Eternal Spirit of God for Our Benefit-- Grace!


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    Eternal Spirit of God for Our Benefit-- Grace! Empty Eternal Spirit of God for Our Benefit-- Grace!

    Post by Poem on Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:22 am

    First, I had a vision today an inner vision or locution for those minded.

    The first one is concerning the Glorious Mystery: Decent of the Holy Spirit.

    The second one is concerning Him who is Grace and Truth's Baptism in the River Jordan.

    Jesus who had no sin neither sinned, received the Holy Spirit in the Shape of a Dove, Gentle and Sweet.

    The Apostles, received the Pentecostal Holy Spirit, Fire.

    The first one is 'Fire,' the latter one 'the Dove' for us specifically. Why? Humanity in our lower nature. To burn up the dross, the last remaing at the head of man, as St. Azariah explained to Maria concerning the 'episode'.

    Jesus Full of Grace and Truth, really did not need to have the Holy Spirit 'descend' onto Him, but for 'our' sakes, which is Gospel truth, it is so. For in the Heart of Jesus resides, both the Father and the Holy Spirit.

    After, we have fully been able to 'purge' and become pure like lily's, that's when the Spirit becomes a 'Dove' for us. The human lower nature, is what causes the Holy Spirit to descend in the globe of fire. Otherwise He would descend as 'Dove'.

    As we can recall what Jesus said concerning God opening Heaven three times for our Benefit lets recall them:

    1 - Jesus' Baptism
    2 - Transfiguration on Mt Tabor
    3 - The Temple ground shook, just before Jesus was accusesd and sentence to death.

    Peace be with you always

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