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    September 27

    Maria says:

    "...And I am overwhelmed by pain.  Because I am thinking of my mother, who was afraid of You, Jesus, when she say You... Why was she afraid of You, Jesus?

    Jesus says:

    "Why? Many because they are in your heart after this dictation.  But I shall begin with the last one.

    "Do not weep, my little voice, my little bride.  Your mother is better off than many, although she was unable to see Me as I am:  active Mercy, Love and not Justice.  Love that, to be the total Absolver asks for only love and trust.  My love and yours have added the proper weight to the weight of love needed for your mother's soul in order to rescue herself.  Do you know that love is a treasure?  It buys all, frees all, and redeems all.  Do not weep.

    "Why was she afraid of Me?  I went to her to give her strength and light.  She was afraid because... Remember what the Gospel says about my disciples, still so imperfect not only before the Passion, when they saw Me walking on the waters, bust also after receiving Me as the Eucharist and being redeemed by the Sacrifice, which, in giving them back Grace, ought to have given their spirits sight and made them capable of recognizing the face of God.  'They were afraid of Jesus because they thought he was a ghost, a 'spirit,' the Gospel says.  Your mother, too, was afraid like this.  She thought I was a ghost.  A severe ghost.

    "Do you see, O soul of mine, what error a disturbed soul leads to?  Do you see what a sure promise of peaceful death it is to have a spirit in friendship with God?

    "I went to her, as a good Master, to speak words to her suited to cleansing her in true contrition, relieving her with holy resignation, and given her immediate salvation with a surge of love as a lavacre for a whole lifetime.  I went to her out of mercy on her and make you happy.  To the old woman in the vision I gave wheat and kisses and blessings.  To your mother I went to give Myself, the Bread of Heaven, to give her a kiss of love and blessing as a viaticum.  She was afraid because she knew Me too little.  And the ones who know Me too little are too numerous."

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