The Humanity of Jesus, A Further Explanation


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    The Humanity of Jesus, A Further Explanation Empty The Humanity of Jesus, A Further Explanation

    Post by Poem on Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:32 am

    Jesus says:

    "But the Humanity of the Christ who had to suffer and die was in all respects like that of every man, undergoing, flesh subject to the law of matter, with a need for food, sleep, drink, and clothing, the discomfort of cold and heat, and weariness from a lot of work or a long trip, and the density of the flesh, and (indigence for the Omnipresent One) being constricted to a single place. Everything except sin and its appetites. Indeed, everything, and, above all, what is martyrdom for the just: having to live among sinners, seeing the offenses committed against the Eternal by them, and the descent of man into the slime of the brutes. The Man (I am telling you so Maria) in his intellect and his heart suffered more for from this than from everything else. The stench of vice and sin! The worm-like mass of all forms of concupiscence! I tell you: I began to expiate them from the moment I got close to them (so great was the torment they brought to My soul and intellect). The angels enumerated the blows of the immaterial scourges of human vices upon My Humanity, as numerous and more painful than those of the Roman flagrum."

    Peace be with you always

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