God is My Refuge and Help -- Jesus Words Notebook 1944


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    God is My Refuge and Help --  Jesus Words Notebook 1944 Empty God is My Refuge and Help -- Jesus Words Notebook 1944

    Post by Poem on Sat Oct 24, 2009 2:12 am

    Jesus says:

    "How many tyrants in one's neighbor! People who oppress, people who envy, people who unjustly condemn. And yet it is necessary to love this neighbor, even if he is wicked, out of love for Me.

    "There is sensuality, an octopus always resurfacing to pull people to the depths. There is the devil, a medusa that holds people with his gaze to hypnotize God's creatures and destroy them: Who can one ask for help from against these enemies? God: 'Give my spirit firmness to disdain him and strength to topple him."

    "On my own,' the faithful disciple says, 'I am nothing. By myself I can do nothing. Because I love You, I would like to please You and overcome. But I am weak. Weak in purpose, weak in the strength to fight. But if You help me, Lord, I shall be able to withstand and overcome.'

    "Can God refuse his help to a child who asks for his help? No! He places Himself at your side, and precisely because you are weak, but 'faithful,' precisely because you are nothing, but admit you are, He infuses firmness and strength into you. He transfuses Himself into you. What are you afraid of if God is with you?

    "Why does God help you like this? "Out of love." This is the first thing. And, moreover, because every victory of the man who deifies himself in Good and perfects himself to belong to God Perfection is a monument for the Holy Name of God. Every man who becomes holy is a monument to the benignity, power, and sovereignty of God. A monument that once more speaks to the peoples of the wonders of God so that they will know that He is the Powerful One and that above Him there is no one greater.

    "Go in peace."

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