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    Judas Iscariot Caught Stealing Money - Book 5 Chp 565


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    Judas Iscariot Caught Stealing Money - Book 5 Chp 565

    Post by Poem on Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:17 am

    From Page 217 just before he goes off to get the 'cloth'....

    « I am going. But I did not like Your parable. I did not understand it. »

    « But if it is so clear! I have understood it, and I am a poor woman! » says Mary Salome.

    « And I have not. Once Your parables were more beautiful… Now… bees… cloth… towns changing names… souls that are boats… Such mean things, and so confused, which I do not like any more and I do not understand… But now I will go and get the cloth, because I say that it is in fact needed, but the garment will always be a spoilt one » and Judas stands up and goes away.

    From Page 218 Salome says:

    The other women do not speak until Salome says: « But how long is it taking Judas? The sun will be setting and I shall not be able to see! »

    « Someone has probably detained him » replies John and he asks his mother: « Shall I go and tell him to hurry? »

    « You had better go. Because if he has not found the cloth, I will shorten your sleeves, as it will soon be summer, and I will make another garment for you for autumn, because you cannot wear this one any longer, and with the piece I take off, I will mend this one here. It will be all right to go fishing. Because after Pentecost you will certainly come back to Galilee… »

    ..then, someone becomes ill and Jesus takes with him to go....

    ..sometime later Jesus sighs... then...

    A woman sees Jesus and shouts: « Janoe! You can hope! He has come! » and she runs away with a steaming pitcher.

    A man rushes and prostrates himself. He makes only a gesture and says: « I believe. Mercy! For them » and he points at his children.

    « Stand up and take heart. The Most High helps those who have faith and He has mercy on His distressed children. »

    Jesus stretches out His arms and shouts: « I want it! » and He turns round to go away.

    The husband, the old women, the curious people who have gathered together are disappointed, because they probably expected Jesus to do something more astonishing and to see the baby be born at once.

    But Jesus, elbowing His way and fixing His eyes on their faces while passing before them, says: « Do not be in doubt. Have faith for a little longer. For a moment. The woman has to pay the bitter tribute of childbirth. But she is out of danger. » And He goes downstairs leaving them disconcerted.

    Afterwards.... Jesus is walking....and says:

    « Be not afraid, Mary! And go quickly! You will see the baby being born. She has recovered strength and she is in labour again. But there will soon be great joy. »

    The house is silent and empty. John sees a pitcher full of water laid on the floor, and probably thinking that the old lady had put it there before being called to assist the woman in childbed, he picks it up and goes towards a room that is closed. Jesus loiters in the corridor taking off His mantle and folding it with His customary care before putting it on the chest in the vestibule.

    John opens the door and utters « ah! » almost in terror. He drops the pitcher and covers his eyes with his hands, bending as if to grow smaller, to disappear, not to see. From the room comes the noise of coins falling on the floor tinkling.

    Jesus is already at the door. It took me longer to describe the scene than it took Him to arrive. He vehemently pushes aside John who moans: « Away! Go away! ». He opens the door that was ajar and goes in.

    It is the room where they take their meals, now that the women are there. In it there are two old coffers reinforced with iron fittings and in front of one of them, opposite the door, there is Judas, livid, his eyes full of anger and dismay at the same time, with a bag in his hands… The coffer is open… there are coins on the floor and more fall on it from an open bag, half inclined on the edge of the coffer.

    Everything testifies, in a manner that leaves no doubt, to what was happening. Judas entered the house, he opened the coffer and stole. He was stealing.

    No one speaks. No one moves. But it is worse than if they all shouted and rushed at one another. Three statues. Judas the demon, Jesus the Judge, John terrorised by the revelation of his companion's

    The hand of Judas holding the bag trembles, and the coins in it tinkle with a dull sound.

    John is trembling from head to foot, and although he still has his hands pressed against his mouth, his teeth are chattering, while his frightened eyes look more at Jesus than at Judas.

