This means glorified. Which is done in a twinkling of an eye. As quick as one's eye can blink and even quicker. Else if not glorified --supernaturalized, it will be burnt to ash! Why? Because of the corruption of sin. It leaves a stain. This stain is not the same stain as Sin of Origin. But of the wretched after stain or the consequence. The flesh has to return to dust and then be re-animated and then be glorified on the Last Day. Except for those living in the time of the End of the World and not the end of an chapter such as the interim where the Antichrist arises to terrorize the inhabitants of the world of man. They die too. But not as we would think. For God had prepared a cool thing. Jesus said: "Every man born of woman dies." This is true. The last shall be first and first shall be last.

    So therein, how much God is able to fuse with you is the delimiting factor. When you read the Prophets, you can see by the way it is written, thus one needs to read the Prophets, carefully and each time you read the same pages, you learn something new, more is revealed, deeper truths. Until you see "God" in everything. They had a special grace from God to write, to send forth His words. Like having a dedicated horse. You keep your favorite horse in a good area and feed it with good food. Since we are not horses, but men, this is a prime example. God says, that He feeds birds, and how much more valuable is man than they? That is the question you must answer by finding it through God's leading. Man. Read what King David says in the Psalm. How mindful are you of man.

    The more your human nature becomes dissolved the more you see God. Thus, the fusion with God. To where it is truly God in you. This is possible at any place in history. Man is capable of good. Because good is in him through the infusion of the soul which comes from God. But, once in the flesh, a great amount of discipline is required, plus the environment has to be suited for it. In the case of the Old Testament Prophets, they did not have concrete havens, automobiles, trains, planes, internet, magazines, TV, radio, computers, stores upon stores as in malls for shopping, gas stations, and billboards showing off half naked women and men, obscenity, so forth; rather they had fields and land as green as can be. Open air. They did not have, people honking their horns at 2am, they did not have 24hr jobs where you sit in front of a computer waiting for something happen. They instead lived in close quarters, and studied, contemplated scripture, prayed, and wrote what God had given to them to write. They Prophesied to the leaders of those era's. They brought word from God to them. That's what they did. They did not sit and say, should I? or Shouldn't I? Is this from God? Or is this my imagination? They were chosen by God and God provided. Today, this is hard to understand. To even think of. Unfathomable. To see such devotion and dedication to one purpose and cause. Not fathomable today. Why? Man is too much of his own god. He chooses how to gratify himself with all these worldly entities and material goods. These goods however last as long as that era. Then they get trashed. Ruins are ruins. They depict evil. Either evil was sent to destroy what was once good because they became idolaters or evil ruined it because they didn't like what is good.

    For in the Old Testament, when God is instructing Moses, to create the chambers, the Ark of the Covenant, the other parts of the inner and outer courts, God says that He will give 'wisdom' or infuse the ability into the blacksmith and the others who will be in charge, to create these things, Holy of Holies so forth.

    God also said, that He gave power to Moses. Moses asked for some extra help. So God took portions of Moses power and distributed to the others. When you read the Old Testament it is quite exhilarating to read these things, also, very informative. They did not however have 'Grace' restored. Contemplate this. God can do anything and everything. He is not 'limited'. We are His creation. He is the potter and we are the clay and this is not to reference good and evil sides, but man as His creation. As God reveals these things to certain souls, not all can comprehend this, because of humanity in each person, you see God revealing the truths. This is Truth. You see and hear God's voice telling of history of God and man. The true history.

    It's the attitude of the reader. If you are reading with biasness, then forget it, you only see the negative aspect. If you read with openness, you see the truths, bit by bit, over time. You have to be built up one block at time, each block in itself needs to be built up. So, in levels and stages, just as a brick is made by filling it. You see the brick as liquid base before it is hardened. example, a cup. First the cup is always empty. You pour water or some liquid into to it, you see the water level rise, this is called being filled. The water rises in levels and stages. This is what God does with Man, if man allows God to. God does not violate your freedom of choice, then. But, God prohibits, man from evil. But you have a choice. God clearly tells each man and woman, "if you eat from that tree, you shall surely die." This is a 'warning' an 'advice' and a simple 'command.'
    Even though God created us, as sons and daughters, He still desires and will always desire us to love Him. But, it must be your choice to do so. For God is love, and God created man. Father and sons. A rebellious bunch of sons after all.

    Evil is clearly a prohibition from God. This is stated in Genesis first few chapters.

    If you come to the table unbelieving, which includes those who think the Bible is not literal and is mythical, you won't be 'filled.' This is the same rule God uses with all things, 'spiritual.'

    One has to be 'willing'. Not forced into. Then, it is right to conclude, that one has to 'desire' it to happen.

    God made a promise to Abraham. And God kept His promises to Abraham. It is not completely fulfilled, because, not all of Abraham's children have been born yet. The main promises have been fulfilled, Israel, the Messiah, Savior, Redeemer, Church, so forth. When that the last man is born to Israel, that is the New Jerusalem, then, and only then, is the promise fulfilled completely in entirety. For the Promises and Prophets were and always are referring to the spiritual kingdom and not the earthly kingdom visage, mirage.

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty Re: Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God

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    Page 620-621 last page of the Notebook
    Chapter on 'The Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle"

    Jesus continues:

    "How many sacred numbers there were in Israel! And each with its symbol, which was later transferred to the new Church. Three.(3) Seven.(7) Twelve.(12) Seventy-two.(72) And, in the future times, there will shine fourth the truth about the numbers which are still obscure that are contained in Apocalypse, numbers which stand for Infinite Perfection and Holiness, and Impiety, which is also without measure.

    Jehoshua = Perfection, Holiness, Salvation, a name with eight letters.
    Satana = Impiety, the enemy of the human race, the perfection of evil, a name with six-letters.

    And since the former is the name of the most perfect Goodness, and the latter, of most perfect Evil--that is, measureless--each of them multiplies by three, the number of perfection, the number of its letters, and the former becomes 888, and the later becomes 666. And woe, woe four times over, to those days when Infinite Goodness and unlimited Evil will fight their final battle before the definitive victory of Goodness and those who are Good and the definitive defeat of Evil and his Servants!"

    "All the horror and blood there have been on earth since the Creator made it will be nothing in comparison to the horror of the ultimate struggle. For this reason Jesus the Master spoke so clearly to his followers when he predicted the last times. To prepare men for the final struggles, in which only those with intrepid faith, burning charity, and unshakeable hope will be able to persevere without falling into damnation and merit Heaven.

    "For this reason--since the world is descending deeper and deeper into the abyss, into non-faith or excessively weak faith, and charity and hope languish in too many and in many are already dead--through every means an effort should be made for God to be more greatly known, loved, and followed. What the Priest--avoided or not heeded by too many--cannot obtain, can be gained by the press and books in which the Word of God is again presented to the multitudes.

    "A word sometimes suffices to lift up the fallen spirit, lead a straying person back onto the right path, and prevent the definitive suicide of a soul.

    "For this reason God, who sees and knows everything about men, with the means of his Infinite Charity reveals his thoughts and his desire to souls chosen by Him for this mission and does not want his help to remain inactive and suffers on seeing that what would be the bread of salvation for many is not given to them.

    "Languishing souls' need for spiritual food is constantly growing. But the choice grain given by God remains locked up and useless, and weakness is increasing, and the number of those perishing, not so much in this life as in the other, goes on growing."

    "When, through truer, vaster, and deeper knowledge of Christ, when, through final removal of the seals over that which is a source of life, holiness, and eternal salvation, will a multitude of souls be able to sing the hymns of joy, blessing, and glory to God, who helped them to be saved and to form part of the People of the Saints?

    "With what words and looks will the Eternal Judge speak and gaze at those who by their will prevented many from being saved? In what manner will He demand from them an accounting of those who failed to possess Heaven because they, like the scribes and Pharisees of old, closed off in the face of people the way that could have led them to the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 23:13), and, in both voluntarily blinding their eyes and hardening their hearts (Isaiah 6:10), they did not want to see or understand?

    "Too late and to no avail they will beat their breasts and ask for forgiveness for the way they acted.

    "Judgment will by then have been given and will be irrevocable, and they will have to expiate their guilt and also pay for those whom, by their way of acting, they kept them from finding God and being saved."

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty Pope Leo's Encyclical on the Study of Holy Scripture

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    Pope Leo's Encyclical
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    Providentissimus Deus
    On The Study of Holy scripture

    Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII
    November 18, 1893

    The God of all Providence, Who in the adorable designs of His love at first elevated the human race to the participation of the Divine nature, and afterwards delivered it from universal guilt and ruin, restoring it to its primitive dignity, has in consequence bestowed upon man a splendid gift and safeguard -- making known to him, by supernatural means, the hidden mysteries of His Divinity, His wisdom and His mercy. For although in Divine revelation there are contained some things which are not beyond the reach of unassisted reason, and which are made the objects of such revelation in order "that all may come to know them with facility, certainty, and safety from error, yet not on this account can supernatural Revelation be said to be absolutely necessary; it is only necessary because God has ordinated man to a supernatural end."[1] This supernatural revelation, according to the belief of the universal Church, is contained both in unwritten Tradition, and in written Books, which are therefore called sacred and canonical because, "being written under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, they have God for their author and as such have been delivered to the Church."[2] This belief has been perpetually held and professed by the Church in regard to the Books of both Testaments; and there are well-known documents of the gravest kind, coming down to us from the earliest times, which proclaim that God, Who spoke first by the Prophets, then by His own mouth, and lastly by the Apostles, composed also the Canonical scriptures,[3] and that these are His own oracles and words[4] -- a Letter, written by our heavenly Father, and transmitted by the sacred writers to the human race in its pilgrimage so far from its heavenly country.[5] If, then, such and so great is the excellence and the dignity of the scriptures, that God Himself has composed them, and that they treat of God's marvelous mysteries, counsels and works, it follows that the branch of sacred Theology which is concerned with the defense and e lucidation of these divine Books must be excellent and useful in the highest degree.

    Now We, who by the help of God, and not without fruit, have by frequent Letters and exhortation endeavored to promote other branches of study which seemed capable of advancing the glory of God and contributing to the salvation of souls, have for a long time cherished the desire to give an impulse to the noble science of Holy scripture, and to impart to scripture study a direction suitable to the needs of the present day. The solicitude of the Apostolic office naturally urges, and even compels us, not only to desire that this grand source of Catholic revelation should be made safely and abundantly accessible to the flock of Jesus Christ, but also not to suffer any attempt to defile or corrupt it, either on the part of those who impiously and openly assail the scriptures, or of those who are led astray into fallacious and imprudent novelties. We are not ignorant, indeed, Venerable Brethren, that there are not a few Catholics, men of talent and learning, who do devote themselves with ardor to the defense of the sacred writings and to making them better known and understood. But whilst giving to these the commendation they deserve, We cannot but earnestly exhort others also, from whose skill and piety and learning we have a right to expect good results, to give themselves to the same most praiseworthy work. It is Our wish and fervent desire to see an increase in the number of the approved and persevering laborers in the cause of Holy scripture; and more especially that those whom Divine Grace has called to Holy Orders, should, day-by-day, as their state demands, display greater diligence and industry in reading, meditating, and explaining it.

