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    What One Must Do To Follow Jesus


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    What One Must Do To Follow Jesus

    Post by Poem on Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:14 am

    « Come. But do you know what you are asking for? Who follows Me will have to leave everything: his home, his relatives, his way of thinking, also his life. I will make you My disciples and My friends, if you wish so. But I have neither wealth nor protection. I am poor, and I shall be even poorer, to the extent of not having a place where I may rest My head and I will be persecuted by My enemies, even more than a lost sheep is pursued by wolves. My doctrine is even more rigid than John's, because it forbids also resentment. And My doctrine is concerned not so much with external matters, as it is with the soul. You must be re-born if you want to be My disciples. Are you willing to do that? »

    « Yes, Master. Only You have words that can give us light. They descend upon us, and where there was darkness and desolation because we had no guide, they shed light and sunshine. »

    « Come, then. Let us go. I will teach you on our way. »

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    Simon the Leper Healed; Judas and Didymus Approach Jesus to become Disciples

    Post by Poem on Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:47 pm

    « Don't come nearer. Don't! I am infected! » But Jesus proceeds. He looks at him so mercifully, that the man starts crying and kneels down almost touching the ground with his face, moaning: « Your Sign! Your Sign! »

    « It will be raised when it is time. But now I say to you: Stand up. Be healed. I want it. And be the sign in this town that must recognise Me. Rise, I say. And do not sin, out of gratitude to God! »

    The man rises slowly. He seems to emerge from the long flowery grass as from a shroud… and is healed. He looks at himself in the last dim light of the day. He is healed. He shouts: « I am clean! Oh! What shall I do for You now? »

    « You must comply with the Law. Go to the priest. Be good in future. Go. »

    The man is on the point of throwing himself at Jesus' feet, but he remembers he is still impure, according to the Law, and he restrains himself. But he kisses his own hand, and throws a kiss to Jesus and weeps. He weeps out of joy. The others are dumbfounded. Jesus turns away from the healed man and rouses them smiling.

    « My friends, it was only a leprosy of the flesh. But you will see leprosy fall from hearts. Is it you that wanted Me? » He asks the two strangers. « Here I am. Who are you? »

    « We heard You the other evening… in the Temple. We looked for You in town. A man, who said he is a relative of Yours, told us You stay here. »

    « Why are you looking for Me? »

    « To follow You, if You will allow us, because You have words of truth. »

    « Follow Me? But do you know where I am going? »

    « No, Master, but certainly to glory. »

    « Yes. But not to a glory of this world . I am going to a glory which is in Heaven and is conquered by
    virtue and sacrifice. Why do you want to follow Me? » He asks them again.

    « To take part in Your glory. »

    « According to Heaven? »

    « Yes, according to Heaven. »

    « Not everybody is able to arrive there. Because Mammon lays more snares for those yearning for Heaven than for the others. And only he who has strong will power can resist. Why follow Me, if to follow Me implies a continuous struggle against the enemy, which is in us, against the hostile world, and against the Enemy who is Satan? »


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    Judas and Didymus Continue To ask to become Disciples, Thomas becomes Frightened

    Post by Poem on Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:54 pm

    « Because that is the desire of our souls, which have been conquered by You. You are holy and powerful. We want to be Your friends. »

    « Friends!!! » Jesus is silent and sighs. Then He stares at the one who has spoken all the time and who has now removed the mantle-hood from his head, and is bareheaded. He is Judas of Kerioth. « Who are you? You speak better than a man of the people. »

    « I am Judas, the son of Simon. I come from Kerioth. But I am of the Temple. I am waiting for and dreaming of the King of the Jews. I heard You speak like a king. I saw Your kingly gestures. Take me with You. »

    « Take you? Now? At once? No. »

    « Why not, Master? »

    « Because it is better to examine ourselves carefully before venturing on very steep roads. »

    « Do You not believe I am sincere? »

    « You have said it. I believe in your impulsiveness. But I do not believe in your perseverance. Think about it, Judas. I am going away now and I will be back for Pentecost. If you are in the Temple, you will see Me. Examine yourself. And who are you? ».

    « I am another one who saw You. I would like to be with You. But now I am frightened. »

    « No. Presumption ruins people. Fear may be an impediment, but it is a help when it originates from humility. Do not be afraid. Think about it, too, and when I come back… »

    « Master, You are so holy! I am afraid of not being worthy. Nothing else. Because I do not doubt my love… »

    « What is your name? »

    « Thomas, of Didymus. »

    « I will remember your name. Go in peace. »


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    Jesus Explains to the Six Disciples about Impulsiveness

    Post by Poem on Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:57 pm

    Jesus dismisses them and He goes into the hospitable house for supper.

    The six disciples who are with Him want to know many things. « Why, Master, why did You treat them differently? Because there was a difference. Both of them had the same impulsiveness… » asks John.

    « My friend, also the same impulsiveness may have a different taste and bring about a different effect. They both certainly had the same impulsiveness. But they were not the same in their purposes. And the one who appears less perfect is, in fact, more perfect, because he has no incentive to human glory. He loves Me because he loves Me. »

    « And so do I. »
    « And I, too. »
    « And I. »
    « And I. »
    « And I. »
    « And I. »

    « I know. I know you for what you are. »

    « Are we therefore perfect? »

    « Oh! No! But, like Thomas, you will become perfect if you persevere in your desire to love. Perfect?! Oh! My friends! And who is perfect but God? »

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    The True Value -- 1943 pge 370

    Post by Poem on Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:27 am

    Jesus says:

    "You are concerned about protracting what you call 'living' which would more properly be called 'waiting' and you are not concerned about waiting in such a way as to conquer for yourselves true Life which never perishes."