    Jesus does not quiver. He is straight and glacial, so stiff as to be glacial. At last He takes a step, He makes a gesture, and utters one word. A step towards Judas; a gesture: to make a sign to John to withdraw; a word: « Go! »

    But John is afraid and moans: « No! No! Don't send me away. Let me stay here. I will not say anything… but leave me here, with You. »

    « Go away! Be not afraid! Close all the doors… and if anybody comes… whoever it may be… even My Mother… do not let them come here. Go! Obey! »

    « Lord!… » John is so entreating and broken-hearted that he seems to be the guilty one.

    « Go, I tell you. Nothing will happen. Go » and Jesus moderates His order by laying His hand on the head of His Favourite and caressing it. And I now see that His hand is trembling. And Johnfeels that it is trembling and takes it and kisses it with a sob that says so many things. He goes out.

    Jesus bolts the door. He turns round to look at Judas who must be really crushed if he, who is so daring, dare not say one word or make one gesture. Jesus goes straight in front of him, going round the table, which is in the middle of the room. I cannot say whether He moves fast or slow. I am too frightened by His face to be able to measure time. I can see His eyes and I am afraid like John. Judas himself is afraid, he draws back between the coffer and a wide open window, the red light of which, as it is sunset, is projected on Jesus.

    What eyes has Jesus! He does not say one word. But when He sees a kind of picklock stick out from the belt of Judas' tunic, He has a fearful outburst of rage. He raises His arm with its clenched fist as if He wanted to strike the thief, and His lips begin to utter the word: « Cursed! » or « Curse! ». But He controls Himself. He stops His arm that was about to strike, and He breaks the word at the first three letters. And with an effort of self-control that makes His whole body tremble, He just unclenches His fist and lowers His raised arm to the level of the bag that Judas has in his hand and He snatches it and throws it on the floor, saying in a dull voice, while He tramples on bag and coins and scatters them with controlled but dreadful fury: « Away! Filth of Satan! Cursed gold! Spittle of hell! Snake's poison! Away! »

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    For those seduced by earthly riches

    Post by Poem on Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:32 am

    The Iscariot says:

    « I am going. But I did not like Your parable. I did not understand it. »

    « And I have not. Once Your parables were more beautiful… Now… bees… cloth… towns changing names… souls that are boats… Such mean things, and so confused, which I do not like any more and I do not understand… But now I will go and get the cloth, because I say that it is in fact needed, but the garment will always be a spoilt one » and Judas stands up and goes away.

    Then he is caught stealing. Because he likes the earthly riches. It's all he could think of.

    In the grand plan, the elite class of Pharisee's wanted an Earthly King, to be their stooge while they manipulate the populace, using this King as the means to push forth their 'laws.' To increase their gain of spittle.

    Jesus says to us, that money of the earth is 'Satan's Spittle'. Using it, to seducing people with earthly means to bring ruin. That is the mind of Satan. To ruin. How? To use earthly means.

    When you read God's words in the Old Testament, it seems almost always about, departing from the Lord to run after 'idols' of the earth. That's it! Seduction. Seduction is the means to spoofing people into believing 'spittle' has worth. It has no worth, no value except to Satan because it is his means to bring souls to ruin. That's it!

    The Law of Spittle controls the people.

    Peace be with you always
    May God open your hearts and minds

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    A Reminder Everyone is given the same Natural and Supernatural things

    Post by Poem on Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:41 am

    Because every man is born with the same natural and supernatural things: a body, a soul. And while the body, being generated by men, may be more or less robust and healthy at birth, the soul, created by God, is the same for everybody, endowed by God with the same properties and gifts. Between the soul of John, I mean the Baptist, and yours, there was no difference, when they were infused into your bodies. And yet I tell you that, even if Grace had not presanctified him, so that the Herald of the Christ might be without stain, as all those who announce Me ought to be, at least with regard to actual sins, his soul would have been, would have become, quite different from yours. Nay, yours would have become quite different from his. Because he would have preserved his soul in the freshness of innocence, nay, he would have adorned it more and more with justice complying with the will of God, Who wishes you to be just, developing the gratuitous gifts received with greater and greater heroic perfection. You instead… You have ruined and dissipated your soul and the gifts God had given it. What have you done with your free will? What with your intellect? Have you kept for your spirit the freedom that belonged to it? Have you used the intelligence of your mind intelligently? No, you have not. You who do not want to obey Me, I do not say Me-Man,but not even Me-God, you have obeyed Satan. You have used the intelligence of your mind and the freedom of your spirit to understand Darkness. Voluntarily. Good and Evil were placed before you.