    Among the reasons for which the Holy scripture is so worthy of commendation -- in addition to its own excellence and to the homage which we owe to God's Word -- the chief of all is, the innumerable benefits of which it is the source; according to the infallible testimony of the Holy Ghost Himself, who says: "All scripture, inspired of God, is profitable to teach, to reprove, to correct, to instruct in justice, that the man of God may be perfect, furnished to every good work."[6] That such was the purpose of God in giving the scripture of men is shown by the example of Christ our Lord and of His Apostles. For He Himself Who "obtained authority by miracles, merited belief by authority, and by belief drew to Himself the multitude"[7] was accustomed in the exercise of His Divine Mission, to appeal to the scriptures. He uses them at times to prove that He is sent by God, and is God Himself. From them He cites instructions for His disciples and confirmation of His doctrine. He vindicates them from the calumnies of objectors; he quotes them against Sadducees and Pharisees, and retorts from them upon Satan himself when he dares to tempt Him. At the close of His life His utterances are from Holy scripture, and it is the scripture that He expounds to His disciples after His resurrection, until He ascends to the glory of His Father. Faithful to His precepts, the Apostles, although He Himself granted "signs and wonders to be done by their hands"[8] nevertheless used with the greatest effect the sacred writings, in order to persuade the nations everywhere of the wisdom of Christianity, to conquer the obstinacy of the Jews, and to suppress the outbreak of heresy. This is plainly seen in their discourses, especially in those of St. Peter: these were often little less than a series of citations from the Old Testament supporting in the strongest manner the new dispensation. We find the same thing in the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. John and in the Catholic Epistles; and most remarkably of all in t he words of him who "boasts that he learned the law at the feet of Gamaliel, in order that, being armed with spiritual weapons, he might afterwards say with confidence, 'The arms of our warfare are not carnal but mighty unto God'."[9] Let all, therefore, especially the novices of the ecclesiastical army, understand how deeply the sacred Books should be esteemed, and with what eagerness and reverence they should approach this great arsenal of heavenly arms. For those whose duty it is to handle Catholic doctrine before the learned or the unlearned will nowhere find more ample matter or more abundant exhortation, whether on the subject of God, the supreme Good and the all-perfect Being, or of the works which display His Glory and His love. Nowhere is there anything more full or more express on the subject of the Savior of the world than is to be found in the whole range of the Bible. As St. Jerome says, "To be ignorant of the scripture is not to know Christ."[10] In its pages His Image stands out, living and breathing; diffusing everywhere around consolation in trouble, encouragement to virtue and attraction to the love of God. And as to the Church, her institutions, her nature, her office, and her gifts, we find in Holy scripture so many references and so many ready and convincing arguments, that as St. Jerome again most truly says: "A man who is well grounded in the testimonies of the scripture is the bulwark of the Church.''[11] And if we come to morality and discipline, an apostolic man finds in the sacred writings abundant and excellent assistance; most holy precepts, gentle and strong exhortation, splendid examples of every virtue, and finally the promise of eternal reward and the threat of eternal punishment, uttered in terms of solemn import, in God's name and in God's own words.

    And it is this peculiar and singular power of Holy scripture, arising from the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, which gives authority to the sacred orator, fills him with apostolic liberty of speech, and communicates force and power to his eloquence. For those who infuse into their efforts the spirit and strength of the Word of God, speak "not in word only but in power also, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much fulness.''[12] Hence those preachers are foolish and improvident who, in speaking of religion and proclaiming the things of God, use no words but those of human science and human prudence, trusting to their own reasonings rather than to those of God. Their discourses may be brilliant and fine, but they must be feeble and they must be cold, for they are without the fire of the utterance of God[13] and they must fall far short of that mighty power which the speech of God possesses: "for the Word of God is living and effectual, and more piercing than any two-edged sword; and reaching unto the division of the soul and the spirit.''[14] But, indeed, all those who have a right to speak are agreed that there is in the Holy scripture an eloquence that is wonderfully varied and rich, and worthy of great themes. This St. Augustine thoroughly understood and has abundantly set forth.[15] This also is confirmed by the best preachers of all ages, who have gratefully acknowledged that they owed their repute chiefly to the assiduous use of the Bible, and to devout meditation on its pages.

    The Holy Fathers well knew all this by practical experience, and they never cease to extol the sacred scripture and its fruits. In innumerable passages of their writings we find them applying to it such phrases as "an inexhaustible treasury of heavenly doctrine,''[16] or "an overflowing fountain of salvation,''[17] or putting it before us as fertile pastures and beautiful gardens in which the flock of the Lord is marvelously refreshed and delighted.[18] Let us listen to the words of St. Jerome. in his Epistle to Nepotian: "Often read the divine scriptures; yea, let holy reading be always in thy hand; study that which thou thyself must preach. . . Let the speech of the priest be ever seasoned with scriptural reading.''[19] St. Gregory the Great, than whom no one has more admirably described the pastoral office, writes in the same sense: "Those," he says, "who are zealous in the work of preaching must never cease the study of the written word of God."[20] St. Augustine, however, warns us that "vainly does the preacher utter the Word of God exteriorly unless he listens to it interiorly;''[21] and St. Gregory instructs sacred orators "first to find in Holy scripture the knowledge of themselves, and then to carry it to others, lest in reproving others they forget themselves."[22] Admonitions such as these had, indeed, been uttered long before by the Apostolic voice which had learnt its lesson from Christ Himself, Who "began to do and teach." It was not to Timothy alone, but to the whole order of the clergy, that the command was addressed: "Take heed to thyself and to doctrine; be earnest in them. For in doing this thou shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee."[23] For the saving and for the perfection of ourselves and of others there is at hand the very best of help in the Holy scriptures, as the Book of Psalms, among others, so constantly insists; but those only will find it who bring to this divine reading not only docility and attention, but also piety and an innocent life. Fo r the Sacred scripture is not like other books. Dictated by the Holy Ghost, it contains things of the deepest importance, which in many instances are most difficult and obscure. To understand and explain such things there is always required the "coming"[24] of the same Holy Spirit; that is to say, His light and His grace; and these, as the Royal Psalmist so frequently insists, are to be sought by humble prayer and guarded by holiness of life.

    It is in this that the watchful care of the Church shines forth conspicuously. By admirable laws and regulations, she has always shown herself solicitous that "the celestial treasure of the Sacred Books, so bountifully bestowed upon man by the Holy Spirit, should not lie neglected."[25] She has prescribed that a considerable portion of them shall be read and piously reflected upon by all her ministers in the daily office of the sacred psalmody. She has ordered that in Cathedral Churches, in monasteries, and in other convents in which study can conveniently be pursued, they shall be expounded and interpreted by capable men; and she has strictly commanded that her children shall be fed with the saving words of the Gospel at least on Sundays and solemn feasts.[26] Moreover, it is owing to the wisdom and exertions of the Church that there has always been continued from century to century that cultivation of Holy scripture which has been so remarkable and has borne such ample fruit.

    And here, in order to strengthen Our teaching and Our exhortations, it is well to recall how, from the beginning of Christianity, all who have been renowned for holiness of life and sacred learning have given their deep and constant attention to Holy scripture. If we consider the immediate disciples of the Apostles, St. Clement of Rome, St. Ignatius of Antioch, St. Polycarp -- or the apologists, such as St. Justin and St. Irenaeus, we find that in their letters and their books, whether in defense of the Catholic Faith or in its commendation, they draw faith, strength, and unction from the Word of God. When there arose, in various Sees, Catechetical and Theological schools, of which the most celebrated were those of Alexandria and of Antioch, there was little taught in those schools but what was contained in the reading, the interpretation and the defense of the divine written word. From them came forth numbers of Fathers and writers whose laborious studies and admirable writings have justly merited for the three following centuries the appellation of the golden age of biblical exegesis. In the Eastern Church, the greatest name of all is Origen -- a man remarkable alike for penetration of genius and for persevering labor; from whose numerous works and his great Hexapla almost all have drawn that came after him. Others who have widened the field of this science may also be named, as especially eminent; thus, Alexandria could boast of St. Clement and St. Cyril; Palestine, of Eusebius and the other St. Cyril; Cappadocia, of St. Basil the Great and the two St. Gregories. of Nazianzus and Nyssa; Antioch, of St. John Chrysostom, in whom the science of scripture was rivaled by the splendor of his eloquence. In the Western Church there were many names as great: Tertullian, St. Cyprian, St. Hilary, St. Ambrose, St. Leo the Great, St. Gregory the Great; most famous of all, St. Augustine and St. Jerome, of whom the former was so marvelously acute in penetrating the sense of God's Word and so fe rtile in the use that he made of it for the promotion of the Catholic truth, and the latter has received from the Church, by reason of his pre-eminent knowledge of scripture and his labors in promoting its use, the name of the "great Doctor."[27] From this period down to the eleventh century, although Biblical studies did not flourish with the same vigor and the same fruitfulness as before, yet they did flourish, and principally by the instrumentality of the clergy. It was their care and solicitude that selected the best and most useful things that the ancients had left, arranged them in order, and published them with additions of their own -- as did S. Isidore of Seville, Venerable Bede, and Alcuin, among the most prominent; it was they who illustrated the sacred pages with "glosses" or short commentaries, as we see in Walafrid Strabo and St. Anselm of Laon, or expended fresh labor in securing their integrity, as did St. Peter Damian and Blessed Lanfranc. In the twelfth century many took up with great success the allegorical exposition of scripture. In this kind, St. Bernard is pre-eminent; and his writings, it may be said, are scripture all through. With the age of the scholastics came fresh and welcome progress in the study of the Bible. That the scholastics were solicitous about the genuineness of the Latin version is evident from the Correctoria Biblica, or lists of emendations, which they have left. But they expended their labors and industry chiefly on interpretation and explanation. To them we owe the accurate and clear distinction, such as had not been given before, of the various senses of the sacred words; the assignment of the value of each "sense" in theology; the division of books into parts, and the summaries of the various parts; the investigation of the objects of the writers; the demonstration of the connection of sentence with sentence, and clause with clause; all of which is calculated to throw much light on the more obscure passages of the sacred volume. The valuable work of the scholastics i n Holy scripture is seen in their theological treatises and in their scripture commentaries; and in this respect the greatest name among them all is St. Thomas of Aquin.

    When our predecessor, Clement V., established chairs of Oriental literature in the Roman College and in the principal Universities of Europe, Catholics began to make more accurate investigation on the original text of the Bible, as well as on the Latin version. The revival amongst us of Greek learning, and, much more, the happy invention of the art of printing, gave a strong impetus to Biblical studies. In a brief space of time, innumerable editions, especially of the Vulgate, poured from the press and were diffused throughout the Catholic world; so honored and loved was Holy scripture during that very period against which the enemies of the Church direct their calumnies. Nor must we forget how many learned men there were, chiefly among the religious orders, who did excellent work for the Bible between the Council of Vienne and that of Trent; men who, by the employment of modern means and appliances, and by the tribute of their own genius and learning, not only added to the rich stores of ancient times, but prepared the way for the succeeding century, the century which followed the Council of Trent, when it almost seemed that the great age of the Fathers had returned. For it is well known, and We recall it with pleasure, that Our predecessors from Pius IV. to Clement VIII. caused to be prepared the celebrated editions of the Vulgate and the Septuagint, which, having been published by the command and authority of Sixtus V. and of the same Clement, are now in common use. At this time, moreover, were carefully brought out various other ancient versions of the Bible, and the Polyglots of Antwerp and of Paris, most important for the investigation of the true meaning of the text; nor is there any one Book of either Testament which did not find more than one expositor, nor any grave question which did not profitably exercise the ability of many inquirers, among whom there are not a few -- more especially of those who made most use of the Fathers -- who have acquired great reputation. From that time downwards the labor and solicitude of Catholics has never been wanting; for, as time went on, eminent scholars have carried on Biblical study with success, and have defended Holy scripture against rationalism with the same weapons of philology and kindred sciences with which it had been attacked. The calm and fair consideration of what has been said will clearly show that the Church has never failed in taking due measures to bring the scriptures within reach of her children, and that she has ever held fast and exercised profitably that guardianship conferred upon her by Almighty God for the protection and glory of His Holy Word; so that she has never required, nor does she now require, any stimulation from without.

    We must now, Venerable Brethren, as our purpose demands, impart to you such counsels as seem best suited for carrying on successfully the study of Biblical science.

