Sign of the Beast


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    Sign of the Beast

    Post by Poem on Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:32 pm

    Jesus says:

    “But remember that metaphorically, artificially, or in reality Satan acts deceitfully in darkness. He coils around you with the windings and subtleties of a snake lying in ambush in the thick bush. Although he sees you already torn from God, he still does not dare to present himself face to face and say, ‘It’s me. Follow me,’ for he knows you are cowards in evil as in good. There are still a few bold ones among you who in this explicit encounter would dare to say, ‘I’m coming.’ You are hypocritical even in evil and, while desiring his help, you do not dare to confess this desire.

    “But Satan has no need for words. His glance pierces your hearts, as mine does. I see your lust for Satanism; he sees the same thing and acts.

    “After having tried to destroy the Christ by tempting Him, the Church by giving her periods of darkness, Christianity with schisms, and civil society with sects, now, on the eve of his manifestation preparing for the final one, he is trying to destroy your conscience after having already destroyed your thought. That’s right destroyed. Destroy not as the capacity for thinking as men, but as children of God. Rationalism and science separated from God have destroyed your thought as gods, and you now think as mud can think: on an earthly level. You do not see God impressed with His seal on the things your eyes see. To you they are stars, mountains, stones, waters, herbs, and animals. To the believers they are the works of God, and with no need for anything else they immerse themselves in contemplation and praise of the Creator in the face of the numberless signs of his power which surround you and beautify your existence and are useful for your lives.

    “Satan is now assailing consciences. He is offering the fruit of yore—pleasure, a greed for knowledge, pride, and the sacrilegious hope of managing to be gods, gnawing at the flesh, and at science. And pleasure makes you animals burned by lust, repellent, sick, and condemned in this life and the other one to the diseases of the flesh and the death of the spirit. And the greed for knowledge place you in the hands of the Deceiver, for, out of illicit thirst to know that which concerns the mysteries of God, in attempting to impose your will to know, upon God, you enable Satan to seduce you with his errors.

    “You cause Me pity. And you cause Me horror. Pity, because you are madmen. Horror, because you want to be such and mark the flesh of your souls with the sign of the Beast, refusing the Truth in exchange for Falsehood."

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