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    Beautiful Words from the Seat of Wisdom


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    Beautiful Words from the Seat of Wisdom

    Post by Poem on Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:15 pm

    Words of the Holy Mother

    The day is like a cloud which passes. The day itself is transient. What you do in that day you are given is what counts. Your actions.

    The days all pass. As a reminder, that life on earth is transient. Heaven, is not transient. What you do on earth, the accumulation of all the transient days, is what counts. Like a time clock for your employers, a timecard. You check in and then, at the end of the day you check out. What you did during that day which is not reported to your logs, is what counts. The timestamp for start and finish. Thus is the days of man.
    You punch in, being born, you punchout, at death. The Lord is the one who keeps your timecard,--and the one who makes the reports during your time spent.

    Peace in the Most Holy Name of Jesus

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