    "You are concerned about everything in this dark period, which seems so luminous to you, of your stay on earth--which I have already explained to you as being like a gestation in order to be given to the Light, to Life-- and look with horror at the tomb, a dark hole where this body of yours, which you love, as the idolaters you are, return to the truth of its origin: mud. Mud from which there is released a flame, a light: the soul."

    "This is what gives worth to the body, O foolish men. The soul which is the gift of God, the spirit which is the manifestation of God and which has a worth in the face of which that of the flesh is a paltry nothing."

    "But how can you, who call yourselves Christians, not remember the words of Christ, of the Word, of Truth? Didn't I tell you, 'Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses it out of love for Me will save it'? Didn't I say, 'And what use is it for a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul'? What will man give in exchange for his soul? Didn't I say, 'The grain of wheat which falls does not fructify unless it dies, but if it dies, it produces much fruit? And hasn't all of this opened the eyes of your spirit?"

    "But, indeed, how can your spirit open its eyes if you have buried it under the stones of your carnality? It is like a martyr who has been stoned the flesh will die and the spirit will enter into glory, whereas you, on the other hand, stone your spirit and rob it of the Light here and in true Life."

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    1943: The Reasons for Today's Current Circumstances -

    Post by Poem on Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:54 am

    July 24

    Jesus says:

    "I have already told you that all the evil which is oppressing you now is a result of the abandonment of My Law by individuals and society. The lack of Faith, the lack of Charity, and the lack of every virtue have one single origin: the desserting of my militia, the Christian militia.

    "As if from a trunk of poisonous roots, certain tendencies, vices, and passions worse than human--demonical--have sprung forth. The plant of Christian life is dead in almost all hearts; in many it vegetates with difficulty; in a few it is still flowering, nourished by the juice of Life, adorned with sturdy branches.

    "Nor is there reason to hope that things will change. Indeed they will always head in the worst direction, for, as a forest invaded by parasitic plants and harmful insects is increasingly stripped of leafy branches and fruits and eventually dies, the same is happening to current society, increasingly burned, suffocated, and corroded by a thousand vicious tendencies and a thousand sins.

    "The main ones: hatred, lust, overbearance, deceit. The first ones: the negation of God, doctrines adverse to mine, exaggerated self-worship, egotism, and still others.

    "My Word cannot descend--a seed and water of Life, and the true Life--into souls. They are too occupied by other things. Most Christians have rejected Christ because they have placed themselves, or power, money, and flesh in Christ's place. Those who are less at fault are always at fault, for they lack true mercy towards their fellows. Who is there who does not curse and blaspheme nowdays?

    "But do not curse and blaspheme daughter that I love. Leave to your God the task of punishing. Love and have mercy, towards all. Even for those first to blame.

    "They are unfortunates! They are unfortunates! They have ruined all the good they had by welcoming all Satan's evil. They have exchanged an eternity of glory for an hour of earthly glory. They have sold their souls to Satan for thirty pieces of silver. They cause Me disgust and pity. Yes, pity as well, for I am the God of mercy and feel pity for my deviant sons and daughters.

    "Help Me save them from the final sin. How I would like to be able to forgive them! You, daughter that I love--forgive. From your heart, which possesses Me and my Word, let nothing emerge but words of peace and forgiveness. I know it is hard for your humanity. But, above it, is the spirit, and the spirit is the kingdom of the Lord. Now, how can you have the Lord in yourselves if your spirits do not have the same passions as their King?

    "And My Passions, like My Words, are Holy, Merciful, and Good. They all have the seal of Love, of true Love, which is never so entirely love as when it immolates itself for brothers and sisters and forgives them."

    "I don't like those who cry out, 'Death to them!' after having cried, 'Hosanna!'

    "If those against whom the cry of condemnation is hurled had given you the booty and the well-being--appropriated unjustly--which I could not allow them to give you so as not to lead you and them towards perfect pride, you would acclaim them. You would not consider that others would suffer instead of you and that they, like you, are my sons and daughters.

    "Leave it to Me to judge, punish, and reward. For yourselves seek only to merit my reward. And be consistent and honest.

    "It is inconsistency, dishonesty, and cowardice to be pitiless towards the defeated--whatever their defeat may be, whether it be just as punishment or painful as the result of underserved circumstances.

    "It is inconsistency because it is not aimed at man, but at man's action, action, I repeat, that you would have approved, even though not good, if it had provided you with gain.

    "And, for the same reason, dishonesty: all of you--remember this carefully--are in part to blame for the present hour. Those least of all to blame, because they have not committed the sin of worshipping a man and have not followed him against the Law, are to blame for not having prayed day and night for him. The great need the prayer of the small to remain great in Goodness.

    "Finally, it is cowardice because to be pitiless towards those who are no longer powerful, but, rather, are the most unfortunate of all, hated by the world, stricken by God, is a sin equal to those oppressing the weak.

    "These things, inconceivable for the mass, are always the Juice of My Law. And the fact that My Law is followed superficially, and not substantially, is proven by the way the masses rise up against those who have not given you what your selfishness expected."

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