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    1945: Commentary On Ezekiel 37: 1-14 Empty 1945: Commentary On Ezekiel 37: 1-14

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    Notebook: 1945
    Page: 61
    Chp: Commentary On Ezekiel 37: 1-14

    April 15
    Jesus says:

    "I ask you, as the Lord asked Ezekiel, 'Do you think these bones will live again?'"

    "Like Ezekiel I answer, "You know, Lord God," for I understand the meaning of the word "bones" when used to say "men"--that is, I understand that Jesus is not askng me if the dead will rise again on the Last Day. This is faith, and there is no question about it. But He is applying the term "bones to this poor humanity at present, so entirely material and not at all spiritual. (I add from the Blessed Heaven this: "More and More saturated by Materialism today at current 2010") I understand this because, as I have already explained to you so many times, when God takes me so I will be his spokesman, my intelligence is amplified and raised to a power far superior to that permitted to human beings. And I "see," "hear," and "understand" according to the spirit.

    Jesus smiles because He sees I have understood his question and explains:

    "That's the way it is. Humanity is now nothing more but bones, calcined, heavy, dead ruins sinking into the fetid furrows of vices and heresies. The spirit no longer exists. The spirit that is life in flesh and life in eternity. The spirit that is what differentiates man from animals. Man has killed himself in his best part. Is he a machine? Is he a beast? Is he a corpse? Yes, he is all of this.

    "A machine, for he goes through his day with the mechanicalness of a device that works because it must work by virtue of its parts set in motion, but does so without comprehending the beauty of what it is doing. Man, too, rises and goes to bed after having eaten, drunk, worked, strolled, and spoken without even grasping the beauty and ugliness of what he does. Simply because, deprived as he is of spirit, he no longer distinguishes beauty from ugliness or good from evil.

    "He is a beast because he contents himself with sleeping, eating, and accumulating fat on his body and reserves in his lair, exactly like a beast that makes these operations its life goal and the joy of its existence, and justifies everything--selfishness and ferocity--through this base and brutal law of the need to plunder so as to be sated.

    "He is a corpse because what enables a man to be called 'alive' is the presence of the spirit in the flesh. When he breathes his last, man becomes a corpse. In reality, man at present is corpse kept upright and in motion by the sorcery of mechanics or the devil. But he is a corpse.

    "Well then, I tell you, 'Behold, I will infuse the spirit into you, dry bones, and you shall live again. I will make your nerves rise up again upon you and your flesh grow again and your skin shall live again and know that I am Lord.' Yes, I will do this. The time shall come when I will have a people of the 'living' once more and not corpse.

    "In the meantime, behold that to the best ones, not dead, but reduced to skeletons for lack of spiritual food, I give the nourishment of my word. I do not want your death by consumption. This is the substantial manna which gives you strength with sweetness. Oh, feed upon it, children of my love and my sacrifice! And why must I see that so many are hungry and there is so much food prepared for them by the Savior and it is not drawn upon for those who are hungry? Take nourishment, get to your feet, and come out of your graves. Come out of inertia, come out of the vices of age, and come to knowledge, come to 'recognize' the Lord your God!

    "I told you at the beginning of this work and in the middle of this tragic war and I repeat. 'This is one of the wars paving the way for the times of the Antichrist.'
    "Then the era of the 'living spirit' will come. Blessed are those who prepare to receive that age.

    "Do not say, 'We won't be here.' You won't, not all of you will be here. But it is foolishness and a lack of charity to think only of oneself. Atheistic children are born of atheistic fathers. Lifeless children, of lifeless fathers. And they, your children and the children of your children will greatly need spiritual strength for that hour! At heart the law of human love is to provide for the good of one's children and grandchildren. Do not be inferior, as regards 'what is spiritual,' to what you are in regard to the 'things of this world,' and as you give wealth to your children or endeavor to provide it so their days will be happier than yours, work to give them an 'inheritance of spiritual strength' that they can 'develop' and 'multiply' in order to have an 'abundance' when the 'hailstrom' of 'the world's' and 'Lucifer's last battle' scourges Humanity so 'fiercely' that it will wonder whether 'Hell is not better.'

    "Hell! Mankind will experience it. Afterwards, for those faithful to the spirit, Paradise shall come, the earth which is not earth shall come: the Kingdom of Heaven."

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Sat Dec 24, 2011 7:04 am by Poem

    So the question is how many more wars will there be, before the Antichrist comes?

    The dictation above was taken in the spring of 1945, during the last year of world war 2, a few months before the war ended.

    Since then, there have been, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam conflict, Israeli conflict, but not on a global scale, and smaller scale wars, and battles. Then, as the world, changed into economic global zones, there have been massive economic 'wars.' The war has changed, direction and vision, or men do not shoot missiles to conquer other territories, but, have switched to other forms of conquering through economic sanctions and economic bullying, while using covert methods underneath it, stealth. Money and materials. This way, there is less rebuilding and spending money and man power, rather it is now spent in building an economy, as a pun, to gain control over other countries. A game of chess, stratego, and checkers all rolled into one.

    The war on Iraq and Afghanistan were not real wars, as per say, but, a bullying to get some oil, some other substances and other materials, plus a strategic foot hold. To plant, what the elite had in mind. These kind are always, bent on control, if they find something, they want it. For they own, the printing presses and can at will do whatever, but, to do it with the world watching, they have to use, cunning and clever methods, which is lying to the public, that's the only why they can gain something that doesn't belong to them. Smoke and mirrors.

    Thus, how many wars, and what scale, is Jesus referring to? "This is one of the wars paving the way for the Antichrist." It is interesting that He says this. For God sees through the events, through what we see. We see obstacles, He sees what glues together, that events to bring, to birth a new monster. We on the other hand look at the moment, what's in front of us. What God sees is the invisible workings of the spirits. What we do not comprehend. For as He said, we are just, 'bones' calcined bones. Lacking the spirit to see through the smoke and mirrors. Thus, because mankind is reduced to such, he cannot see into the invisible realm. Don't you hate that?

    Yet, for those who have the invisible vision, and the invisible sense, God alerts us through sense of the spirit, or His Voice tells us in the Light. As we are in the Light, Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses us from all sin, another words, Sanctifying Graces, through washing of His Divine Mercy. Which, helps, comforts, cleanses, sets aflame, penetrates and fecundates, those in Grace. To build the life of Grace in us. The abundant life. The life of the spirit.

    How many more wars then? A few, many, several? That's a good question.

    When Israel comes under His Mantle, which means the split of the two branches is over, this will cause much evil to break out all over the world. Read the Notebooks. So, to say that Jerusalem comes under the Church of Rome is quite right. Then not too much longer, afterwards, the Antichrist comes.

    So what will it be like, the evils that happen because Israel finally sees, Jesus as the Messiah? It will be a mess. Wars in the middle east, Europe, many places.

    Why would these things happen, the evils? Because, Satan stirs them. He worked his cunning, clever methods to subduing Israel from seeing Jesus as Messiah, previously. God lifts the veil from them, so they can see, but, they have to work to get this veil off. Cooperation by man needs to be done, faith. Man has to do his part in order for God to help man. That is to attach his will to God's Law. Then God reaches down and starts the conversion, while man continues his labor to grow in Grace.

    Best to prepare for the times, by reading what Jesus has forecasted as far as the weather on earth.

    It is not a good forecast for earthlings.

    Peace be with you always

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