    But first it must be clearly understood whom we have to oppose and contend against, and what are their tactics and their arms. In earlier times the contest was chiefly with those who, relying on private judgment and repudiating the divine traditions and teaching office of the Church, held the scriptures to be the one source of revelation and the final appeal in matters of Faith. Now, we have to meet the Rationalists, true children and inheritors of the older heretics, who, trusting in their turn to their own way of thinking, have rejected even the scraps and remnants of Christian belief which had been handed down to them. They deny that there is any such thing as revelation or inspiration, or Holy scripture at all; they see, instead, only the forgeries and the falsehoods of men; they set down the scripture narratives as stupid fables and Iying stories: the prophecies and the oracles of God are to them either predictions made up after the event or forecasts formed by the light of nature; the miracles and the wonders of God's power are not what they are said to be, but the startling effects of natural law, or else mere tricks and myths; and the Apostolic Gospels and writings are not the work of the Apostles at all. These detestable errors, whereby they think they destroy the truth of the divine Books, are obtruded on the world as the peremptory pronouncements of a certain newly-invented "free science;" a science, however, which is so far from final that they are perpetually modifying and supplementing it. And there are some of them who, notwithstanding their impious opinions and utterances about God, and Christ, the Gospels and the rest of Holy scripture, would fain be considered both theologians and Christians and men of the Gospel, and who attempt to disguise by such honorable names their rashness and their pride. To them we must add not a few professors of other sciences who approve their views and give them assistance, and are urged to attack the Bible by a similar intolerance of revelation. And it is deplorable to see these attacks growing every day more numerous and more severe. It is sometimes men of learning and judgment who are assailed; but these have little difficulty in defending themselves from evil consequences. The efforts and the arts of the enemy are chiefly directed against the more ignorant masses of the people. They diffuse their deadly poison by means of books, pamphlets, and newspapers; they spread it by addresses and by conversation; they are found everywhere; and they are in possession of numerous schools, taken by violence from the Church, in which, by ridicule and scurrilous jesting, they pervert the credulous and unformed minds of the young to the contempt of Holy scripture. Should not these things, Venerable Brethren, stir up and set on fire the heart of every Pastor, so that to this "knowledge, falsely so called,"[28] may be opposed the ancient and true science which the Church, through the Apostles, has received from Christ, and that Holy scripture may find the champions that are needed in so momentous a battle?

    Let our first care, then be to see that in Seminaries and Academical institutions the study of Holy scripture be placed on such a footing as its own importance and the circumstances of the time demand. With this view, the first thing which requires attention is the wise choice of Professors. Teachers of Sacred scripture are not to be appointed at hap-hazard out of the crowd; but they must be men whose character and fitness are proved by their love of, and their long familiarity with, the Bible, and by suitable learning and study.

    It is a matter of equal importance to provide in time for a continuous succession of such teachers; and it will be well, wherever this can be done, to select young men of good promise who have successfully accomplished their theological course, and to set them apart exclusively for Holy scripture, affording them facilities for full and complete studies. Professors thus chosen and thus prepared may enter with confidence on the task that is appointed for them; and that they may carry out their work well and profitably, let them take heed to the instructions We now proceed to give.

    At the commencement of a course of Holy scripture let the Professor strive earnestly to form the judgment of the young beginners so as to train them equally to defend the sacred writings and to penetrate their meaning. This is the object of the treatise which is called "Introduction." Here the student is taught how to prove the integrity and authority of the Bible, how to investigate and ascertain its true sense, and how to meet and refute objections. It is needless to insist upon the importance of making these preliminary studies in an orderly and thorough fashion, with the accompaniment and assistance of Theology; for the whole subsequent course must rest on the foundation thus laid and make use of the light thus acquired. Next, the teacher will turn his earnest attention to that more fruitful division of scripture science which has to do with Interpretation; wherein is imparted the method of using the word of God for the advantage of religion and piety. We recognize without hesitation that neither the extent of the matter nor the time at disposal allows each single Book of the Bible to be separately gone through. But the teaching should result in a definite and ascertained method of interpretation -- and therefore the Professor should equally avoid the mistake of giving a mere taste of every Book, and of dwelling at too great length on a part of one Book. If most schools cannot do what is done in the large institutions -- that is, take the students through the whole of one or two Books continuously and with a certain development -- yet at least those parts which are selected should be treated with suitable fullness; in such a way that the students may learn from the sample that is thus put before them to love and use the remainder of the sacred Book during the whole of their lives. The Professor, following the tradition of antiquity, will make use of the Vulgate as his text; for the Council of Trent decreed that "in public lectures, disputations, preaching, and exposition,"[29] the Vulgate is the "authentic" version; and this is the existing custom of the Church. At the same time, the other versions which Christian antiquity has approved, should not be neglected, more especially the more ancient MSS. For although the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek is substantially rendered by the Vulgate, nevertheless wherever there may be ambiguity or want of clearness, the "examination of older tongues,"[30] to quote St. Augustine, will be useful and advantageous. But in this matter we need hardly say that the greatest prudence is required, for the "office of a commentator," as St. Jerome says, "is to set forth not what he himself would prefer, but what his author says.''[31] The question of "readings" having been, when necessary, carefully discussed, the next thing is to investigate and expound the meaning. And the first counsel to be given is this: That the more our adversaries contend to the contrary, so much the more solicitously should we adhere to the received and approved canons of interpretation. Hence, whilst weighing the meanings of words, the connection of ideas, the parallelism of passages, and the like, we should by all means make use of such illustrations as can be drawn from apposite erudition of an external sort; but this should be done with caution, so as not to bestow on questions of this kind more labor and time than are spent on the Sacred Books themselves, and not to overload the minds of the students with a mass of information that will be rather a hindrance than a help.

    The Professor may now safely pass on to the use of scripture in matters of Theology. On this head it must be observed that in addition to the usual reasons which make ancient writings more or less difficult to understand, there are some which are peculiar to the Bible. For the language of the Bible is employed to express, under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, many things which are beyond the power and scope of the reason of man -- that is to say, divine mysteries and all that is related to them. There is sometimes in such passages a fullness and a hidden depth of meaning which the letter hardly expresses and which the laws of interpretation hardly warrant. Moreover, the literal sense itself frequently admits other senses, adapted to illustrate dogma or to confirm morality. Wherefore it must be recognized that the sacred writings are wrapt in a certain religious obscurity, and that no one can enter into their interior without a guide[32]; God so disposing, as the Holy Fathers commonly teach, in order that men may investigate them with greater ardor and earnestness, and that what is attained with difficulty may sink more deeply into the mind and heart; and, most of all, that they may understand that God has delivered the Holy scriptures to the Church, and that in reading and making use of His Word, they must follow the Church as their guide and their teacher. St. Irenaeus long since laid down, that where the charismata of God were, there the truth was to be learnt, and that Holy scripture was safely interpreted by those who had the Apostolic succession.[33] His teaching, and that of other Holy Fathers, is taken up by the Council of the Vatican, which, in renewing the decree of Trent declares its "mind" to be this -- that "in things of faith and morals, belonging to the building up of Christian doctrine, that is to be considered the true sense of Holy scripture which has been held and is held by our Holy Mother the Church, whose place it is to judge of the true sense and interpreta tion of the scriptures; and therefore that it is permitted to no one to interpret Holy scripture against such sense or also against the unanimous agreement of the Fathers."[34] By this most wise decree the Church by no means prevents or restrains the pursuit of Biblical science, but rather protects it from error, and largely assists its real progress. A wide field is still left open to the private student, in which his hermeneutical skill may display itself with signal effect and to the advantage of the Church. On the one hand, in those passages of Holy scripture which have not as yet received a certain and definitive interpretation, such labors may, in the benignant providence of God, prepare for and bring to maturity the judgment of the Church; on the other, in passages already defined, the private student may do work equally valuable, either by setting them forth more clearly to the flock and more skillfully to scholars, or by defending them more powerfully from hostile attack. Wherefore the first and dearest object of the Catholic commentator should be to interpret those passages which have received an authentic interpretation either from the sacred writers themselves, under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost (as in many places of the New Testament), or from the Church, under the assistance of the same Holy Spirit, whether by her solemn judgment or her ordinary and universal magisterium[35] -- to interpret these passages in that identical sense, and to prove, by all the resources of science, that sound hermeneutical laws admit of no other interpretation. In the other passages, the analogy of faith should be followed, and Catholic doctrine, as authoritatively proposed by the Church, should be held as the supreme law; for, seeing that the same God is the author both of the Sacred Books and of the doctrine committed to the Church, it is clearly impossible that any teaching can by legitimate means be extracted from the former, which shall in any respect be at variance with the latter. Hence it follows that all int erpretation is foolish and false which either makes the sacred writers disagree one with another, or is opposed to the doctrine of the Church. The Professor of Holy scripture, therefore, amongst other recommendations, must be well acquainted with the whole circle of Theology and deeply read in the commentaries of the Holy Fathers and Doctors, and other interpreters of mark.[36] This is inculcated by St. Jerome, and still more frequently by St. Augustine, who thus justly complains: "If there is no branch of teaching, however humble and easy to learn, which does not require a master, what can be a greater sign of rashness and pride than to refuse to study the Books of the divine mysteries by the help of those who have interpreted them?"[37] The other Fathers have said the same, and have confirmed it by their example, for they "endeavored to acquire the understanding of the Holy scriptures not by their own lights and ideas, but from the writings and authority of the ancients, who in their turn, as we know, received the rule of interpretation in direct line from the Apostles."[38] The Holy Fathers "to whom, after the Apostles, the Church owes its growth -- who have planted, watered, built, governed, and cherished it,"[39] the Holy Fathers, We say, are of supreme authority, whenever they all interpret in one and the same manner any text of the Bible, as pertaining to the doctrine of faith or morals; for their unanimity clearly evinces that such interpretation has come down from the Apostles as a matter of Catholic faith. The opinion of the Fathers is also of very great weight when they treat of these matters in their capacity of doctors, unofficially; not only because they excel in their knowledge of revealed doctrine and in their acquaintance with many things which are useful in understanding the apostolic Books, but because they are men of eminent sanctity and of ardent zeal for the truth, on whom God has bestowed a more ample measure of His light. Wherefore the expositor should make it his duty to follow their foot steps with all reverence, and to use their labors with intelligent appreciation.

    But he must not on that account consider that it is forbidden, when just cause exists, to push inquiry and exposition beyond what the Fathers have done; provided he carefully observes the rule so wisely laid down by St. Augustine -- not to depart from the literal and obvious sense, except only where reason makes it untenable or necessity requires;[40] a rule to which it is the more necessary to adhere strictly in these times, when the thirst for novelty and unrestrained freedom of thought make the danger of error most real and proximate. Neither should those passages be neglected which the Fathers have understood in an allegorical or figurative sense, more especially when such interpretation is justified by the literal, and when it rests on the authority of many. For this method of interpretation has been received by the Church from the Apostles, and has been approved by her own practice, as the holy Liturgy attests; although it is true that the holy Fathers did not thereby pretend directly to demonstrate dogmas of faith, but used it as a means of promoting virtue and piety, such as, by their own experience, they knew to be most valuable. The authority of other Catholic interpreters is not so great; but the study of scripture has always continued to advance in the Church, and, therefore, these commentaries also have their own honorable place, and are serviceable in many ways for the refutation of assailants and the explanation of difficulties. But it is most unbecoming to pass by, in ignorance or contempt, the excellent work which Catholics have left in abundance, and to have recourse to the works of non-Catholics -- and to seek in them, to the detriment of sound doctrine and often to the peril of faith, the explanation of passages on which Catholics long ago have successfully employed their talent and their labor. For although the studies of non-Catholics, used with prudence, may sometimes be of use to the Catholic student, he should, nevertheless, bear well in mind -- as the Fath ers also teach in numerous passages[41] -- that the sense of Holy scripture can nowhere be found incorrupt out side of the Church, and cannot be expected to be found in writers who, being without the true faith, only gnaw the bark of the Sacred scripture, and never attain its pith.

    Most desirable is it, and most essential, that the whole teaching of Theology should be pervaded and animated by the use of the divine Word of God. This is what the Fathers and the greatest theologians of all ages have desired and reduced to practice. It was chiefly out of the Sacred Writings that they endeavored to proclaim and establish the Articles of Faith and the truths therewith connected, and it was in them, together with divine Tradition, that they found the refutation of heretical error, and the reasonableness, the true meaning, and the mutual relation of the truths of Catholicism. Nor will any one wonder at this who considers that the Sacred Books hold such an eminent position among the sources of revelation that without their assiduous study and use, Theology cannot be placed on its true footing, or treated as its dignity demands. For although it is right and proper that students in academies and schools should be chiefly exercised in acquiring a scientific knowledge of dogma, by means of reasoning from the Articles of Faith to their consequences, according to the rules of approved and sound philosophy -- nevertheless the judicious and instructed theologian will by no means pass by that method of doctrinal demonstration which draws its proof from the authority of the Bible; "for (Theology) does not receive her first principles from any other science, but immediately from God by revelation. And, therefore, she does not receive of other sciences as from a superior, but uses them as her inferiors or handmaids."[42] It is this view of doctrinal teaching which is laid down and recommended by the prince of theologians, St. Thomas of Aquin;[43] who, moreover, shows -- such being the essential character of Christian Theology -- how she can defend her own principles against attack: "If the adversary," he says, "do but grant any portion of the divine revelation, we have an argument against him; thus, against a heretic we can employ scripture authority, and against those who deny o ne article, we can use another. But if our opponent reject divine revelation entirely, there is then no way left to prove the Article of Faith by reasoning; we can only solve the difficulties which are raised against them."[44] Care must be taken, then, that beginners approach the study of the Bible well prepared and furnished; otherwise, just hopes will be frustrated, or, perchance, what is worse, they will unthinkingly risk the danger of error, falling an easy prey to the sophisms and labored erudition of the Rationalists. The best preparation will be a conscientious application to philosophy and theology under the guidance of St. Thomas of Aquin, and a thorough training therein -- as We ourselves have elsewhere pointed out and directed. By this means, both in Biblical studies and in that part of Theology which is called positive, they will pursue the right path and make satisfactory progress.

