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    Why The Society is a Wreck -- From The Word of God, Jesus


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    Why The Society is a Wreck -- From The Word of God, Jesus

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    From book 1 Chapter on Teaching Jesus to work

    Jesus says:

    Finally I would like to draw the attention of parents to how Joseph made a clever workman of Me, without any help of pedagogical learning. As soon as I was old enough to handle tools, he did not let Me lead a life of idleness, but he started Me to work and he made use of My love for Mary as the means to spur Me to work. I was to make useful things for Mother. That is how he inculcated the respect which every son should have for his mother and the teaching for the future carpenter was based on that respectful and loving incentive.

    Where are now the families in which the little ones are taught to love work as a means of pleasing their parents? Children, nowadays, are the tyrants of the house. They grow hard, indifferent, ill-mannered towards their parents. They consider their parents as their servants, their slaves. They do not love their parents and they are scarcely loved by them. The reason is that, while you allow your children to become objectionable overbearing fellows, you become detached from them with shameful indifference.

    They are everybody's children, except yours, O parents of the twentieth century. They are the children of the nurse, of the governess, of the college, if you are rich people. They belong to their companions, they are the children of the streets, of the schools, if you are poor. But they are not yours. You, mothers, give birth to them and that is all. And you, fathers, do exactly the same. But a son is not only flesh. He has a mind, a heart, a soul. Believe Me, no one is more entitled and more obliged than a father and a mother to form that mind, that heart, that soul.

    A family is necessary: it exists and must exist. There is no theory or progress capable of destroying this truth without causing ruin. A shattered family can but yield men and women who in future will be more perverted, and will cause greater and greater ruin. And I tell you most solemnly that it would be better if there were no more marriages and no more children on the earth, rather than have families less united than the tribes of monkeys, families which are not schools of virtue, of work, of love, of religion, but a babel in which everyone lives on his own like disengaged gears, which end up by breaking.

    Broken families. You break up the most holy way of social living and you see and suffer the consequences. You may continue thus, if you so wish. But do not complain if this world is becoming a deeper and deeper hell, a dwelling place of monsters who devour families and nations. You want it. Let it be so. »

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    March 22, 1944 -- NOTEBOOK

    Jesus says:

    "Yesterday's dictation elicits the following one:

    "The families which are not families and which are the origin of serious misfortunes radiating out from within the family cell to ruin the structures of nations and, afterwards, world peace, are the families in which God does not rule, but, rather, sensuality and self-interest hold sway and, therefore, filiation with Satan.  Created on the basis of sensuality and self-interest, they do not rise to what is holy, but, like unhealthy grass sprouting in the mire, they always crawl towards the earth.

    "The angel said to Tobiah, 'I will teach you who the devil has power over.'  (Tobiah 6:16)

    "Oh, there really are spouses who are under demoniac power from the first hour of their marriage! Indeed, there are people who are such even before getting married.  They are this way from the moment they make the decision to find a male or female companion and do not do so with an upright purpose, but with deceitful calculations where selfishness and sensuality hold sovereign sway.

    "Nothing is healthier or holier than two people who sincerely love one another and unite to perpetuate the human race and give souls to Heaven.

    "The dignity of a man and a woman who become parents is second only to God's.  Not even royal dignity is like this.  For a king, even the wisest one, does nothing but administer his subjects.  These, parents, on the other hand, attract God's gaze toward's themselves and carry off from that gaze a new soul, which they enclose in the sheath of the flesh born to them.  I would almost say they have God as their subject, in that moment, since God immediately creates a new soul for their upright love forming a union to give a new citizen to Earth and Heaven.

    "If they were to consider this power of theirs, to which God assents at once! The angels cannot do so much; rather, the angels, like God, are immediately ready to support the act of the fruitful spouses and become guardians of the new creature. But there are many who, as Raphael says, embrace the marriage state in such a way as to banish God from themselves and their minds and abandon themselves to lust.  And the devil has power over these.

    "What difference is there between a sinful bed and the bed of two spouses who do not refuse pleasure, but do not refuse offspring?  Let's not engage in verbal acrobatics and deceitful reasoning.  The difference is quite small.  For if, because of illness or imperfections, it is advisable or permissible not to have children, people must then manage to be continent and deprive themselves of the sterile satisfactions which are nothing but sensual pleasure.  If, on the other hand, no obstacle to procreation intervenes, why do you make a natural and supernatural law an immoral act by deforming its purpose?

    "When any honest consideration induces you not to increase the number of children, manage to live as chaste spouses and not as lustful monkeys.  How can you want God's angel to watch over your home when you turn it into a den of sin? How can you want God to protect you when you force Him to avert his gaze in disgust from your sullied nest?

    "Oh, the families are wretched that are formed without supernatural preparation!  The families from which all searching for Truth has been excluded a prioriand where, on the contrary, the word of Truth is derided which teaches what Marriage is and why it exists.  The families are wretched that are formed without any thought for what is superior, but only under the spur of sensual appetite and financial considerations!  How many spouses, after the inevitable custom of the religious ceremony--I said 'custom,' and I repeat it, since for the majority it is nothing but a custom and not the soul's aspiration to have God with it at that moment--no longer have a thought for God and make the Sacrament--'which does not end with the religious ceremony, but begins then and lasts as long as the life of the spouses, according to my thought', 'just as the taking of vows does not last as long as the religious ceremony, but as long as the life of the man or woman religious'--and they make the Sacrament a party and turn the party into an outlet for bestiality!

    "The angel teaches Tobiah that, by having the act preceded by prayer, the act becomes holy and blessed and fruitful in true joys and offspring.

    "It would be necessary to do this. For people to enter into marriage when moved by the desire for children, for this is the purpose of human union, and every other purpose is a sin dishonoring man as a rational being and wounding the spirit, the temple of God, which flees in disdain, and to bear God in mind at all times. God is not an oppresive jailer, but God is a good Father who exults in the honest joys of his sons and daughters and responds to their holy embraces with heavenly blessings and with the approval which the creation of a new soul is proof of.

    "But who will understand this page?  As if I had spoken the language of an unknown planet, you will read it without perceiving its holy savor.  It will seem like old straw to you, and it is heavenly doctrine. You, the learned of this time, will mock it. And you do not know that Satan is laughing over your foolishness; thanks to your incontinence, your bestiality, he has managed to turn to your condemnation what God created for your good: marriage as a human union and as a Sacrament.

    "I shall repeat for you so that you will remember them and be guided by them--if you can still do so through a residue of human dignity surviving in you--Tobiah's words to his wife: 'We are the children of saints and we cannot unite like the gentiles who do not know God.' (Tobiah 4:12)

    "Let them be your norm.  For, even if you were born where sanctity had already died, Baptism has still made you sons and daughters of God, of the Holy of holies, and thus you can always say that you are the children of saints--of the Holy One--and be guided by this. You will then have descendants in whom the name of the Lord will be blessed, and they will live in his Law.

    "And when the children live in the divine Law, the parents reap the benefits, for it teaches virtues, respect, and love, and the first benefit therefrom, after God, are the fortunate parents, the holy spouses who have managed to make marriage a perpetual rite and not a dishonoring vice."

    Peace be with you always

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