    You chose Evil. Nay, only Good was placed before you: I. Your eternal Creator, Who followed the evolution of your soul, Who was aware of such evolution because the Eternal Thought is aware of everything that happens since Time began to exist, placed Good before you, Good only, because He knows that you are weaker than an alga growing in a ditch.

    You shouted to Me that I hate you. Now, as I am One with the Father and with the Love, One here as One in Heaven - because if there are two Natures in Me, and the Christ, because of His human nature and until victory will free Him from human limitations, is at Ephraim and cannot be elsewhere at the same moment; as God, the Word of God, I am in Heaven as on the Earth as My Divinity is always omnipresent and omnipotent - now, as I am One with the Father and the Holy Spirit, the charge you made against Me, you made it against God One and Trine. Against that God Father Who created you out of love, against that God Son Who became incarnate to save you out of love, against that God Spirit Who has spoken to you so many times to instil good wishes into you, out of love. Against that God One and Trine Who has loved you so much, Who brought you on My way, making you blind to the world to give you time to see Me, deaf to the world, to enable you to hear Me. And you!… And you!… After seeing and hearing Me, after coming freely to the Good, realising with your intellect that
    that was the only path of true glory, you rejected the Good and you have freely given yourself to Evil.

    But if through your free will you wanted that, if you have always more and more rudely rejected My hand that was offered to you to pull you out of the vortex, if you have always moved farther and farther away from the harbour to plunge into the raging sea of passions, of Evil, can you say to Me, to Him from Whom I come, to Him Who formed Me as Man to try to save you, can you say that We have hated you?

    You reproached Me for wanting what is evil for you… Also a sick child reproaches the doctor and his mother for the bitter medicines they make him drink and for the things he wishes to have and they deny him for his own good. Has Satan made you so blind and mad that you do not understand the true nature of the action I took on Your behalf, and that you can call malevolence and wish to ruin you what is a provident cure of your Master, of your Saviour, of your Friend to restore you to health? I kept you close to Me… I took money away from your hands. I prevented you from touching that cursed metal that drives you crazy… But do you not know, do you not feel that it is like one of those magic potions that bring about an unquenchable thirst, and produce in the blood a fierce heat, a fury that leads one to death?

    You - I can read your thought reproach Me thinking: "Why, then, for such a long time You allowed me to be the administrator of the money?".

    Why? Because if I had prevented you from touching money earlier, you would have sold yourself and you would have stolen earlier. You sold yourself just the same because there was little you could steal… But I had to try to avoid that without doing violence to your freedom. Gold is your ruin. Because of gold you have become lustful and treacherous… »

    Peace be with you always

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    Judas Iscariot Before He Becomes an Apostle; Lesson on Presumption

    Post by Poem on Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:55 am

    « I am Judas, the son of Simon. I come from Kerioth. But I am of the Temple. I am waiting for and dreaming of the King of the Jews. I heard You speak like a king. I saw Your kingly gestures. Take me with You. »

    « Take you? Now? At once? No. »

    « Why not, Master? »

    « Because it is better to examine ourselves carefully before venturing on very steep roads. »

    « Do You not believe I am sincere? »

    « You have said it. I believe in your impulsiveness. But I do not believe in your perseverance. Think about it, Judas. I am going away now and I will be back for Pentecost. If you are in the Temple, you will see Me. Examine yourself. And who are you? ».

    « I am another one who saw You. I would like to be with You. But now I am frightened. »

    « No. Presumption ruins people. Fear may be an impediment, but it is a help when it originates from humility. Do not be afraid. Think about it, too, and when I come back… »

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    Re: Judas Iscariot Caught Stealing Money - Book 5 Chp 565

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