    To prove, to expound, to illustrate Catholic Doctrine by the legitimate and skillful interpretation of the Bible, is much; but there is a second part of the subject of equal importance and equal difficulty -- the maintenance in the strongest possible way of its full authority. This cannot be done completely or satisfactorily except by means of the living and proper magisterium of the Church. The Church, "by reason of her wonderful propagation, her distinguished sanctity and inexhaustible fecundity in good, her Catholic unity, and her unshaken stability, is herself a great and perpetual motive of credibility, and an unassailable testimony to her own Divine mission."[45] But since the divine and infallible magisterium of the Church rests also on the authority of Holy scripture, the first thing to be done is to vindicate the trustworthiness of the sacred records at least as human documents, from which can be clearly proved, as from primitive and authentic testimony, the Divinity and the mission of Christ our Lord, the institution of a hierarchical Church and the primacy of Peter and his successors. It is most desirable, therefore, that there should be numerous members of the clergy well prepared to enter upon a contest of this nature, and to repulse hostile assaults, chiefly trusting in that armor of God recommended by the Apostle,[46] but also not unaccustomed to modern methods of attack. This is beautifully alluded to by St. John Chrysostom, when describing the duties of priests: "We must use every endeavor that the 'Word of God may dwell in us abundantly'[47] and not merely for one kind of fight must we be prepared -- for the contest is many-sided and the enemy is of every sort; and they do not all use the same weapons nor make their onset in the same way. Wherefore it is needful that the man who has to contend against all should be acquainted with the engines and the arts of all -- that he should be at once archer and slinger, commandant and officer, general and private soldier, f oot-soldier and horseman, skilled in sea-fight and in siege; for unless he knows every trick and turn of war, the devil is well able, if only a single door be left open, to get in his fierce bands and carry off the sheep."[48] The sophisms of the enemy and his manifold arts of attack we have already touched upon. Let us now say a word of advice on the means of defense. The first means is the study of the Oriental languages and of the art of criticism. These two acquirements are in these days held in high estimation, and therefore the clergy, by making themselves more or less fully acquainted with them as time and place may demand, will the better be able to discharge their office with becoming credit; for they must make themselves "all to all,"[49] always "ready to satisfy every one that asketh them a reason for the hope that is in them."[50] Hence it is most proper that Professors of Sacred scripture and theologians should master those tongues in which the sacred Books were originally written; and it would be well that Church students also should cultivate them, more especially those who aspire to academic degrees. And endeavors should be made to establish in all academic institutions -- as has already been laudably done in many -- chairs of the other ancient languages, especially the Semitic, and of subjects connected therewith, for the benefit principally of those who are intended to profess sacred literature. These latter, with a similar object in view, should make themselves well and thoroughly acquainted with the art of true criticism. There has arisen, to the great detriment of religion, an inept method, dignified by the name of the "higher criticism," which pretends to judge of the origin, integrity and authority of each Book from internal indications alone. It is clear, on the other hand, that in historical questions, such as the origin and the handing down of writings, the witness of history is of primary importance, and that historical investigation should be made with the utmost care; and that in this matter internal evidence is seldom of great value, except as confirmation. To look upon it in any other light will be to open the door to many evil consequences. It will make the enemies of religion much more bold and confident in attacking and mangling the Sacred Books; and this vaunted "higher criticism" will resolve itself into the reflection of the bias and the prejudice of the critics. It will not throw on the scripture the light which is sought, or prove of any advantage to doctrine; it will only give rise to disagreement and dissension, those sure notes of error, which the critics in question so plentifully exhibit in their own persons; and seeing that most of them are tainted with false philosophy and rationalism, it must lead to the elimination from the sacred writings of all prophecy and miracle, and of everything else that is outside the natural order.

    In the second place, we have to contend against those who, making an evil use of physical science, minutely scrutinize the Sacred Book in order to detect the writers in a mistake, and to take occasion to vilify its contents. Attacks of this kind, bearing as they do on matters of sensible experience, are peculiarly dangerous to the masses, and also to the young who are beginning their literary studies; for the young, if they lose their reverence for the Holy scripture on one or more points, are easily led to give up believing in it altogether. It need not be pointed out how the nature of science, just as it is so admirably adapted to show forth the glory of the Great Creator, provided it be taught as it should be, so if it be perversely imparted to the youthful intelligence, it may prove most fatal in destroying the principles of true philosophy and in the corruption of morality. Hence to the Professor of Sacred scripture a knowledge of natural science will be of very great assistance in detecting such attacks on the Sacred Books, and in refuting them. There can never, indeed, be any real discrepancy between the theologian and the physicist, as long as each confines himself within his own lines, and both are careful, as St. Augustine warns us, "not to make rash assertions, or to assert what is not known as known.''[51] If dissension should arise between them, here is the rule also laid down by St. Augustine, for the theologian: "Whatever they can really demonstrate to be true of physical nature, we must show to be capable of reconciliation with our scriptures; and whatever they assert in their treatises which is contrary to these scriptures of ours, that is to Catholic faith, we must either prove it as well as we can to be entirely false, or at all events we must, without the smallest hesitation, believe it to be so."[52] To understand how just is the rule here formulated we must remember, first, that the sacred writers, or to speak more accurately, the Holy Ghost "Who spoke by them , did not intend to teach men these things (that is to say, the essential nature of the things of the visible universe), things in no way profitable unto salvation."[53] Hence they did not seek to penetrate the secrets of nature, but rather described and dealt with things in more or less figurative language, or in terms which were commonly used at the time and which in many instances are in daily use at this day, even by the most eminent men of science. Ordinary speech primarily and properly describes what comes under the senses; and somewhat in the same way the sacred writers -- as the Angelic Doctor also reminds us -- "went by what sensibly appeared,"[54] or put down what God, speaking to men, signified, in the way men could understand and were accustomed to.

    The unshrinking defense of the Holy scripture, however, does not require that we should equally uphold all the opinions which each of the Fathers or the more recent interpreters have put forth in explaining it; for it may be that, in commenting on passages where physical matters occur, they have sometimes expressed the ideas of their own times, and thus made statements which in these days have been abandoned as incorrect. Hence, in their interpretations, we must carefully note what they lay down as belonging to faith, or as intimately connected with faith -- what they are unanimous in. For "in those things which do not come under the obligation of faith, the Saints were at liberty to hold divergent opinions, just as we ourselves are,"[55] according to the saying of St. Thomas. And in another place he says most admirably: "When philosophers are agreed upon a point, and it is not contrary to our faith, it is safer, in my opinion, neither to lay down such a point as a dogma of faith, even though it is perhaps so presented by the philosophers, nor to reject it as against faith, lest we thus give to the wise of this world an occasion of despising our faith."[56] The Catholic interpreter, although he should show that those facts of natural science which investigators affirm to be now quite certain are not contrary to the scripture rightly explained, must nevertheless always bear in mind, that much which has been held and proved as certain has afterwards been called in question and rejected. And if writers on physics travel outside the boundaries of their own branch, and carry their erroneous teaching into the domain of philosophy, let them be handed over to philosophers for refutation.

    The principles here laid down will apply to cognate sciences, and especially to History. It is a lamentable fact that there are many who with great labor carry out and publish investigations on the monuments of antiquity, the manners and institutions of nations and other illustrative subjects, and whose chief purpose in all this is too often to find mistakes in the sacred writings and so to shake and weaken their authority. Some of these writers display not only extreme hostility, but the greatest unfairness; in their eyes a profane book or ancient document is accepted without hesitation, whilst the scripture, if they only find in it a suspicion of error, is set down with the slightest possible discussion as quite untrustworthy. It is true, no doubt, that copyists have made mistakes in the text of the Bible; this question, when it arises, should be carefully considered on its merits, and the fact not too easily admitted, but only in those passages where the proof is clear. It may also happen that the sense of a passage remains ambiguous, and in this case good hermeneutical methods will greatly assist in clearing up the obscurity. But it is absolutely wrong and forbidden, either to narrow inspiration to certain parts only of Holy scripture, or to admit that the sacred writer has erred. For the system of those who, in order to rid themselves of these difficulties, do not hesitate to concede that divine inspiration regards the things of faith and morals, and nothing beyond, because (as they wrongly think) in a question of the truth or falsehood of a passage, we should consider not so much what God has said as the reason and purpose which He had in mind in saying it -- this system cannot be tolerated. For all the books which the Church receives as sacred and canonical, are written wholly and entirely, with all their parts, at the dictation of the Holy Ghost; and so far is it from being possible that any error can co-exist with inspiration, that inspiration not only is essentially incom patible with error, but excludes and rejects it as absolutely and necessarily as it is impossible that God Himself, the supreme Truth, can utter that which is not true. This is the ancient and unchanging faith of the Church, solemnly defined in the Councils of Florence and of Trent, and finally confirmed and more expressly formulated by the Council of the Vatican. These are the words of the last: "The Books of the Old and New Testament, whole and entire, with all their parts, as enumerated in the decree of the same Council (Trent) and in the ancient Latin Vulgate, are to be received as sacred and canonical. And the Church holds them as sacred and canonical, not because, having been composed by human industry, they were afterwards approved by her authority; nor only because they contain revelation without error; but because, having been written under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, they have God for their author."[57] Hence, because the Holy Ghost employed men as His instruments, we cannot therefore say that it was these inspired instruments who, perchance, have fallen into error, and not the primary author. For, by supernatural power, He so moved and impelled them to write -- He was so present to them -- that the things which He ordered, and those only, they, first, rightly understood, then willed faithfully to write down, and finally expressed in apt words and with infallible truth. Otherwise, it could not be said that He was the Author of the entire scripture. Such has always been the persuasion of the Fathers. "Therefore," says St. Augustine, "since they wrote the things which He showed and uttered to them, it cannot be pretended that He is not the writer; for His members executed what their Head dictated."[58] And St. Gregory the Great thus pronounces: "Most superfluous it is to inquire who wrote these things -- we loyally believe the Holy Ghost to be the Author of the book. He wrote it Who dictated it for writing; He wrote it Who inspired its execution."[59]

    It follows that those who maintain that an error is possible in any genuine passage of the sacred writings, either pervert the Catholic notion of inspiration, or make God the author of such error. And so emphatically were all the Fathers and Doctors agreed that the divine writings, as left by the hagiographers, are free from all error, that they labored earnestly, with no less skill than reverence, to reconcile with each other those numerous passages which seem at variance -- the very passages which in great measure have been taken up by the "higher criticism;" for they were unanimous in laying it down, that those writings, in their entirety and in all their parts were equally from the afflatus of Almighty God, and that God, speaking by the sacred writers, could not set down anything but what was true. The words of St. Augustine to St. Jerome may sum up what they taught: "On my part I confess to your charity that it is only to those Books of scripture which are now called canonical that I have learned to pay such honor and reverence as to believe most firmly that none of their writers has fallen into any error. And if in these Books I meet anything which seems contrary to truth, I shall not hesitate to conclude either that the text is faulty, or that the translator has not expressed the meaning of the passage, or that I myself do not understand."[60]

    But to undertake fully and perfectly, and with all the weapons of the best science, the defense of the Holy Bible is far more than can be looked for from the exertions of commentators and theologians alone. It is an enterprise in which we have a right to expect the co-operation of all those Catholics who have acquired reputation in any branch of learning whatever. As in the past, so at the present time, the Church is never without the graceful support of her accomplished children; may their services to the Faith grow and increase! For there is nothing which We believe to be more needful than that truth should find defenders more powerful and more numerous than the enemies it has to face; nor is there anything which is better calculated to impress the masses with respect for truth than to see it boldly proclaimed by learned and distinguished men. Moreover, the bitter tongues of objectors will be silenced, or at least they will not dare to insist so shamelessly that faith is the enemy of science, when they see that scientific men of eminence in their profession show towards faith the most marked honor and respect. Seeing, then, that those can do so much for the advantage of religion on whom the goodness of Almighty God has bestowed, together with the grace of the faith, great natural talent, let such men, in this bitter conflict of which the Holy scripture is the object, select each of them the branch of study most suitable to his circumstances, and endeavor to excel therein, and thus be prepared to repulse with credit and distinction the assaults on the Word of God. And it is Our pleasing duty to give deserved praise to a work which certain Catholics have taken up -- that is to say, the formation of societies and the contribution of considerable sums of money, for the purpose of supplying studious and learned men with every kind of help and assistance in carrying out complete studies. Truly an excellent fashion of investing money, and well-suited to the times in which we live! The l ess hope of public patronage there is for Catholic study, the more ready and the more abundant should be the liberality of private persons -- those to whom God has given riches thus willingly making use of their means to safeguard the treasure of His revealed doctrine.

