The Words Given To Maria Valtorta Written in English

    To Obey the Law of God is to be united to God


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    To Obey the Law of God is to be united to God

    Post by Poem on Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:05 am

    « Yes, I know. But do not judge. We need one another in this world, the good are mixed with the wicked, just like flowers in a field. Hemlock grows beside the salutary mallow. »

    Pge 294 Book 1

    « To obey the Law is to be united to God and that increases our capabilities. A miracle is the proof of the union with God, as well as of God's benevolent and assenting presence. That is why I wanted to perform My duty as an Israelite, before starting the series of miracles. »

    « But You were not bound to fulfill the Law. »

    « Why? As the Son of God, I was not. But as a son of the Law, yes, I was. For the time being, Israel knows Me only as such… and, even later, almost everyone in Israel will know Me as such, nay, even less. But I do not want to scandalise Israel and therefore I obey the Law. »

    « You are holy. »

    « Holiness does not bar obedience. Nay it makes obedience perfect. Besides everything else, there is a good example to be given. What would you say of a father, of an elder brother, of a teacher, of a priest who did not give good examples? »

    Peace be with you always

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