    In order that all these endeavors and exertions may really prove advantageous to the cause of the Bible, let scholars keep steadfastly to the principles which We have in this Letter laid down. Let them loyally hold that God, the Creator and Ruler of all things, is also the Author of the scriptures -- and that therefore nothing can be proved either by physical science or archaeology which can really contradict the scriptures. If, then, apparent contradiction be met with, every effort should be made to remove it. Judicious theologians and commentators should be consulted as to what is the true or most probable meaning of the passage in discussion, and the hostile arguments should be carefully weighed. Even if the difficulty is after all not cleared up and the discrepancy seems to remain, the contest must not be abandoned; truth cannot contradict truth, and we may be sure that some mistake has been made either in the interpretation of the sacred words, or in the polemical discussion itself; and if no such mistake can be detected, we must then suspend judgment for the time being. There have been objections without number perseveringly directed against the scripture for many a long year, which have been proved to be futile and are now never heard of; and not unfrequently interpretations have been placed on certain passages of scripture (not belonging to the rule of faith or morals) which have been rectified by more careful investigations. As time goes on, mistaken views die and disappear; but "truth remaineth and groweth stronger for ever and ever."[61] Wherefore, as no one should be so presumptuous as to think that he understands the whole of the scripture, in which St. Augustine himself confessed that there was more that he did not know, than that he knew,[62] so, if he should come upon anything that seems incapable of solution, he must take to heart the cautious rule of the same holy Doctor: "It is better even to be oppressed by unknown but useful signs, than to interpret them useles sly and thus to throw off the yoke only to be caught in the trap of error."[63]

    Such, Venerable Brethren, are the admonitions and the instructions which, by the help of God, We have thought it well, at the present moment, to offer to you on the study of Holy scripture. It will now be your province to see that what we have said be observed and put in practice with all due reverence and exactness; that so, we may prove our gratitude to God for the communication to man of the Words of his Wisdom, and that all the good results so much to be desired may be realized, especially as they affect the training of the students of the Church, which is our own great solicitude and the Church's hope. Exert yourselves with willing alacrity, and use your authority and your persuasion in order that these studies may be held in just regard and may flourish, in Seminaries and in the educational Institutions which are under your jurisdiction. Let them flourish in completeness and in happy success, under the direction of the Church, in accordance with the salutary teaching and example of the Holy Fathers and the laudable traditions of antiquity; and, as time goes on, let them be widened and extended as the interests and glory of truth may require -- the interest of that Catholic Truth which comes from above, the never-failing source of man's salvation. Finally, We admonish with paternal love all students and ministers of the Church always to approach the Sacred Writings with reverence and piety; for it is impossible to attain to the profitable understanding thereof unless the arrogance of "earthly" science be laid aside, and there be excited in the heart the holy desire for that wisdom "which is from above." In this way the intelligence which is once admitted to these sacred studies, and thereby illuminated and strengthened, will acquire a marvelous facility in detecting and avoiding the fallacies of human science, and in gathering and using for eternal salvation all that is valuable and precious; whilst at the same time the heart will grow warm, and will strive with ardent longing to advance in virtue and in divine love. "Blessed are they who examine His testimonies; they shall seek Him with their whole heart."[64]

    And now, filled with hope in the divine assistance, and trusting to your pastoral solicitude -- as a pledge of heavenly grace and a sign of Our special goodwill -- to you all, and to the Clergy and the whole flock entrusted to you, We lovingly impart in Our Lord the Apostolic Benediction

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty From Book One Chapter 89 Jesus explains to Simon the Zealot about God

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    From Poem of the Man-God Book 1 English Chapter 89 "Jesus explains what is God to Simon the Zealot"

    « God is the unattainable Perfection, God is the perfect Beauty, God is the infinite Power, God is the incomprehensible Essence, God is the unsurpassable Bounty, God is the indestructible Mercy, God is the immeasurable Wisdom, God is the Love that became God. He is the Love! He is the Love! You say that the more you know God in His perfection, the higher you seem to climb and the deeper to dive into two endless depths of shadeless blue… But when you understand what is the Love that became God, you will no longer climb or dive into the blue, but into a blazing vortex and you will be drawn towards a beatitude which will be death and life for you. You will possess God, with a perfect possession, when, by your will, you succeed in understanding and deserving Him. You will then be fixed in His perfection. »

    Now no book other than Poem of the Man-God has this definition of God in this way. Others may have read it and have paraphrased this definition. While others cannot penetrate into God because of their base human knowledge, others can. Jesus said, thank you Father for you have hidden these from the wise and learned but, unto babes you have revealed them. Jesus is speaking on a 'broad' base. Not on one point. God is for all. Not for a certain episode. The episodes in the Gospel serve to broaden as we grow in knowledge and understanding. A child who is pure, can see things simply, but lacks the refined wording. So they pick a word that closely resembles what they are seeing. Whereas adults too refined in the ways of the world cannot grasp the simplicity a child sees. Rational. To become a child means to unlearn the rational, and learn to reason as a child does in simplicity. Therefore able to understand and welcome the revelations of God. Satan is a prime example of going the other way. He did not remain as believer of God. He believes in himself instead. That's what happens in the world. You learn and then you rely on yourself to make your way in the world. And when your life is but over, you take nothing with you. It remains in the world. Your body returns to the earth as dust. It did not go beyond this realm.

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty ON PUNISHMENTS: ABOUT

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    These verses are from the New Testament:

    Matthew 25:46
    And these shall go into everlasting punishment: but the just, into life everlasting.

    2 Thessalonians 1:9
    Who shall suffer eternal punishment in destruction, from the face of the Lord, and from the glory of his power:

    1 Peter 2:14
    Or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of the good:

    Jude 1:7
    As Sodom and Gomorrha, and the neighbouring cities, in like manner, having given themselves to fornication, and going after other flesh, were made an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.

    The last verse is a material example of the eternal spiritual example. How?

    The Lord sent down fire from Above and consumed them in flesh, the fire of substance, the element of fire a element in the material world. The souls in Sodom, could not be 'saved.'
    Why? They were consumed by lust, consumed here means, they did not have any good left in them.

    God looks at the good in souls to help it grow. When lusts consume the entire being, and there is no good left in them, they are forever lost. In the sametoken, even if there is good in a person, their predominant, attribute, is to reject God. They have judged, God, a tyrant. And other 'words' that are not God's attibutes. God is love. Many do not contemplate God as 'love,' and therefore cannot see Justice. God is Justice, many do not See God as Justice. God is justice then He's the Judge. God is Salvation. God is Good. God rewards Good.

    Here's the main reason for punishments:

    Judith 8:27
    But esteeming these very punishments to be less than our sins deserve, let us believe that these scourges of the Lord, with which like servants we are chastised, have happened for our amendment, and not for our destruction.

    Thus, they who do not believe Sin, do not believe in Punishment. Thus the heresy.

    Jesus tells us that not to 'focus' on punishments for those who are the 'called' the 'redeemed', but to focus on Him, to contemplate Him, to adore Him, to worship Him. Jesus said to many souls in the past of the reason for punishment. Let's start with the Law and precepts which God commanded Moses to write down and 'observe.'

    If punishments do not exist, then what is Hell? If Evil did not exist anywhere in man or the other realms, then, punishment would not exist either.

    As St Peter states, punishment is for evildoers. Satan is an evildoer. He is justly punished for leading souls astray from God. And when we become like Satan, we get punished for leading people astray. How? Suffering.

    There are levels of punishments. Degrees, depths. Suffering for sin is a just punishment.
    Punishment itself serves to humble. In many cases for a short time. Those in Jail or Prisons, that have truly done evil, will be there until their suffering is up.

    We suffer for Sin. Sin makes man evil. Evil is abhorred by God. So this is a delicate issue then.

    Now what are, is the difference between man being overbearing and God punishing evildoers?


    In God is no pride, therefore He does not punish, as man does. Man punishes in varying ways. Man punishes another man for not doing what he asked. Man punishes another because he is greedy. The just punishment such as, spanking your child for doing wrong a severe wrong, is a just punishment. As long as the man doesn't become overbearing, doing more than what God would do. God punishes, lightly. Man in pride doesn't like this. For pride is the same as a stonewall. Unable to lower himself, humble himself and say I have sinned. A meek and humble person unbeknowing does something wrong, as soon as he realizes it is wrong, he repents. A proud person on the otherhand after doing wrong, and realizes it, doesn't repent. Thus God is gentle with the proud. Lets see this in action:

    Genesis. God deals with Cain. How? First, he tells Cain of his problem, and then issues an advice, instruction. For Cain was not without God's help. In fact Genesis tells us that Cain and Abel both brought offerings to the Lord. They were both present before the Lord. Do you see this? Thus Cain is punished by God by, being 'expelled.' This is called just punishment for having killed his younger brother Abel. Was it good to have killed? Do you think if all the Cain's had been released from jail, and not repentent it is good to let them loose so they can kill again and again? Therefore, punishment is necessary but not the overbearing kind.

    Many have seen, and experienced the overbearing kind. Many live to tell about it. You see it everywhere, man abusing another man. God does not abuse Man. Man abuses Man and Satan abuses Man. But Not God. For God created Man. and man did not and does not create 'himself' into being. Man assists God by procreating the flesh and the womb becomes an temple for a new life to be born.

    God's punishment serves to correct men from error for those who are able to accept it. God's punishment for evildoers serves as an example to anyone seeking, looking, contemplating doing evil. Thus, to say Punishment is not of God, but is an evil, you err greatly. And you allow evil to spread. That is it.

    The dilema. You see evil taking place, but do nothing about it, because you have not come to true justice. True Jusctice saves. Jesus saves. Jesus was 'punished' by the Pharisees. He was condemned to 'Death' by men. Not God. Man if anything has learned and perfected doing evil, punishing just people and people they do not like nor care for. What is happeing today with gas prices? The unjust government does nothing about it. Because they do not 'own' the Oil Companies. So who then runs the show? The rich and powerful. These rich and powerful punish the citizens of this country. Why? For every insult against them. When you insult their rules, you insult their intelligence, thus they raise the prices. Pretty cool isn't it?

    Cain punished his brother Abel, because Cain was jealous. He killed him, he said, why is my younger brother, more acceptable to God then I? What shall I do? The Evil One said, kill him. Then he will be out of your way. So he did, but before he did, God spoke to Cain and told him about his problem and how to overcome it. Yet, Cain forsook God's advice and thus committed the murder. And then we read that God had punished Cain by, expelling him from God's sight and the 'family.' Cain disobeyed God and obeyed Satan. That's what this episode tells me.

    So, the advice of Satan leads to anathema from God's presence. Thus, God punishes 'evildoers.'
    In this episode, God did not exterminate Cain, but allowed Cain to have children. They were outside of God, yet God looked after them. God cares for all life.

    With Catholics, God corrects gently. Yet God corrects, gently even those who are not part of the 'family' of God. Those not redeemed by the Precious Blood and partake of the Table.

    By trying to wipe away, the horrorful events of the Bible, man is denying God's word. Words of correction for 'future' generations to aviod, heavy punishment by being proud and sinful. Instead man listens still to Lucifer who tells all the Cains to go ahead and kill all the Abels. Cain is the Same as Judas, and Abel is the Same as Jesus. Abel did nothing wrong. He from a meek and humble heart, gave to God, the seasoning of 'oil' spread over the offering. Love. While Cain offered Pride seasoned over his offering.

    The overbearing abusive punishments of man:

    2 Machabees 4:48
    Thus they that prosecuted the cause for the city, and for the people, and the sacred vessels, did soon suffer unjust punishment.

    Unjust punishments. Does God punish unjustly? No. He is not a man, that he takes sides. But remains as Justice. If no Justice then no evil. Since evil exists, Justice exists. Justice punishes evildoers.

    Now let's not take this out of proportion. Jesus says, to love your neighbor, to Love God, and to leave judgment and punishments to God alone. Thus this takes the burden of punishing out of our hands. We are then, to love all people regardless of their state. If evildoers, stay away and pray for them. If good people, then those who seek perfection are under going, the struggles between flesh and spirit they need love too. To love everyone. Those who are farthest away from God need the most love because it takes a greater amount of love to move them closer to God. To season them with humble love. Charity.

    Balance is requied, and healthy mind and heart. To understand the differences, of punishment and correction, if you are being punished, you did evil in God's eyes. If you are being corrected, you are struggling against the flesh and devil that likes to make you yield to sin. And thus, the correction comes as encouragement.

    In reality God is encouraging evildoers to stop being evil and doing evil by punishing their bad action and behavior. God is love. If God did not love, them too, he would let them be fully consumed by evil creating many Lucifers. Since man is not All Knowing, man cannot be True Justice. And thus falls way short of properly doing justice. He man cannot know the inner thoughts of another man from start to finish, but his own, and even then man does not even know his own thoughts well enough to tell them apart from the Evil inciting him to pleasures, and even the Voice of God. Thus no man is a perfect Judge.

    The Advice of Jesus is this. to Love everyone regardless and to Love God above all else and you shall be saved. For Goodness will not judge you ignorant, but loving.

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty Re: Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God

    Post by Poem on Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:44 am

    This very samething has again occured in today's time. It has still a bit more to go before becoming just like in Noah's time period. The idolatry leads men to becoming lustful beasts. Which is what the Apocalypse is referring to. A vision from God to man to know of the future and do something about it. Yet man to blinded by what's below, ignores this warning. The warning is in the Apocalypse, is in the mouths of His saints.

    Grace then was not around in the Period of Noah's Time. The Great Deluge and yet, men still seduced by lustful demons, acts the same. Nothing is truly different in the way man takes to earthly lusts.

    This is interesting once you get to see the inner things. It is true. God gives to man good and man tramples on it. Very few are then able to recognize this truth and fact. The rest don't respond when given a glimpse, they respond in a human way. And not bending down to God to ask for a way to resolve the problem.

    The few who receive Grace from God, see, for God reveals this to them. They have been renewed, refreshed, and cleansed from the pollution.

    Peace be with you always


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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty Of Correction from God's Word

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    Tobias 3:21
    But this every one is sure of that worshippeth thee, that his life, if it be under trial, shall be crowned: and if it be under tribulation, it shall be delivered: and if it be under correction, it shall be allowed to come to thy mercy.

    2 Proverbs 3:11
    My son, reject not the correction of the Lord: and do not faint when thou art chastised by him:

    3 Proverbs 10:17
    The way of life, to him that observeth correction: but he that forsaketh reproofs goeth astray.

    4 Proverbs 12:1
    He that loveth correction, loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is foolish.

    5 Proverbs 22:15
    Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, and the rod of correction shall drive it away.

    6 Proverbs 23:13
    Withhold not correction from a child: for if thou strike him with the rod, he shall not die.

    7 Wisdom 16:6
    But thy wrath endured not for ever, but they were troubled for a short time for their correction, having a sign of salvation to put them in remembrance of the commandment of thy law.

    8 Ecclesiasticus 16:13
    According as his mercy is, so his correction judgeth a man according to his works.

    Punishment as stated, then serves to correct, to steer one off the road of evil. If a soul is being punished, he has strayed into evil or has done evil before God. God is before all souls. Thus what a man does not see, God sees.

    Now God is gentle. Let's say that a soul has been seduced or given ear to the Evil One, to go into mischief, but, the soul is doubting, unsure how he arrived at this thought, so the Lord allows the soul to take the steps. But the soul about halfway turns back and doesn't do this mischief. For his conscience, acted for him and he listened to the good sense.

    How many people actually run into this? Everyone, but not to this degree alone. For many have been pinged by the seductive arrow, the thought that came from yonder and brushed it aside. And many took the thought and went to within feet of following the thought. And yet many live doing the thought.

    When a soul reaches that state of reason, that is to know the difference between good and evil and picks good, then that soul doesn't get punished because they did not follow in the footsteps of Satan. Evil is Satan. Nothing else. You can see why God punishes evildoers. They are like little satans. Satan is eternally punished. What is punishment really? As in what comes down from God? His love. When a soul becomes evil, God sends His love to punish them. He doesn't send evil to punish evil. He sends His love to tell you you are doing evil. When a soul is evil, they do not hear God. They hear Satan. That is why they do evil, for their master is Evil. They get punished. Now if a Christian does evil and doesn't repent, well, you get punished too. For the same reason always. To get yourself off of doing and being Evil yourself.

    For St. Paul says to the Corinthians concerning this:

    1 Corinthians 5:5
    To deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Here's almost the same words verbatim from the Old Testament:

    2 Machabees 7:36
    For my brethren, having now undergone a short pain, are under the covenant of eternal life: but thou by the judgment of God shalt receive just punishment for thy pride

    So it is always the sin of pride which leads to other sins, punishable by God. And not men.

    Now regarding souls that are obstinately sinning who mock the Church, and are Baptized. God says to anathema them after having taken due course. By counseling them. If they refuse then they are to be ex-communicated. For we cannot have such behavior around. Now this is for the wise and not the young who do not have the greater Wisdom to see. For you would harm many in taking due action. Love is the way. God is Love all things must be done out of Love.

    These are the Two Commandments of Jesus that should always Guide Christians in thought, word and deed:

    To love God above all else
    And to Love your neighbor as yourself.

    What is the idea behind ex-communicating a soul who mocks the Church? To correct their behavior. It hurts their pride. It puts bitter taste into them for having been such. To have them reflect on what they have done, by what they have become.

    You see? God says to Love. So love has to take action to correct souls to return to love.

    So why do you, doubt me? Why do you not have love at the forefront of your lobe? In your heart?

    I'm a Christian who Loves God and loves my neighbor thus I teach. Love is the motive and motivation. I do not teach garbage. First Corinthians 13, without love then, it is useless to teach. Without love then I cannot do this. Otherwise it is noise.

    Regardless, it is noise to proud people.

    These next few words of Instructions come from the Master Himself Notebook 1945-50 Chapter "The Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle" Here, Jesus is referring to the Seven Churches:

    Jesus continues to speak:

    "Here there are good works and patience, but "initial charity has been abandoned," and life in God has thus become weaker or died entirely, for where there is no charity, God is not present, nor is God's life in the person or person's life in God. Instead, there is love for life's riches--that is, health and life--whereas those who wish to serve Jesus Christ must not have love for material life and must not fear and flee from persecutions, but consummate them, when necessary to the point of death, for Christ did so and those who lose their lives to serve Him will possess Him in a special way in Heaven.

    "In other places there are some who show weakness towards those guilty of heresy or of imperfect doctrine and living. And that is in order not to make enemies. No, when in the garden of the militant Church wicked or sick plants or those giving a bad example to others are seen to arise, they must be cleansed of the diseased parts and provided with in-grafting, and, if they reject the in grafting which would make them good, one must be able to cut them off at the root. One plant less is better than poison for all! It is better to be persecuted and be left without friends than to allow enemies and useless servants to ruin other souls and have God withdraw because He sees that a pastor of his prefers friendship with the little goats to his own, which is most holy.

    "Elsewhere there are some who believe more in the false prophets, impure voices stirred up to speak by Satan and condemned by the law of the Church, and it is condemnation for all who, as Catholics, listen to them--these Satanic voices speaking by means of mediumistic tables and spiritualists, voices speaking to deceive, seduce, lead astray, and separate people from the Church.

    "Only the spirits of light are truthful and good guides. But they never come--I repeat, never--by human imposition and do not need any special apparatus to manifest themselves. God sends them whenever He wants to whomever He wants. And they are the only ones who tell the truth. The others, in all of their manifestations, are a lie. Because they are manifestations of Satanism, and Satan is only deceit. Everything proceeding form these voices, even if they appear to say good words, is always contaminated with error in a subtle manner. They speak to separate people from the Church by saying it is not necessary to communicate with God. They speak to sneak in false theories on reincarnation, on a system of evolution of souls, and on successive lives--all of which is absolutely false. They speak to suggest scientific solutions to the most luminous manifestations of Divine Omnipotence, which created everything from nothing.

    "Poor science wanting to be only "science" and rejecting Wisdom! Science can confirm Wisdom, but it cannot abolish it. Where it abolishes it, it extinguishes an ocean of comforting light for human souls and intellects.

    "Woe to whoever puts out the light! Like the gesture of a mad tyrant who, out of hatred or delirium, places mines in a city or temple and blows it to smithereens is the gesture of those who, out of excessive love for science, nearly a form of worship--whereas it is Wisdom that should be loved, listened to, and believed in because it comes from the "Father of Lights, in whom there is no variation or shadow of change" (James 1:17), who is the Spirit of Truth and Love and wants us to be nourished with truth to love more and more perfectly and wants us to see so as to know better, serve better, and love better--blow the building of simple, innocent Faith to smithereens, or at least many parts of it. The main ones.

    "But when the foundations and walls are undermined, can a building stand any longer? It cannot. And when, out of human thirst to appear learned and modern, advanced for one's time, the cornerstones are removed from the foundations of the building of faith--declared to be no longer in keeping with the present moment, childish, and inadmissible, fables which can no longer be accepted--what happens? A great deal collapses, causing victims; a great deal remains ruined and disfigured; a great deal which was luminously beautiful becomes darkly and smokily adorned with poor human lights which with their smoke obscure the heavenly lights and prompt questions in bewildered souls, questions which science does not satisfy and which Wisdom can no longer destroy, and voids are created which nothing manages to fill. A world of pure faith collapses. And the ruins of the syllogisms, deductions, and research do not fill the void which has arisen.

    "To contest known truth is a sin against the Holy Spirit. And it has been stated that "the Holy Spirit as a teacher flees from pretense and keeps away from senseless thoughts and withdraws when iniquity appears" (Wisdom 1:5). And what iniquity is greater than deducing that God, the Almighty, had to wait for spontaneous evolution to create his masterpiece, which is man? What thought is more senseless than that of someone thinking that God was powerless to create the most beautiful work of his creation directly?

    "The truth about everything is in the Book. For it is the word written through the inspiration of Wisdom--that is, of God. Everything else is pretense, imagination, and human deduction. Only one never errs: God. Man, even the holiest or the most learned in human culture, can always err when speaking or acting as "man"--that is, when not moved by the Holy Spirit, when not illuminated by the Light-Jesus, when his gaze is turned away from the Father-God, no longer seeing Him in all his works.

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty From Poem Chapter 86

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    Chapter 86 "Jesus Explains Law of God and Punishment to 'Alexander' Roman Soldier"

    Page 459

    24th January 1945.

    It is dawn once again. And once again there are long lines of donkeys crowding at the Gate which is still closed. Jesus is with Simon and John. Some traders recognize Him and press round Him. Also a guard runs towards Him when the Gate is opened and sees Him. And he greets Him: « Hail, Galilean. Tell these restless people to be less rebellious. They complain of us. But they do nothing but curse us and disobey. And they say it is a form of cult for them. What religion have they got if it is based on disobedience? »

    « Bear with them, My soldier. They are like those who have a guest in their house who is not wanted, but is stronger than they are. And they can only take vengeance with their tongues and by being spiteful. »

    « Yes. But we must do our duty. And so we have to punish them. And thus we become more and
    more the unwanted guest. »

    « You are right. You must do your duty. But do it always with humanity. You should always say: "If I were in their position, what would I do?" You will then see that you feel pity for the subjects. »

    « I like to hear You speak. You are free from contempt and haughtiness. The other Palestinians spit at us, and loathe us… unless they can skin us properly for a woman or some purchase. Then the gold of Rome is no longer loathsome. »

    « Men are men, soldier. »

    « Yes and man is a bigger liar than a monkey. It is not pleasant, however, to be among those who are like snakes lying in wait… We also have homes, mothers, wives and children and our lives are dear to us. »

    « There you are: if everybody remembered that, there would be no more hatred. You asked: "What religion have they?" I will answer you: a holy religion which prescribes as first commandment love for God and for our neighbour. A religion that teaches obedience to the laws. Also of enemy countries.

    Because listen, My brothers in Israel, nothing happens unless God permits it. Also dominations: a misfortune without equal for a people. But if that people should examine itself in all fairness, almost always they should say that they brought on such a misfortune by their way of living contrary to God. Remember the Prophets. How many times have they spoken about that! How often have they shown with past, present and future events that a ruler is a punishment, the lash of chastisement on the back of an ungrateful son. And how many times have they taught how to avoid it: by going back to the Lord. Neither rebellion nor war cure wounds or tears, neither do they undo chains. To live as just people does all that. Then God intervenes. And what can arms and armies do against the splendour of the angelical cohorts fighting for good people? Have we been struck? Let us deserve to be no longer so, by living as children of God. Do not double your chains by committing new sins. Do not allow the Gentiles to think that you are without any religion or more pagan than they are because of your way of living. You are the people who received the Law from God Himself. Respect it. Get the rulers to bow down before your chains saying: "They are subjects but they are greater than we are, of a greatness that is not based on numbers, money, arms, power, but on the fact that they come from God. Here shines the divine paternity of a perfect, holy, powerful God. Here is the sign of a real Divinity. It shines through its children". And may they meditate on that and come to the truth of the true God, abandoning their errors. Everyone, even the poorest, the most ignorant amongst the people of God can be a teacher to a Gentile by his way of living and can preach God to the heathens by the deeds of a holy life.

    Go. Peace be with you. »

    « Judas is late and also the shepherds » points out Simon.

    « Are You expecting someone, Galilean? » asks the soldier who has listened carefully.

    « Some friends. »

    « Come into the cool of the passageway. The sun is hot from the very early hours. Are You going to town? »

    « No, I am going back to Galilee. »

    « On foot? »

    « I am poor: on foot. »

    « Are You married? »

    « I have My Mother. »

    « Also I. Come… if You do not loathe us as the others do. »

    « Only sin disgusts Me. »

    The soldier looks at Him, surprised and thoughtful. « We will never have to interfere with You. Our swords will never be lifted against You. You are good. But the others!… »

    Jesus is in the half light of the passageway. John is towards the town. Simon is sitting on a mass of stone which serves as a bench.

    « What is Your name? »
    « Jesus. »

    « Ah! You are the one who works miracles also on deceased people?! I thought You were only a magician… We have some, too. A good magician, however. Because there are some… But ours cannot cure sick people. How do You do it? »

    Jesus smiles and is silent.

    « Do You use magic words? Have You ointments of dead people's marrows, dried snakes reduced to powder, magic stones taken from the Python's caves? »

    « None of that. I have only My power. »

    « Then You really are a saint. We have the haruspices and the vestals… and some of them work wonders and they say that they are the most holy ones. But do You believe it? They are worse than the rest. »

    « Well, then, why do you venerate them? »

    « Because… because it is the religion of Rome. And if a citizen does not respect the religion of his country, how can he respect Caesar, his fatherland, and so on, many things? »

    Jesus stares at the soldier. « Truly you are well advanced on the way of Justice. Proceed, o soldier, and you will get to know what your soul feels it has in itself, without being able to give a name to it. »

    « Soul? What is it? »

    « When you die, where will you go? »

    « Who knows?… I don't know. If I die as a hero, on the funeral pyre of heroes… if I am a poor old man, a mere nothing, perhaps I will rot in my hole or on the side of a road. »

    « That is as far as your body is concerned. But where will your soul go? »

    « I don't know whether all men have a soul or only those destined by Jupiter to the Elysian Fields after a wonderful life, unless he takes them up to Olympus as it happened to Romulus. »

    « Every man has a soul and it is the thing that distinguishes men from animals. Would you like to be a horse? Or a bird? A fish? Flesh, that-dying, is only rot? »

    « Oh! no. I am a man and I prefer to be such. »

    « Well, what makes you a man is your soul. Without it you would be nothing more than a speaking animal. »
    « And where is it? What is it like? »

    « It has no body. But it exists. It is in you. It comes from Him Who created the world and goes back to Him after the death of the body. »

    « From the God of Israel, according to You. »

    « From the only, one, eternal, supreme God, Lord and Creator of the universe. »

    « And also a poor soldier like me, has a soul and it goes back to God? »

    « Yes. Also a poor soldier, and his soul will have God as a Friend, if it was always good, or God as a Punisher, if it was bad. »

    « Master, there is Judas with the shepherds and some women. If I am right, there is the girl we spoke of yesterday » says John.

    « I am going, soldier. Be good. »

    « Will I not see You again? I would like to know… »

    « I will stay in Galilee until September. Come, if you can. At Capernaum or Nazareth anyone will tell you where I am. At Capernaum ask for Simon Peter. At Nazareth for Mary of Joseph. She is My Mother. Come. I will speak to you of the true God. »

    « Simon Peter… Mary of Joseph. I'll come, if I can. And if You come back, remember Alexander. I belong to the Jerusalem Century. »

    Judas and the shepherds are already in the passageway.

    « Peace to you all » says Jesus.

    And He is about to say more, when a slender smiling girl makes her way through the group and throws herself at His feet: « Your blessing on me again, Master and Saviour and my kiss again to You! » And she kisses His hands.

    « Go. Be happy and good. A good daughter, then a good wife, and then a good mother. Teach your future children My Name and My doctrine. Peace to you and to your mother. Peace and blessings to all those who are friends of God. Peace also to you, Alexander. »

    Jesus goes away.

    « We are late. But some women besieged us » explains Judas. « They were at Gethsemane and wanted to see You. We had gone there without knowing of them, to join You and come here together. But You had already gone away and the women instead were there. We wanted to leave them… But they were more insistent than flies. They wanted to know so many things… Have You cured the girl? »

    « Yes. »

    « And have You spoken to the Roman? »

    « Yes. He has an honest heart. And he is seeking the Truth… »
    Judas sighs.

    « Why are you sighing, Judas? » asks Jesus.

    « I am sighing because I wish our people would seek the Truth. Instead they evade it, or sneer at it, or remain indifferent. I feel discouraged. I feel as if I do not want to come back here again, but do nothing else but listen to You. In any case, as a disciple, I am good for nothing. »
    « And do you think that I am very successful? Do not be discouraged, Judas. It is the struggle of the apostolate. There are more defeats than victories. Defeats here. Up there they are always victories. The Father sees your good will and even if you are not successful He blesses you just the same. »
    « Oh! You are good! » Judas kisses His hand. « Will I ever become good? »

    « Yes, if you want to. »

    « I think I have been good these past days… I suffered to be so… because I have many desires… but I always thought of You. »

    « Persist, then. You give Me so much joy. And what news have you got for Me? » He asks the shepherds.

    « Elias sends You his greetings, and also some food. And he asks You not to forget him. »

    « Oh! I have My friends in My heart! Let us go as far as that little village, surrounded by green fields. Then we will proceed in the evening. I am happy to be with you, I am glad that I am going to My Mother and that I have spoken of the Truth to an honest man. Yes, I am happy. If you knew what it is for Me to do My mission and see souls coming to it, that is to the Father, oh! you would follow Me more and more with your souls!… »

    I see nothing else.

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty Re: Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God

    Post by Poem on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:42 am

    For Christians:

    When you do wrong, you actually punish yourself, you suffer the consequences of the ill you happened to perform by acting it out. Now, here's an example: Something that happened, makes you 'angry' now this anger has changed your water from quiet to wavy, even, heavy tides, maybe a tidalwave series, is about to be unleashed if you do not, disperse the thought which caused the anger.

    Power of the mind. Thoughts, provoking thoughts, turn the peaceful serene water into a tidalwave crashing on someone or something if you let it explode.

    How to make the waters abate?

    Get rid of the thought. Blow it out with your fan.

    In the Period of Grace, God has given each the responsibility to tend his/her little garden to keeping it peaceful for God to descend and 'remain.' A slightest bit of grudge, resentment causes the water to become rough seas.

    Picture a peaceful calm sea, lake, pond. Don't look at the bottom, just the surface. Remember it well. Take a mental picture and say: This is what God is peaceful and calm, I must do everything to keep my soul just like this. The surface is motionless as in not disturb.

    God is a Flame of Charity. So Perfect that nothing disturbs Him. His Heart, gets disturb when souls do not listen to His counsel. (I should know, how many times, I allowed my sea to remain disturbed) This causes God to ascend from my soul.

    What is fullness of Grace? As mentioned a fore in another post, It is having, the Trinity in our souls, Seated on our Altars, prepared by Blood and Water. When the Holy Spirit comes as our Guest, we have the Trinity within. Thus we say: 'The Kingdom of God is within us.' An assurance. How do we know this? Because God is speaking to us. God is sharing Himself with us. His love is imbuing in us. There is nothing like this, if one has not experienced this, then, it is hard to imagine. This is the Fullness of Grace. It happens when we become new born. The first few days or weeks, or months, how ever long you are able to maintain without outside disturbances, that come to rock the boat and cause the sea to become disturb.

    For those who are good and do a wrong, their consciences bear witness to them of the wrong and they correct the problem. Goodness gives them the power to do so. Graces. They are good. And they feel remorse. This proves that Grace is shedding graces onto them. Yet they do not have Grace alive in them. God is with them. He is in them. He is not in them as with a Catholic who is. There is a difference, yet God does not treat them ill. He loves them.

    Now for the wicked,

    Ezechiel 33:11

    Say to them: As I live, saith the Lord God, I desire not the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way, and live. Turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways: and why will you die, O house of Israel?

    Now you individually can replace 'Israel' with yourself.

    God does not delight in the death of any soul. It causes Him anguish. Yet His water, does not become disturbed they remain calm and serene.

    Why is that? He is Perfect. There is 'no Evil' in God.

    In order to Lead Men to Good, there must be and has to be a Good. Men are poor examples of good. Why? Concupiscence. As Jesus said, men are abysses' of both good and evil. The evil side likes to rock the boat. If we do not contain, as in containment, the evil in us, the evil runs a muck. In God is none of this evil that runs a muck, 'rampage.' Thus, noisy environments tell tale, that the evil is running a muck. Because God is Peace. And His sea is calm.

    Today, we live in a noisy world. I just heard the siren for the 5th time today. This adds to the noise compounding and disturbing souls.

    How without Wisdom is Man? So without it that he creates, noisy devices to catch noisy souls. Do you see the adverse affect of evil? It creates, a totally noisy environment.

    With the modern toys man has created, man adds to his misery. To have Peace! Peace! Get rid of the modern things, that create, more problems. Ever branching out to no end. Remove them. Do not create in the reverse jails in removing them. For in creating modern toys, man created a noisy jail for himself, It has walls, roof, floor that forces man inside it.

    Peacefully with God's counsel remove these things from yourself, starting in your home. Now when you have thought long and hard, each one, leads to something else. Dependencies. Do you see the error and the misery? Without a telephone one cannot call his friends, mother so forth, Without the Internet one cannot write and do other things via device.

    Without a car, one cannot go to work on the otherside of town, that has no train or bus, forget a taxi they rip you off. Without a TV one cannot catch up on the 11 o'clock news. So forth. These things became dependencies. We are now in a jail without them. It sets me free! You say. No it makes you dependent on them.

    Without an airplane a family cannot escape, from brutal leadership, thus causing other countries to inherit these brutal leaderships, disciples. Even though they are escaping, many do not have God as their God, so they come with ideas. And many are with God or are good people. Unjustly punished by tyrants.

    It is not wrong to help your neighbor, it is a great thing. But, wouldn't it be better if we prayed for our neighbors to God about their problematic Leadership?

    In our case, which is a decline in society, we need less coming in from other problematic states.

    Thus, like Moses, is our leaders, when their arms begin to drop, our side loses, who supports the leaders? Think about it. Insult is not support, they are men just like us who need assistance. Did your parents assist you through the weenie years? Some did not. But, they gave you a roof, bed, food, and other important things. For those that had loving parents, it is easy to understand.

    Now, what I'm referring to is what God says, to honor the king, in doing so, you please the Lord. Respect. Even if they're, evil men or wicked, or even selfish. Because, in being obedient to the Lord, by honoring them, the leaders, might have a change of heart and become converted. Where is this example in the Bible?

    Daniel with Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon.

    The King was not an evil man. The king had a different religion. He believed in what the soothsayers were telling him. Who do the soothsayers work for? Who's servants are they? Satan's. So, if your leaders are listening to soothsayers, you are probably under a yoke.


    Ephesians 6

    10 Finally, brethren, be strengthened in the Lord, and in the might of his power.

    11 Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. 12 For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.

    Isaiah 59

    16 And he saw that there is not a man: and he stood astonished, because there is none to oppose himself: and his own arm brought salvation to him, and his own justice supported him. 17 He put on justice as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation upon his head: he put on the garments of vengeance, and was clad with zeal as with a cloak. 18 As unto revenge, as it were to repay wrath to his adversaries, and a reward to his enemies: he will repay the like to the islands. 19 And they from the west, shall fear the name of the Lord: and they from the rising of the sun, his glory: when he shall come as a violent stream, which the spirit of the Lord driveth on: 20 And there shall come a, redeemer to Sion, and to them that return from iniquity in Jacob, saith the Lord.

    21 This is my covenant with them, saith the Lord: My spirit that is in thee, and my words that I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever.

    Of Punishment and Raging Sea

    Isaiah 57

    16 For I will not contend for ever, neither will I be angry unto the end: because the spirit shall go forth from my face, and breathings I will make. 17 For the iniquity of his covetousness I was angry, and I struck him: I hid my face from thee, and was angry: and he went away wandering in his own heart. 18 I saw his ways, and I healed him, and brought him back, and restored comforts to him, and to them that mourn for him. 19 I created the fruit of the lips, peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, said the Lord, and I healed him. 20 But the wicked are like the raging sea, which cannot rest, and the waves thereof cast up dirt and mire.

    Isaiah chapter 59 explains a great deal. In the latter parts of Isaiah, for about 5 chapters is really profound.

    I encourage everyone to read them.

    Peace be with you always

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    Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God Empty Isaiah 59 Verse 16

    Post by Poem on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:09 am

    Isaiah 59

    16 And he saw that there is not a man: and he stood astonished, because there is none to oppose himself: and his own arm brought salvation to him, and his own justice supported him.

    "And he saw that there is not a man: and he stood astonished, because there is none to oppose himself:"

    There was no Moses. Moses opposed God, or entreated God about, what? To keep honor, and remember the 'promise' to Abraham. God wanted to wipe Israel, after they had left Egypt. For what reason? They were rebellious people.
    The 40 years in the desert says so. When the Promised Land was only a few miles upstream. Moses knew very well, but for the honor of His Name, Moses entreated God, thus, opposed God about destroying a peoples.

    Read this bit below

    Book Of Deuteronomy
    < previous | Book 5 | next > < previous | Chapter 31 | next >

    26 Take this book, and put it in the side of the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God: that it may be there for a testimony against thee. 27 For I know thy obstinacy, and thy most stiff neck, While I am yet living, and going in with you, you have always been rebellious against the Lord: how much more when I shall be dead? 28 Gather unto me all the ancients of your tribes, and your doctors, and I will speak these words in their hearing, and will call heaven and earth to witness against them. 29 For I know that, after my death, you will do wickedly, and will quickly turn aside from the way that I have commanded you: and evils shall come upon you in the latter times, when you shall do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him by the works of your hands. 30 Moses therefore spoke, in the hearing of the whole assembly of Israel, the words of this canticle, and finished it even to the end,

    Here tells us of habits. When people are rebellious they never listen. They were always rough seas. But it was necessary to have a 'Chosen Race.' So God went through with it.

    Originally I was looking for the chapter and verse where God had said to Moses, that He was ready to destroy these people and start over with Moses. Yet Moses opposed God about this.

    Book Of Deuteronomy
    < previous | Book 5 | next > < previous | Chapter 9 | next >

    13 And again the Lord said to me: I see that this people is stiffnecked: 14 Let me alone that I may destroy them, and abolish their name from under heaven, and set thee over a nation, that is greater and stronger than this.

    Book Of Deuteronomy
    < previous | Book 5 | next > < previous | Chapter 9 | next >

    24 But were always rebellious from the day that I began to know you. 25 And I lay prostrate before the Lord forty days and nights, in which I humbly besought him, that he would not destroy you as he had threatened:

    26 And praying, I said: O Lord God, destroy not thy people, and thy inheritance, which thou hast redeemed in thy greatness, whom thou hast brought out of Egypt with a strong hand. 27 Remember thy servants Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: look not on the stubbornness of this people, nor on their wickedness and sin: 28 Lest perhaps the inhabitants of the land, out of which thou hast brought us, say: The Lord could not bring them into the land that he promised them, and he hated them: therefore he brought them out, that he might kill them in the wilderness, 29 Who are thy people and thy inheritance, whom thou hast brought out by thy great strength, and in thy stretched out arm.

    This is where, we see a Moses is needed today.

    Who takes the place of Moses in Heaven? Jesus and Mary, but who is on earth? We are. We therefore need to entreat, oppose the Lord accordingly to 'save' humanity. Yes they are rebellious, so was I and to a degree still am. The old way is not fully extinguished. Well it was, and then I forsook, the Lord because I became discouraged, listened to discouraging words of Evil, while still very young.

    This then leads to the younger generations. Who's going to entreat for them, while the madmen rage their proud wars? Greed, stemming from ambition, leading to power.

    The war about Greed. Avarice, the third branch of,

    "1) Pride, 2) Sensuality, 3) Avarice"

    Peace be with you always

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    Post by Poem on Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:33 pm

    Life Becomes complicated in our times.

    Too many ideas floating around. Jesus gave us clear cut rules to follow. We have to follow them. They are for the Health of the Church and its members.

    There are those who have very unhealthy sicknesses, who do need our help and then there are those who come for the wrong reasons, to gain health to continue a fleshly, carnal life, they only think of this life.

    The Lord deals with us all. Have to trust in His Guidance. Yet, it is difficult for man this day and age because his neighborhood may be nothing but pagans. When you are alone in your neighborhood, you are up against a multitude of vice. I've lived in many places. The neighborhood was polluted with vice. Satan's land. Satan's Land. His sign posted on every door in the neighborhood. Now we do not in human terms see it this way. But, that's the way it is from God's View.

    Where is Christ's Land today?

    When the neighborhood is polluted with Satan's Sign, that neighborhood belongs to Satan. The War of Satan Against Christ.

    Read those chapters. Stratagems. Strategy. A community of Catholics in faith, keeps that neighborhood protected by God. Christ's Land.

    Stratego, the game of conquering.

    The Church Leaders do not show us this very clearly. They do not even have a plan. Idle shepherds.

    The Book of Ezekiel explains today's problems.

    Peace be with you always

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    Book: 5
    Chp: Last Teachings Before Ascension

    « And what shall we do with heretics? »

    « Fight the heresy itself with all your strength, but with every means try to convert the heretics to the Lord. Never get tired in looking for the sheep that have gone astray in order to take them back to the Fold. Pray, suffer, get people to pray, to suffer, go around begging the pure, the good, the generous believers for sacrifices and sufferings, because these are the means to convert your brothers. The Passion of Christ continues in Christians. I have not excluded you from this great work, which is the Redemption of the world. You are all members of one single body. Help one another, and let those who are strong and healthy work for the weaker ones, and those who are united stretch out their hands and call their brothers who are far away. »

    « But will there be any, after they have been brothers in one house? »

    « There will be some. »

    « Why? »

    « For so many reasons. They will still have My Name. And what is even more, they will take pride in that Name. They will work to make it known. They will help in making Me known as far as the extreme boundaries of the Earth. Let them do, because, I remind you, who is not against Me is for Me. But, poor children! their work will always be incomplete, their merits always imperfect. They cannot be in Me if they are separated from the Vine. Their works will always be incomplete. You, I say you, referring to your future successors, must be where they are. Do not say pharisaically: "I am not going in order not to be contaminated". Or lazily: "I am not going, because there already is who preaches the Lord". Or timidly: "I am not going in order not to be driven away by them". Go. I tell you: Go. To all peoples. As far as the boundaries of the world. So that all My Doctrine and My Only Church may be made known and souls may be able to become part of it. »

    Peace be with you always

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    Book: 2
    Chp: Lesson to the Apostles Going to Jabneel

    That is the parable. But in applying it, you must bear in mind that the Father of the spiritually deformed sons, that is, God because schismatics, heretics, those who are separated, are spiritually deformed - was compelled to be severe by the voluntary deformities wanted by His sons. But His love never yielded. He is waiting for them. Take them to Him. It is your duty.

    I taught you to say: "Our Father, give us this day our bread". But do you realise what "our" means? It does not mean yours, of you twelve. Not yours as disciples of the Christ. But yours as men. For all men. For the present and the future ones. For those who know God and for those who do not know Him. For those who love God and His Christ and for those who do not love Him or love Him badly.

    I put on your lips a prayer for everybody. It is your ministry. You, who know God and His Christ and love Them, must pray for everybody. I told you that My prayer is a universal one, and will last as long as the world. And you must pray universally, joining your voices and your hearts of apostles and disciples of Jesus' Church to those of people belonging to other Churches, which may be Christian but not apostolic. And you must insist, because you are brothers, you in the house of the Father, they outside the house of the common Father, with their hunger, their homesickness, until they also, like you, are given the true "bread" which is the Christ of the Lord, which is administered on apostolic tables, not on any other where it is mixed with impure aliments. You are to insist until the Father says to those deformed brothers: "My grief is subsiding, because I heard the voice and the words of My Only-Begotten First-Born in your voices. Blessed be those servants who have led you to the House of your Father in order to complete My Family". Servants of an Infinite God, you must put infinity in every intention of yours. Have you understood?

    There is Jabneel. Once the Ark passed by here on its way to Ekron, which was not able to keep it and sent it back to BethShemesh. The Ark is going to Ekron once again. John, come with Me. All the others will remain in Jabneel. Meditate and be careful how you speak. Peace be with you. »

    Peace be with you always


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    You must know that if you separate the Father from the Son, or the Son from the Father, and you do not remember the Love, you do not love God as He is to be loved, that is, in truth and wisdom, and you commit a sin of heresy.

    Several conditions either one of these constitutes an heresy

    1 If you separate the Father from the Son, which means to Honor the Father and not the Son or vice versa.

    2 You do not remember the Love = Grace = Holy Spirit

    3 You do not love God as He is to be loved in Truth and Wisdom

    It comes down to if each one or just one, it is an heresy.
    If you commit all three, it's still an heresy.

    REF: Book 2 chp 225

    Peace be with you always

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    because you worship One only, whilst They are three in an admirable Trinity. Thus, he who does not honour the Son, does not honour the Father either, because the Father, God, does not want only One of the Three Divine Persons to be worshipped, but He wants Them all, as a Whole, to be worshipped. He who does not honour the Son, does not honour the Father either, Who sent Him out of a perfect thought of love. He therefore denies that God can accomplish just deeds. I solemnly tell you that he who listens to My word and believes in Him Who sent Me, will have eternal life and will not be condemned, but will pass from death to life, because to believe in God and to accept My word means to infuse into oneself the Life that does not die. The hour is about to come, nay it has already come for many, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and whoever hears its vivifying sound in the depth of his heart, shall live. Scribe, what are you saying? »

    REF: Book 2 chp 225

    Peace be with you always

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